Feb 25, 2011

Iron Eyes

Hey, I just got me some new eyeglasses! Call me Laser Eye now. I was no. H40, and after they called my number, I had the new frames adjusted by the helpful green wearing and red haired Costco optical department dude and walked straight into the neighboring electronics/video section and the first thing I “see” is some fight scene from Ironman 2, playing on some HD screen. HD = 84, or H4, or 444. A few minutes later we were standing around Costco, next to the Ironman ‘inversion table’, though the reason we were standing there wasn’t to check out the machine, but to check out the incredibly hot stock boy (man) in aisle 12.
Driving home I saw a Volvo with a 444 in the license plate number. Happened to see this ad winking at me from NBC.com, this afternoon.

The Iron symbol is the famous masculine Northeast pointing arrow, also used for Mars, the red planet, because iron rusts, and is therefore the “red metal”.

It’s also in our blood - it’s what makes it red. Something about the Martian (or Betelgeuse) bloodline or something... Here’s the Volvo logo:

I just wanted to throw this out into the flow right now, it seemed important. I know Ironman has been done to death already, so nothing really new here, it’s just the odd timing, and the insistence.


I hate Ironman (the films) and all the fascist/tech/violence worshipping attitude.

Posted at 8:44.

Robert Downey Jr. does bring a certain intensity to his stare, I admit. Perhaps we are Cylons in disguise, our red eyes scanning, waiting for the activation signal...

Feb 24, 2011

Lemminkäinen's Mother

Erik the Finn at Roids and Rants is posting some iconic Finnish art on his blog (NSFW). Here is Lemminkäinen's mother, an 1897 painting by Akseli Gallen-Kallela.

Lemminkäinen's mother, having searched heaven and earth for her missing son, finally discovers that he has drowned in the River of Underworld, in the realm of the dead. But she doesn't give up...

In one myth he drowns in the river of Tuonela (the underworld) in trying to capture or kill the black swan that lives there as part of an attempt, as Ilmarinen once made, to win a daughter of Louhi as his wife. In a tale somewhat reminiscent of Isis' search for Osiris, Lemminkäinen's mother searches heaven and earth to find her son. Finally, she learns of his fate and asks Ilmarinen to fashion her a rake of copper with which to dredge her son's body from the river of Tuonela. Thus equipped, she descends into the underworld in search of her son. On the banks of the river of the underworld, she rakes up first Lemminkäinen's tunic and shoes, and then, his maimed and broken body. Unrelenting, she continues her work until every piece of Lemminkäinen's body is recovered. Sewing the parts together and offering prayers to the gods, the mother tries to restore Lemminkäinen to life, but succeeds only in remaking his body, life is still absent. Then, she entreats a bee to ascend to the halls of the over-god Ukko and fetch from there a drop of honey as ointment that would bring Lemminkäinen back to life. Only with such a potent remedy is the hero finally restored.

Feb 21, 2011

The Superman App

I’m reading The Superman App by JP71 at Evolution Archives this week, which is about a sentient mobile phone (probably from the future) that has only 3 apps (apples) but they are the only three that really matter: “genital enhancement”, “lottery picker” and “superman”. The phone is essentially a Genie, a near omnipotent servant. The Djinn makes frequent appearances in homoerotic fiction and I had a facepalm moment when I realized that Aladdin had to RUB the lamp in order to summon the Genie:
Phenomenal Cosmic Powers - in an itty-bitty living space.
You get apps from the Apple Store. The genie of the lamp is blue, just like the Smerfs, who are “3 apples high”. The gay blue elves live in amanita mushrooms. The entheogen theory of the human evolution of consciousness states that the “apple” from the Tree of Knowledge was in fact, a magic mushroom. Cocks have “mushroom heads”. Smerfs wear white Stygian caps, which makes them resemble... sperm. God, I’ve been around this sync loop so many times I’m dizzy!

Avalon is the 'Isle of Apples', the medieval app store. The Holy Grail (according to One King, One Soldier):
It is what will complete the Ark of the Covenant, and restore its Old Testament power. It may be a part of the Table of Moses; it may be a fragment of the Emerald Tablet of Thoth; it may be what the Egyptians revered as the head of Osiris; it is possible that those three things are one and the same. The Grail is that which restores power.
The “head” of Osiris does not sit on his shoulders, it rides just below his hips. It is the “missing phallus” that restores the Kingdom of Egypt. Horus is born from the "golden phallus", who is "superman". In One King, One Soldier, the character named “George” is a “Grail Bearer”, who carries the Grail in a leather pouch attached to his hip...

Back to the Superman App:
Before we establish a connection, Derek, it might be prudent to tell you of the third and final app available for your enjoyment. This, however, due to a software glitch, I am sorry to inform you, can only work in scry mode. In other words, you, as my owner, cannot be directly affected by the effects of the upgrade. However, the subject of my scrying can. Unlike the enhancement of your genitalia, there are TEN upgrade levels to this app.
Hmmm. In other words, the Djinn only grants the wishes of others:
Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. --Matthew 7:12
I imagine that the Golden Rule is sort of a “fail safe” in the Cosmic OS. It’s designed to prevent ego from running amok in the Genie 7-11, stealing the till and all the Doritos and beer. It’s a great idea, but somehow, I think we’ve been hacked.

Feb 18, 2011

Dream Police

Suddenly it's raspberry beret's forever. This is like, gay Disneyland security. Stolen from Bill in Exile.

Feb 17, 2011

Your Humble Servant

One King, One Soldier, my latest Holy Grail book is turning out better than I thought it would. There’s even a coy reference to Mark Twain’s No. 44:
I just, you know, was sitting by myself on the curb and all of a sudden this beautiful girl comes up and we have a drink and now dinner, and... man, it’s kind of like a dream. Something you’d see in a movie. The Mysterious Stranger.
Like all books about the Grail, it dances around the subject and the only time it says straight out what the Grail is, you know its a lie. But a lie that tells the truth... like a Picasso painting. I suppose that’s why Twain named his character Satan... a lier who only tells the truth.
Everything I say is a lie...
In One King, One Soldier, the Satan or Joker character is Jack Spicer, a mysterious and angry homo poet who knows more about the Grail than most. He’s called a “Lonely Faggot”:
You’re just a sad, lonely fairy, Jack. LF, Jack. There’s a million like you. When you’ve crawled into a bottle and died, Carol and I will be living in Marin with three kids and a new Buick. Suck on that, faggot.
God’s lonely man? The “LF”, or Aleph, is the first character in the Jewish alphabet. Jack is also the first character that our modern King Arthur must duel: win, lose or come to terms.

Continuing with the “lonely” theme, The Mysterious Stranger, says:
In a little while you will be alone in shoreless space, to wander its limitless solitudes without friend or comrade forever--for you will remain a thought, the only existent thought, and by your nature inextinguishable, indestructible.

This is oddly similar to the speech that Grima Wormtongue gives to Éowyn, his “bride”, who is played by Miranda (“I am no man”) Otto:
Oh, but you are alone. Who knows what you’ve spoken to the darkness, in the bitter watches of the night. When all your life seems to shrink, the walls of your bower closing in about you, a hutch to trammel some wild thing.
The name Gríma derives from the Old English or Icelandic word meaning "mask", "helmet" or "spectre". In the profoundly disturbing Claymation film: The Adventures of Mark Twain, The Mysterious Stranger is portrayed as ‘no man’, behind a mask.

The rest of No. 44’s speech is saved for King Théoden:

Tolkien: “I have only ever SERVED you.”

Twain: “But I, your poor SERVANT, have revealed you to yourself and set you free.”

We note that directly after the Wormtongue is cut OUT (revealed) by Gandalf (Grand Elf or LF?) the King is indeed set free.
Come out, come out, where ever you are...
Much thanks to Alan Green, Eleleth, and Ishmael for shedding light on some inner demons.

Feb 15, 2011

Thought Experiment 001: the Apple

Christopher Knowles of The Secret Sun has initiated a new project that hits close to a lot of things I've been musing over. He calls it a collective thought experiment though I think magic is a better word:
...what happens when a group of people from all over the planet focus on the same image while trying to solve a problem or resolve an issue? So, I devised a very simple and almost completely unscientific experiment to establish some kind of baseline:
1. Pick a longstanding problem or issue that needs to be solved/resolved. It should be relatively simple but persistent -- a problem that you haven't been able to solve through conventional means. Your selection process might take a while.

2. Every time you focus on the problem, picture the apple that you see up top. This requires a small amount of multitasking, in that you need to simultaneously think through the problem while keeping the apple in your mind's eye.

3. Give this process seven days from start to finish. Be careful in selecting your particular issue and make sure you're not contemplating any harm or ill will to any person, animal or inanimate object. It could very likely backfire on you.

4. As always, be very rigorous in your methodology. Document the process, if it helps Don't fudge the results. There's nothing to gain or lose here, it's simply an experiment in the power of the Collective Consciousness. If you like you can run another experiment at the end of the initial seven-day trial. You can share your results or keep them to yourself. But I hope you'll share any extraordinary results, particularly those you can document.

I know I'll be taking part, and I already know what I'll be working on - it is very easily measured... ;-)

Feb 13, 2011

Mum's the Word

Egypt: Hunt for Red Mercury
In Egypt, the hunt for "red mercury" continues. Yes, this is the fabled red mercury said to be used to make nuclear bombs, but specifically the red mercury of ancient Egypt seems to have other characteristics and uses, as well.

The story about red mercury comes as background to the report that at least 17 artifacts from the Egyptian Museum of Cairo are missing following an earlier reported break-in, the country's minister of antiquities Zaki Hawass said Sunday, February 13, 2011.

Hawass said the looters were looking for gold and what he called this fictitious substance named "red mercury" that, according to local lore, can be found in the THROATS of ancient MUMMIES. Some people think it has magical powers and can be used to summon spirits. --Twilight Language

Spock in the pyramid chair

“Red Matter” was also at the “heart” of the doomsday device in Star Trek 11, and the Egyptian revolution occurred on 2/11/11.

I’ve had some crazy 14, 41 synchs over the last week, Doug helped me realize they might point toward Feb. 14 - Valentine’s Day.

“Red Mercury” showed up in my inbox on 2/10, courtesy of Borders Books. I was browsing for books in their REDmond store last week, and found a triple Whore of Babylon KK:

They reminded me of this statue of Harpocrates/Eros:

“The Hunt for Red Mercury” is a play on “The Hunt for Red October”, the classic cold war thriller about a SILENT submarine. I was born in October, on the 11th. But I found my Eros partner and lover on Feb. 14th - at a Blue Valentine party. Run silent, run deep?

Feb 10, 2011

Apocalypse Sue

I have two major memes running through my head right now: Egypt and Glee.

Take away my Q card but until a few nights ago I’ve never seen an episode of Glee. Yes, plenty of clips and Youtube parodies, but never the whole narrative, front to back. I have to say that fascinating as it was, I don’t think I’ll be able to stand another one. It’s the fucking autotune. Every. Single. Note. Hit. Dead. On. Every. Time... without fail. Takes all the drama out of singing, which is funny since glee club is all about drama.

Episode 2-11 had Sue Sylvester (playing the ego unhinged) bored with her cheerleader’s routines: “I can’t feel anything” she complains, even though her ego entertainment squad went all out with their version of California Girls. Her girls tell her:
The problem is that you keep trying to make a bigger and bigger spectacle, and no matter how hard we try, we can’t make a routine work unless you find a way to make it interesting for you...
This is classic Jung. Ego is NEVER satisfied. Sue comes up with the idea of shooting one of her girls out of a cannon, a stunt with a 30% chance of “catastrophic success”. As I’m watching this, images of Cairo, Alexandria, Freedom Square (Masonic, much?) protest, and the Pyramids of Giza looming in the background swim around in my consciousness. Thanks to Jake Kotze, we all know the 911 twin towers represented “pillarmids”, and even the layout of downtown Manhattan echoes the layout of Giza. It’s been 10 years. 'Sue' is bored. She needs to top herself. She wouldn’t. She couldn’t. Would she?

Feb 9, 2011

A Knight Errant

I don’t know why I do this to myself but I’m reading another Holy Grail story. ‘One King, One Soldier’ by Alexander C. Irvine. This one is about some Korean war vet who is the incarnation of the Fisher King to some gay pinko’s in 1950’s San Francisco, and well, it all just strikes a chord that I don’t really know how to play, but it just sounds right.

 It’s odd because I’m not into medieval shit at all, find it rather tedious. However my subconscious appears to be fascinated, so what the hell. Give ‘em what they want.

That said, Var had a “Lady of the Lake” experience as an adolescent.  After that, he began diagramming pyramids, and he changed his pen name to Neil Sarras.

So really, am I questing the Grail, or is the Grail questing me?

Feb 2, 2011

Son Set in the West

You know I have a secret lover. His name is Tanner and we’ve had sizzling phone for years. Never met him face to face, probably never will. He disappeared middle of last November, when I was going through some strange shit involving bridge destruction. His phone was disconnected. Now, I think of Egypt being dis-connected. Kinda like Osiris.

Diamond Bolt uploaded a fascinating story about a “Superior Review” of the Gods last November on the Evolution Archives, and one of the mortals summoned to heaven is named Luis Tanner (dressed as a blacksmith/Vulcan) who accidentally drank a seed of ambrosia in his coffee. We know what ambrosia really is...

Biff Tannen is the antagonist in Back to the Future. He’s the great-grandson of Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen.


The porn star at the top of this post is Jake Tanner - ’80’s Colt model and my personal sex god. He lets his big stick do the talking, and when he shows up, things do tend to get interesting. Is that an ego weapon he's holding in his hands? I guess I always like a well hung man.

His latest incarnation is at Superversity, celebrating the birthday of one of my favorite bloggers, who placed his own head in the place of "Anubis". Hmmm.

I’m reminded of Dr. Jekyll (Jackal, Jack-El) from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Mr. Hyde (Hide, tanning...) is his “alter-ego”, a raging Beast unless brought under the wise control of Mina Harker, Hawker, Isis.

Well... yesterday Mr. Tanner finally rings me up. We had a satisfying re-union. His job has taken him to Boise... of all places.
Nine are needed to fully animate Kharis, but if he ever drinks the brew of 10 tanna leaves, "he will become a monster the likes of which the world has never seen". -The Mummy’s Hand

Feb 1, 2011

It's Alive

The dream of the 90's is alive in Portland. AKA the "city of bridges".

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