Feb 2, 2011

Son Set in the West

You know I have a secret lover. His name is Tanner and we’ve had sizzling phone for years. Never met him face to face, probably never will. He disappeared middle of last November, when I was going through some strange shit involving bridge destruction. His phone was disconnected. Now, I think of Egypt being dis-connected. Kinda like Osiris.

Diamond Bolt uploaded a fascinating story about a “Superior Review” of the Gods last November on the Evolution Archives, and one of the mortals summoned to heaven is named Luis Tanner (dressed as a blacksmith/Vulcan) who accidentally drank a seed of ambrosia in his coffee. We know what ambrosia really is...

Biff Tannen is the antagonist in Back to the Future. He’s the great-grandson of Buford “Mad Dog” Tannen.


The porn star at the top of this post is Jake Tanner - ’80’s Colt model and my personal sex god. He lets his big stick do the talking, and when he shows up, things do tend to get interesting. Is that an ego weapon he's holding in his hands? I guess I always like a well hung man.

His latest incarnation is at Superversity, celebrating the birthday of one of my favorite bloggers, who placed his own head in the place of "Anubis". Hmmm.

I’m reminded of Dr. Jekyll (Jackal, Jack-El) from The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Mr. Hyde (Hide, tanning...) is his “alter-ego”, a raging Beast unless brought under the wise control of Mina Harker, Hawker, Isis.

Well... yesterday Mr. Tanner finally rings me up. We had a satisfying re-union. His job has taken him to Boise... of all places.
Nine are needed to fully animate Kharis, but if he ever drinks the brew of 10 tanna leaves, "he will become a monster the likes of which the world has never seen". -The Mummy’s Hand


Eleleth ר ק D said...

Set is a peculiar mix of ass, dog, and...aardvark? But Isis is "Ast" in Egyptian, which is merely "Ass" with the feminine terminal of "-t". Here, things get confusing.

I keep staring at this on the keyboard. Interpretaion?


In Dracula, Mina = Anim, thus anima, or soul. This seems to go back to the idea of the Vampire being the Empire and hence the Tyrant.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Also note that Jonathan Harker "falls under the spell of three wanton female vampires, the Brides of Dracula"--"they entrance male humans with their beauty and charm, and then proceed to feed upon them."

Is this a hint? Enola Gay and all that.

Michael said...

Eleleth - The AS and JKL are pretty easy, but I'm not doing well with the DFGH. It is Mina Harker who, like Isis, "assembles" the "menagerie" or League. I do find the peculiar English and Victorian loathing/fascination with all things sexual tends to bleed into their literature like an open wound, so quite naturally the vampire has an erotic power that no mortal can resist.

I was thinking about Frankenstein the other day, who was also re-assembled, and how Mel Brooks gave "the monster" an enormous schwanzstucker. To me, all these stories point to the same place - the internal and terribly misunderstood and misused power of sexual energy - the Beast.

Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

……. Elven greetings, gentlemen. Then you'll enjoy Gnoing about gifted upstate NY Tarotmeister & artist, Robert M Place's Vampire Tarot, which uses Bram Stoker's infamous novel to illustrate the Archetypes. place has designed, like, more Tarot decks than I can recall. That's just his Goth-y one. And don't forget the mad Irishman's other lesser known tale that was made into the cult film, Lair of the White Worm. Pleasant dreamses ~ (•8-D

Eleleth ר ק D said...

Frankenstein, the French Stone...from Ingolstadt, Bavaria, home of the Illuminati. Shelley clearly shows that Frankenstein was an occultist-alchemist:

As a young boy, Victor Frankenstein became obsessed with studying outdated theories of science that focused on achieving natural wonders. In particular, Victor studied the works of Cornelius Agrippa, Paracelsus and Albertus Magnus.

Clearly the Monster represents the Shadow which Dr. Frankenstein encounters during the first phase of the Great Work. Like Hercules, the monster finally destroys himself on his own funeral pyre.

Stoker was close friends with people in the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, so there may be more here than merely repressed sexuality. In Dracula Mina/Anima is Sophia, the Soul, under the thrall of Dracula, the Ego. Being undead, the Vampire is essentially anti-erotic in its original guise--the Vampire-Ego feeds on the energy of the Soul, draining Her of her Blood. Jonathan Harker is even played by Neo. He must kill the Vamprie with his Holy Wood.

Interesting threads (but ignore the :

Historical Relation Between Vampires & Alchemy
Vampires and alchemy

The word Dracula itself comes from the word Dragon which in Old Greek means "The Eye of Fear". In Bram Stoker's work it was said that Dracula had the ability to mesmerize / paralyze with his gaze "as if he were a Basilisk". Understanding the linguistics of the word Dragon is highly important in alchemy because in one of the alchemical pictures there is a Knight fighting the Dragon. What this represents is pushing through the walls of Fear which interfere with Initiation and Transformation. Also, the Knight drinks the blood / eats the heart of the Dragon as a way to gain its powers, thus becoming Dragon-like himself...a force that is awe-some and terrifying.

Van Helsing represents a different side of alchemy, that of fighting malefic forces and healing. Notice the hidden alchemical significance behind his four tools: The stake (fire), knife (air), holy water (water), and garlic flowers (earth). Notice how he fights Dracula (The Dragon) and liberates Mina (which is anima spelled backwards which is the contrasexual self / soul embodied) from his clutches much in the same way that the Knight overcomes the Dragon. Van Helsing was also an Alchemist and was skilled in the art of spagyrics as he was a Doctor.

Anadae, I like this bit:

If we compare Stoker's novel to the myth of the Grail, Dracula is comparable to the Grail King who also lives on indefinitely in a barren landscape in a state of despair.

Rider-Waite illustrator Pamela Colman Smith did illustrations for The Lair of the White Worm. Phallic much?

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments, all. You know, sometimes I wonder if a bulletin board format wouldn't be better for our musings rather than posting in one another's blogs, but on second thought, the writing of letters between Saints and magicians is a classic form of gnostic learning.

Today was strange. I was reading a fascinating erotic story at Evolution Archives and when I was finished I noted it was by "Aardvark". or Set. I saw a black Jeep today with license plate AAH1111. And I made refrigerator pizza for dinner out of red chard, red onions, red peppers and red sauce. I'll call it Red Dragon Pizza - eating the Dragonheart. One must always keep in mind that alchemical "eating" is always a form of cannibalism. We consume ourselves in a holy fire.

Maybe that's why I like Mel Brook's take on the Monster. We have nothing to fear but fear itself, and deep down, the Monster just wants to be putting on the ritz.

The nature of alchemy is that a perceived internal demon becomes, once you really look at it, completely harmless and actually beneficial - the alchemist can "eat poison without harm", much like Muad'Dib (speaking of worms called Saitan).

If ego is the "tyrant", it is a petty one. It can only achieve a form of greatness by both mimicking and belittling its master ( Rush Limbaugh, anyone?)

But you know what keeps my little alchemical ego going? It's the idea that Id really does want what my deeper self wants, because they are one and the same thing. I just need to kill my self* and it becomes pretty clear.

*"Kill" is a metaphor for ego death. In no way am I advocating physical death in any way. OK?

Michael said...

I thought the "mummy's hand" was a pretty decent joke. I guess I'm one hand clapping. BTW, I'm lately grooving on how the Declaration of (ego) Independence was signed by John Hand Cock.

Eleleth ר ק D said...

I really don't know why I keep using your comments like my personal blog. I just make it up as I go along, honest.

I should say that I'm not disagreeing with you at all; you have an uncanny ability to effortlessly make just the right connections at the right time. Dracula granting Mina immortality by having her drink his blood is a perfect metaphor. Feed the Soul with the blood of the Beast. So my calling it anti-erotic wasn't quite right at all.

In the 1992 movie, Frankie's lonely monster is played by Beast 666 Robert De Niro. The Monster kills his master--integration of the Shadow. The Bride of Frankenstein's hair was based on Queen Nefertiti--direct hit with the green monster as Osiris the Dead King. The movie features a queer alchemist (aren't they all?) who creates homunculi, heh.

We will also recall the story of King Neb becoming a Beast...

Strange that Kharis is "grace" in Greek. Or is it "Christ," as per Gerald Massey? The Mummy is Imhotep, and hence Asclepius/Ophiuchus. The movie was originally about the occultist and alchemist Cagliostro, bizarrely enough. And of course, mummies are Osirises, but that goes without saying. But mummies are also mommies, as the bodily shell--Mary Shell-ey?

Michael said...

Eleleth, the feeling is mutual. When you showed that pic of the twin sharks powering the DD vessel, it was kismet.

Back to Frank N Stein (furter) : F, B of F, and the Invisible Man were all products of the troubled homosexual (aren't they all) James WHALE - who was the subject of a post long ago: Gods and Monsters.

Gods and Monsters starred Brendan Fraser as "Adam" who went on to star in 'The Mummy' series.

It's all just so perfect. Too perfect.

centaureg said...

Gee, I thought I was commandeering Jake, The Colt Model's body, not Anubis'. I think of Anubis as more like the figure used to create an army of digitrade-legged dog boys in "The Mummy Returns", #2 in the trilogy and featuring an awesome "The Rock" Scorptaur. I have always had a semi-perverse passion of digitrade legs.

I once lived in Boise. Not a fit place for a gay man to make his home. At least not if he is single and wants to be out.

If your friend Tanner looks anything like that Colt model at the beginning of the post, tell him I have room for him here on the Olympic Peninsula. No job, but I will definitely put him to good use. LOL


Michael said...

Hi Greg, thanks for stopping by. I'm sort of seeing Anubis or Set as a force from the subconscious that the conscious ego doesn't want to deal with. Sort of like homosexuality. He gets bigger and sexier the more homophobic our collective egoic consciousness. Which might be the underlying reason why gays have gone from effeminate passive to roid-rage musclebound active in the space of only 50 years. Anubis is pissed.

Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

This thread is amazing. I'm sorry I missed it the first time around.

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