Apr 29, 2008


May 1-8, Seattle is hosting the National Level Exercise 2-08 "terrorist drill".

The overall exercise scenario unfolds as a Category 4 hurricane threatens the National Capitol Region (i.e. Washington DC) while events in the Pacific Northwest include terrorist attacks involving weapons of mass destruction (WMD) in the state of Washington and an accidental release of a chemical agent at chemical stockpile facility in Umatilla, Oregon. The scenario culminates with the hurricane's imminent landfall combined with a credible terror threat which causes the federal government to invoke continuity plans and capabilities. (i.e. martial law)

We may recall that both New York on 9/11 and London on 7/7 were also hosting terrorist "drills".

Considering May Day is a cross-quarter day and the Feast of Beltane, (think Scotland and Ireland), which featured the crowning of the May Queen (think Carrie) as well as the Druids running their cattle through the flames of purification (think "us"), I gotta bad feelin' about this.

As luck would have it, the regional Scottish Rite Leadership Conference is to be held in Seattle concurrently - May 2. Mark your calendar.

A brief history of May Days include:

  • 1776 - Establishment of the Illuminati in Ingolstadt (Upper Bavaria), by Jesuit-taught Adam Weishaupt.
  • 1915 - RMS Lusitania departs New York City on her final crossing of the North Atlantic. Six days later, the ship was torpedoed off the coast of Ireland with the loss of 1,198 lives, including 128 Americans, rousing American sentiment against Germany.
  • 1931 - The Empire State Building is dedicated in New York City.
  • 1940 - The 1940 Summer Olympics are cancelled due to war.
  • 2003 - In what became known as the "Mission Accomplished" speech, U.S. President George W. Bush declares "major combat operations in Iraq have ended" on board USS Abraham Lincoln off the coast of California.

Apr 27, 2008


For the love of money is the root of all evil

Matthew Delooze holds that the world is in thrall to trans-dimensional beings (trannies?) who feed on our spiritual energy. This energy is created via emotion and ‘respect’, AKA worship. The general idea being that these “reptilians” have bribed the elite with wealth and social position in order to facilitate the flow of this spiritual “spice”. The spice is created via spectacular public events (sports, concerts, religious festivals, disasters) and then siphoned off to these beings through symbols, the most powerful being monumental architecture - the spiritual milking machines of the human race.

That’s pretty wild, but no crazier than any other religion - and it would explain a lot. So lately I’m trying it on for size, and using it to analyze popular media. Which brings us to my latest victim: Thunderbirds.

Thunderbirds are GO!

Set in the 21st century, the show depicts the adventures of the Tracy family, which consists of millionaire former astronaut Jeff Tracy and his five sons: Scott (pilot of Thunderbird 1 and principal rescue co-ordinator), Virgil (pilot of Thunderbird 2), Alan (astronaut in Thunderbird 3), Gordon (aquanaut in Thunderbird 4) and John (principal duty astronaut on the space station Thunderbird 5) - each named after a Mercury astronaut - Scott Carpenter, Virgil Grissom, Alan Shepard, Gordon Cooper and John Glenn, respectively.

Together with Jeff's elderly mother called Grandma Tracy, the scientific genius and engineer "Brains", the family's manservant Kyrano and his daughter TIN-TIN, the Tracy family live on a remote, uncharted Pacific island (Tracy Island). They are, in secret, the members of International Rescue, a private and highly-advanced emergency response organisation, which covers the globe and even reaches into space, rescuing people with their futuristic vehicles, the Thunderbirds. --Wikipedia

Thunderbirds is also one of my childhood favs. I loved Gerry Anderson’s “Supermarionation“ (a super-sync word evoking Superman, Mario Bros, Puppet Masters, Mary, and God knows what else) animating technique, and his vision of a high tech and high style tropical island populated by handsome young men and secret space ships was just the thing for a preadolescent gay boy.

I finally rented the 2004 live action film last week (directed by Star Trek’s Jonathan Frakes) which had my third sync eye's full attention from the very start: the production company logo spinning out of a stargate:

The opening credits are done in a computer animated cartoon 60’s style - probably the best part of this "workmanlike" movie. They prominently feature monuments from around the world (note the sun behind the Eiffel Tower), and we see that even little Seattle gets a nod with the Space Needle: long the focus of New Years Eve rituals - our own ”Chronos’ Square“.

All the sons are named after Mercury astronauts. Mercury is the Roman version of Thoth, Hermes. Getting our first good look at Tracy Island, we see the serpentine Caduceus design motif in the villa - a Hermetic ‘pied-a-terre’:

Frakes doesn’t leave us guessing regarding the secret identities of our heroes, he tells us straight out through the words of the movie’s chief antagonist - The Hood (Ben Kingsley):

”Ahhh, the chariot of the Gods. Having dabbled with the mortals, they return to Olympus.“

Chariots swinging low past the Golden (star)Gate.

The first action scene involves youngest son Alan Tracy (Brady Corbet) enviously watching his family’s rescuing exploits from a private boy’s school. The entire school (including staff) is totally focused on the drama unfolding on the TV screen, and they cheer like football fans after the rescue is made - showing us the desired form of ”worship“?

Alan is picked up from school by Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward (Sophia Miles), the London agent for International Rescue. Penny is an ”international socialite“ and fabulously wealthy, so the Gods are well connected to the British aristocracy, but we already knew that. Her butler/chauffeur Aloysius ”Nosey“ Parker ferries Lady Penelope across the sky in a 6-wheeled (like Cherubim) pink chariot of fire called FAB-1, which is both amphibious and rocket propelled - perhaps a Dagon model.

"You left me to die that day, you may have broken my body, but you have no idea how powerful my mind has become. Now you will suffer, as I suffered."

The Tracy's have a pretty good thing going until a certain malcontent upturns the applecart: The Hood. The Hood (who is never seen wearing an actual hood) seems to carry a personal grudge against the Tracy’s, along with a desire to rob all the banks of the world, starting with the Bank of London.

The Tracy’s, the Elite and the Gods are all conflated - being rich, gorgeous and satisfied - defenders of the status quo faith. The elite’s wealth is stored in a bank - the Bank of London. But what really IS wealth to a god/angel (trans-dimensional being)?

As above so below, and while the dollar is symbolically the currency of Hermes, I keep musing about the possibility of there being some heavenly form of currency - the energy postulated by Matthew Delooze.

We might theorize that this energy is somehow stored in the trans-dimensional equivalent of a (battery)bank. And somehow, this treasury is almost, but not quite, secure. Perhaps a thief is lurking about? Considering how all the wealth in the Bank of London is actually milked from the suffering of the colonies, and how the aristocracy are glorified pirates, and a pattern begins to emerge.

Interestingly, Sir Ben Kingsley’s greatest role (next to The Hood) was Gandhi - the Savior of India. India was the greatest diamond in the British Crown - and a classic colonial victim. Maybe The Hood's first name is Robin.

The Hood has a formidable octagonal/pyramidal submarine from which he fires a missile at T5 - the orbiting space station. This causes the Tracy's to fly up and attempt a rescue, but instead become trapped in the station, with life support running low. The Gods return to heaven, but become trapped in Hades (the lower 4th dimension). The end of the Golden Age.

The Gods are near death in their frozen tomb, awaiting rescue. They talk amongst themselves:

”Come on dad, the situation’s hopeless.“

”No it’s not. There’s still time. We’ve got people on the ground working for us.“

The Great Work? The Tracy’s are finally revived by ”Brains“ (knowledge), who awakens Jeff from near death by loudly swearing his name. Hmmm. Once revived, the family departs Hades in the triad signifying T3 - and head straight to the bank, overcoming The Hood and safeguarding the stash.

"Thanks for waking me!"

Yea. No problem, Herm.

Video: Thunderbirds TV Theme


Thunderbird (from wikipedia): The Thunderbird is a mythological creature common to Indigenous peoples of North America. It is a popular concept in northwestern coastal artwork of indigenous origin, often appearing on totem poles.

There is a story that in April 1890, two cowboys in Arizona killed a giant birdlike creature with an enormous wingspan. It was said it had smooth skin, and featherless wings like a bat. Its face resembled an alligator. This description has more than a cursory similarity to the prehistoric pterodactyl. They dragged the carcass back to town, and it was pinned, wings outstretched across the entire length of a barn. There is supposed to be a picture of this event, that may or may not have been published in the local newspaper, the 'Tombstone Epitaph'. Despite numerous people who have claimed to have seen this photograph recently, no one has ever been able to produce a copy of the picture nor make historic corroboration that this event ever occurred.

F.A.B.: The characters use the radio sign-off "F.A.B." rather than "Roger" or "Out". Anderson was often asked what F.A.B. stood for, but stated it in fact simply stood for "fab" (short for "fabulous"), a 1960s catchphrase.

Mullion & Transom: The Hood's two main assistants are named with architectural terms for vertical (Mullion) and horizontal (Transom) pieces used in the construction of doors or windows.

Thunderbirds March: A crucial element of the show's success was its thrilling music score, composed and conducted by Barry Gray, who provided all the music for the Anderson series up to and including Space: 1999 series one. His instantly recognizable "Thunderbirds March" is one of the best-known of all TV themes and has become a perennial favourite with brass and military bands around the world. [Much like the Star Wars march]

Level 42: The "Thunderbirds March" and the 5-4-3-2-1 countdown from the top of the show, were adopted by the British band Level 42 for its live shows, as captured in the video release of its 1987 performance at Wembley Stadium in London. An updated version, blended with the opening fanfare to the band's own hit "Heaven In My Hands," kicks off L42's concert gigs to this day.

Apr 21, 2008

Edith Keeler Must Die

I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of time travel, so I've taken to the Star Trek Time Travel Fan Collective like a duck to water. Star Trek made the multiple universe/timeline theory a pop culture fact, and the religious ramifications of that idea are never far from the surface. The Original Series was perhaps truest to the concept of a Secret Sunday School, and watching those old episodes with newly grown symbolic sensors never fails to send me directly down the rabbit hole.

Tonight, I’m examining The City on the Edge of Forever, "the penultimate episode of the first season of Star Trek". Episode 28, production 28, first broadcast April 6, 1967. This episode introduces themes explored again and again in time travel fiction - the core idea being that it is possible to visit the past, make historical changes, and then return to the present to experience a different reality than when you left. This episode also explores entheogenic drugs, self-conscious stargates and ritual blood sacrifice... fun for the whole family!

As a heads up to the reader, I have come to view Star Trek (and many other sci-fi movies and books) in the same way that I view the bible - as metaphor and mythic allegory. To me, Star Trek isn’t necessarily a vision of the future, but an akashic memory of the past - the Ages of Gods and Heroes.

We join the crew of the Enterprise as they are drawn to a mysterious planet from which time displacement waves are emanating. The waves jar the Enterprise as she passes through, causing an electrical malfunction on the bridge, injuring Sulu, perhaps mortally. Doctor McCoy is summoned to the bridge, who decides to “risk” a few drops of “cordrazine” to revive him.

“It’s tricky stuff, are you sure you want to risk it?”

Which is an odd thing for a Captain to be asking his chief medical officer, especially one he holds in such high regard. What makes this stuff “tricky”? We’re about to find out. Sulu “miraculously” recovers after the injection, but as the Enterprise is struck by another temporal bubble, McCoy accidentally injects himself with an overdose of cordrazine. He begins exhibiting signs of paranoia and madness. Delirious, he beams himself down to the planet’s surface.

"Hi ho, hi ho!"

Cordrazine = entheogenic drugs, the magic mushroom, the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Everything that subsequently happens to the crew is a result of McCoy’s “trip”.

Kirk and a landing party soon follow McCoy to the surface, where they meet “The Guardian of Forever” - a living time machine/stargate. “I am my own beginning, my own ending.” says the Guardian in a commanding masculine voice, which is close enough to “I am the Alpha and the Omega” to make the point.

The Guardian shows earth’s history (beginning with ancient Egypt) like a movie - in black and white - which is a nice reverse of Dorothy’s mushroom trip - like looking at Kansas from a TV in Oz.

The landing party is too late to stop McCoy from leaping through the stargate, “incarnating” himself on three dimensional earth. McCoy becomes Adam, the first “angel” born as a mortal man. Immediately afterwards, the Enterprise ceases to exist, and the landing party is stranded. McCoy went back into earth’s history and changed it, thereby altering the future. In other words, the creation of Adam resulted in the destruction of Oz, or at least the angel’s exalted place in it. They find themselves imprisoned on a desolate planet, with no past and no future.

"Captain... I'm frightened!"

Captain Kirk and Spock go through the stargate after McCoy, to attempt a rescue and to set the timeline right. They tell the rest of the landing party that if they do not succeed, they are to follow them through the gate and “incarnate” into the earth’s past as well, each attempting the rescue.

The stargate lands them in Depression era New York City, which has symbolically become Eden - the home of Adam/McCoy.

Kirk and Spock materialize in front of a poster promoting a boxing event at Madison SQUARE Garden, (Interesting how boxers box inside a “ring”) and noting that Mike Mason is on the bill, I'd say we’re in the middle of another Masonic ritual drama.

Meanwhile, McCoy incarnates on Earth as a milkman does his rounds, frightening a bum into dropping a milk bottle from the WIDIN Dairy Farm in the alley. I’m not sure what milk represents, but I’ll take a stab that it represents Manna (eternal life).

McCoy meets his first NYC native, and remarks on his small stature, yet good cranial development. “No doubt considerable human ancestry”. Spoken like a true Nephilim.

The aliens quickly locate clothes to help them fit into Depression era NYC. Kirk wears red and black checkered flannel, and Spock is in wizard blue and grey. They encounter a social worker, Edith Keeler (Joan Collins), who helps them find work to pay for the equipment Spock requires to build a tricorder interface (crystal ball).

"...and one day, soon, man is going to be able to harness incredible energies..."

Edith Keeler runs the 21st Street Mission, and while feeding the hungry, she preaches a vision of man’s eventual enlightenment and ascension via star ships, and little does she know that she is soon to be harboring refugees from her future utopia - entertaining angels unawares. Edith is Eve, and she has two suiters...

Unknown to Kirk and Spock, Edith has taken in the recently-arrived and ill McCoy. Kirk promptly falls in love with Edith and is devastated when Spock completes his tricorder and discovers that in order to repair history, they must let Edith Keeler be killed in an auto accident. If they allow McCoy to save her — as he did before — she will start an effective pacifist movement that will delay the United States' entrance into World War II, thus allowing Hitler's Germany to develop the atomic bomb first and conquer the planet. --StarTrek.com

It really IS All About Eve. So we have Adam and Eve in the Garden, and who else in this ancient triangle? The serpent. It’s interesting that even though McCoy was first through the stargate, and thus the cause of all that then occurred, it was Kirk who landed first in the garden.

Spock’s tricorder needs a computer interface in order to extract the data it contains (the true history of mankind). Spock endeavors to create the interface using “stone knives and bearskins” - primitive technology. The tricorder is an ancient angelic/Atlantean artifact (the Hall of Records), requiring Hiram’s “key”. Spock’s revelation is given via a newspaper of the day called the “Star Dispatch”, which is perhaps a clever reference to astrology. Spock is a Magi and alchemist of high degree.

"Edith Keeler must die."

Unfortunately, the key reveals that Edith must die in a traffic accident in order to restore the timeline. The accident is "allowed" to happen.

After the ritual sacrifice, all is returned as it should be, and the angels are restored to their proper places in heaven. Edith is mute. As the landing party departs the God forsaken planet, Kirk exclaims “Let’s get the hell out of here.” Hell being Sheol. Telling us quite literally where these fallen angels have been doing time.

Making the future safe?

Apr 19, 2008

Truth or Dare

This made me snort my morning coffee up my nose. Via O'Melissokomos.

Diebold Accidentally Leaks Results Of 2008 Election Early

Apr 18, 2008

I Married an Alien

There are two things I love about this little story from CNN. The first is that it showcases the dowry as the husband's source of political power (even reminding us of Teresa Heinz and John Kerry), echoing Jasmin from Aladdin as well as the grail. The other is that Cindy has apparently become a member of the Vulcan High Council.

(CNN) — John McCain and wife Cindy do not file joint tax returns, and the campaign said Friday they will not release her 2006 and 2007 tax returns along with the candidate's.

The McCain campaign notes John Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz, did not release her tax returns during the 2004 campaign.

An heiress to her father's stake in Hensley & Co. of Phoenix, Cindy McCain's worth has been estimated to be around $100 million.

Apr 15, 2008

The Lollipop Guild Strikes Again

This pic showed up in the pornosphere last week: French pornstar Francois Sagat in a hot pink candy thong. Syncsters will note the pinwheeling lollipops. Francois has focused the attention of the Gosporn all seeing eye due to his ability to “act out” syncs in the flesh, the candy man pic is only the latest in a long line.

Anyway, it got me thinking. Gay culture has always been plagued by drugs, even before The Plague. We famously do everything to excess: drink, smoke, fuck, disco, steroids and hair color. The gay mantra is the more the merrier. We gorge ourselves on sensual experience, and when that totally screws us, we gorge on suffering. Go figure.

The latest plague is Crystal Meth. Tweeking. Which is sorta like crystal myth. I have a friend who got a little too into meth, and it nearly killed him, not to mention the agony of of his friends and lovers. The agony and the XTC (with apologies to Michelangelo, and yea it’s not the same drug, but I like the sync, so shoot me). The crazy thing is that meth rots your teeth, just like candy.

In WWII, the Germans handed out meth to their troops like candy, literally. They gave meth impregnated chocolate to all, and Hitler even took daily meth injections! WTF?

Crystal Meth is the ultimate candy. It’s like something our spirits crave (or remember?) but that our bodies can’t handle. The spirit is willing, but not the flesh. Christianity is fond of talking about the weaknesses of the flesh, and I suspect this is a good example. But don’t turn it around into a weakness of the spirit.

I think that maybe heaven is like a crystal meth orgy. With no downside, and no dentists.

Apr 13, 2008

Mary D'Macho

Yesterday I read a fascinating bio of Francesco D’Macho, gay porn superstar. If you’ve been a long time reader at Gosporn, you’ve seen Francesco before, the golden jockstrapped muse of the Double H Ranch.

Born a stone’s throw from the Coliseum in Rome, Francesco’s lead a fascinating life. Though he grew up a Catholic Italian boy, he feels betrayed by the church and said he hates the Pope (with ya on that) and that he was interested in Cabalism even B.M. (before Madonna) but what riveted me was his statement that the first time he ever got fucked was while in London - the night that Princess Diana died - August 31, 1997.

Francesco’s a hustler - a glorified prostitute - so he syncs with Mary Magdalene (yes, he does!) God seems to really like prostitutes. He hooks his son up with one, and way back in Exodus, Joshua and some of his men went to spy out Jericho, and they were able to to stay undercover (smirk) at the house of a Jericho prostitute. Later, she and her family were the only ones Joshua let go after the fall of Jericho. The only ones.

I could read all kinds of syncro-bullshit into the timing of Francesco’s cherry popping, but I’ll let it go. Suffice to say that I was oddly comforted by that little bit of news.

Apr 12, 2008

No Honor Among Thieves

Somali Pirates Free French Yacht

The hostages aboard a French vacation yacht off the coast of Somalia have been released. French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced their rescue on Friday, thanking organizations who helped free the 30 hostages from pirates. --Spiegel

This little media frenzy caught my maritime eye today. Yachts are pirated all the time, so this one that manages to call in French President Nicolas Sarkozy and the French army may be special. Maybe ritually special.

Le Ponant (The West) was captured on April 4, and freed on the 11th - seven days. The yacht is 88 meters long, and (very rare for a modern sailboat) was a three masted schooner. Three masts sync with Jake Kotze’s pillarmids of Egypt, or perhaps a trinity of some kind. Of the 30 crew/hostages, 22 of them were French.

The yacht’s owner agreed to pay a $2 million ransom for the release of the yacht, and once it was freed, the French military attacked the pirates with helicopter gunships, killing 3. Way to go.

I have no idea how to read this little nautical tea leaf, so I'm asking the syncroweb for thoughts. To begin, the yacht represents “The West”, which seems a good place to start.

Apr 10, 2008

Windows is Collapsing

Describing Windows as "collapsing," a pair of Gartner analysts yesterday said Microsoft Corp. must make radical changes to its operating system or risk becoming a has-been. --Computerworld

I have this strange internal religious (Operating System) tennis match running inside my head that has Microsoft Windows playing YHWH (Vista, all seeing) and Bill Gates is his prophet. In the other court is Apple Inc. playing Satan (bitten apple, tree of knowledge, need I go on?) and Steve Jobs is HIS prophet.

Back in February 2007, Bill Gates gave one of his stranger interviews. The below is from a Macworld commentary about the interview - which was with Steven Levy (a Levite?) of Newsweek.

"Incredibly, Gates actually gets offended when Levy suggests that Microsoft ripped off some of Mac OS X in Vista’s features, look and feel:

“You can go through and look at who showed any of these things first, if you care about the facts. If you just want to say, ‘Steve Jobs invented the world, and then the rest of us came along,’ that’s fine.”

Then Gates goes on to suggest that Microsoft may have been too forthcoming early in Vista’s development, when it was still called Longhorn. He doesn’t say it directly, but Gates intimates that Microsoft showed off features that Apple ended up copying and shipping in its products before Microsoft could, because Microsoft spent so much time working out Vista’s security features."

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if, metaphorically speaking, Bill Gates is right? That Satan (Prometheus) has been "helping" us reverse-engineer Heaven?!

The great innovation of Vista is (drumroll please...) the ability to handle graphics, video and music!! Ooooh. This is something we Mac users have enjoyed for years, so for us, it's a yawn. But... the difference is that the new Vista handles all these things within the OS - internally, whereas Mac OSX simply ads on the ability in cleverly designed, external software. In other words, the new Vista permits manipulation of "the image" (aka the idea, the Word) within itself, whereas the Mac continues the age old paradigm of image manipulation via external programs, much like man causes ideas to manifest through the works of our hands (tools, technology).

And they made a calf in those days, and offered sacrifice unto the idol, and rejoiced in the works of their own hands. --Acts 7:41

My theory is that Dad is about to give us real access to the OS (the long promised "inheritance"), and Satan steps in with a carefully crafted, beautifully wrought, techno/mythical/magical imitation. He presents us with a grail (of sorts), when we could BE the grail.

Vista had been a long time coming. It missed deadline after deadline, becoming a sort of joke, like it would never arrive. But it finally did. And when it finally DID arrive, it was treated like a has-been before it was even tried.

Knowing this first, that there shall come in the last days scoffers, walking after their own lusts, and saying, Where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation. --2 Peter 3:3-4


William: Will I AM. Gates: Heaven's Gate, or the stairway to heaven. The Way.

Bill has always worn comically oversized glasses, which makes him a "Four Eyes" - the tetramorph looking to the four compass points.

The reason Gates gives for the ever so late intro of Vista is "security issues". It makes me wonder.

Apr 9, 2008

C Horses

Last weekend I was aimlessly browsing on purpose in a bookstore when I happened across this illustrated children’s book: Seabiscuit vs. War Admiral: The Greatest Horse Race in History. This match race (on 11/1/38) has been the subject of two movies and many books (none of which I’ve seen) but what caught my eye was a drawing of the silks:

Note the Templar resonating red and white with the grail guardian H emblazoned on a triangle (shield) for Seabiscuit, with War Admiral all dressed up in bee. This horse race became the largest media event of its day, and was, I suspect, an early mediated ritual drama.

Seabiscuit (May 23, 1933—May 17, 1947) was a champion thoroughbred race horse in the United States. From an inauspicious start, Seabiscuit became an unlikely champion and a symbol of hope to many US citizens during the Great Depression. --Wikipedia

Both horses were from the “noble” Man o’ War bloodline, “brothers”, so to speak. Evoking Enlil and Enki, Cain and Abel. War Admiral was the “favorite son” of the east coast establishment, while Seabiscuit was trained in the West, though he was originally from PARIS, Kentucky, syncing up nicely with Troy.

Another interesting aspect is the maritime echo in the names of both horses and their famous sire (Man of War being a type of ship). It could be said that they represent sea horses, or hippocampi, the charges of Poseidon and a favored symbol of the Merovingians - another “noble” bloodline. See Newspaceman’s Horses for Courses and Aferrismoon’s latest for more sea horse syncs.

In this photo of Seabiscuit, he races as number 5. Which reminds me of another red and white racer about to hit the silver screen: The Mach Five in the Wachowski brothers upcoming Speed Racer movie. Speed’s arch rival is Racer X (his estranged older brother) who drives the black and yellow Shooting Star - no. 9. Speed Racer has more M’s than a bag of M&Ms, the most powerfully maritime and grail signifying letter of all. How perfect that it was produced in Germany at BABELsberg Studios.

Racing’s everything. For my family it isn’t just a sport, it’s way more important than that. it’s like a religion. --Speed Racer Trailer

I have an interesting personal sync to add. When I was growing up, my family would spend the summers at a small waterfront cabin on Hood Canal (dad would stay in the city to work and join us on weekends). Anyway, we had one night I’ll never forget, because it involved three momentous events in a row:

The first was that a bat flew inside the house at dusk, which caused a small panic (we finally shooed it out). The second was an ear-splitting sheet lightning storm the likes of which I’ve never seen since, and the third was that a rundown old fishing boat approached our shoreline in the middle of this strange and stormy night - poaching for oysters (Hood Canal was famous for its oysters).

Oysters hold pearls, and Yahshua (Jesus) speaks of the pearl of great price, which I now take to be a reference to the Holy Grail.

The poachers came within 50 yards of the beach and I could easily read the vessel's name on the bow... the C-Biscuit.

Apr 8, 2008

The Hellmouth

Kirkland (my hometown) keeps getting stranger. Yesterday I remembered that Kirkland (the church) was founded by a certain Peter Kirk (of course). Today I passed by a new hotel at 220 Kirkland Ave. with this interesting logo:

Somehow I get HH, KK, twins, mirrors, a red balloon and Heath Ledger's last resting place. Maybe Kirkland is a hellmouth. We'll be taking the synchromystic tour of Sunnydale North soon.

See the Atlantean Times for more about Heath and 22.

Apr 6, 2008


Don't let anyone deceive you in any way, for (that day will not come) until the rebellion occurs and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the man doomed to destruction. He will oppose and will exalt himself over everything that is called God or is worshiped, so that he sets himself up in God's temple, proclaiming himself to be God. --2 Thessalonians 2:3-4

Fundie Christians looking for signs of the times always focus on Jerusalem and the rebuilding of the temple as the watershed event. The Freemasons are supposed to rebuild the temple:

Fervent Masonic Desire to Rebuild Solomon's Temple is the Driving Force behind the events of the mid-East today, once completed, end times prophecy will be fulfilled! --David Bay, director of Cutting Edge Ministry

Never mind that Alfred Pike wrote:

We no longer expect to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem. To us it has become but a symbol. To us the whole world is God's Temple, as is every upright heart. --Morals and Dogma

So which is it? Are the Masons re-building the temple or aren't they? Before we get to that, check this out:

And he cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and is become the habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and a cage of every unclean and hateful bird. --Revelation 18:2-3

"Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen."

An interesting turn of phrase when seen from a post 911 viewpoint. The twin towers are fallen, are fallen. NYC is figuratively Babylon, and the USA's mad insistence on possessing ancient Babylon simply underlines the archetype. Which might make George W. Bush Nebuchadnezzar III.

Immediately what had been said about Nebuchadnezzar was fulfilled. He was driven away from people and ate grass like cattle. His body was drenched with the dew of heaven until his hair grew like the feathers of an eagle and his nails like the claws of a bird. --Daniel 4:33

An unclean bird?

And yet, NYC is also figuratively Jerusalem (see Pilgrim's Progress). Metropolis/Gotham, Jerusalem/Babylon, Heaven/Hell. There is something remarkably satisfying about that to me.

Returning to this amazing pic of the giant emerald curtain in the Winter Garden of 3 World Financial Center, I ask "what's behind the curtain?" Remember that the Wizard of Oz hides himself behind a curtain and directs our attention elsewhere. That is what magicians DO - create distractions and illusions.

Note the terrier as revealer of the method.

Is the Masonically created Israel the distraction, and if so, a distraction from what? If I stand in the palm lined courtyard of the Winter Garden and look up at the curtain, I'd see Ground Zero if I had X-ray vision. Ground Zero is behind the curtain, which is now under feverish construction - erecting the octagonal stargate officially called the Freedom Tower, but perhaps known in secret as the Third Temple of Solomon.

The New World Order - administered from the mythic capitol of the new world - New York (New Jerusalem, New Babylon) from which rises (Phoenix-like) the new temple of Solomon. Pretty tight, eh?

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