Apr 15, 2008

The Lollipop Guild Strikes Again

This pic showed up in the pornosphere last week: French pornstar Francois Sagat in a hot pink candy thong. Syncsters will note the pinwheeling lollipops. Francois has focused the attention of the Gosporn all seeing eye due to his ability to “act out” syncs in the flesh, the candy man pic is only the latest in a long line.

Anyway, it got me thinking. Gay culture has always been plagued by drugs, even before The Plague. We famously do everything to excess: drink, smoke, fuck, disco, steroids and hair color. The gay mantra is the more the merrier. We gorge ourselves on sensual experience, and when that totally screws us, we gorge on suffering. Go figure.

The latest plague is Crystal Meth. Tweeking. Which is sorta like crystal myth. I have a friend who got a little too into meth, and it nearly killed him, not to mention the agony of of his friends and lovers. The agony and the XTC (with apologies to Michelangelo, and yea it’s not the same drug, but I like the sync, so shoot me). The crazy thing is that meth rots your teeth, just like candy.

In WWII, the Germans handed out meth to their troops like candy, literally. They gave meth impregnated chocolate to all, and Hitler even took daily meth injections! WTF?

Crystal Meth is the ultimate candy. It’s like something our spirits crave (or remember?) but that our bodies can’t handle. The spirit is willing, but not the flesh. Christianity is fond of talking about the weaknesses of the flesh, and I suspect this is a good example. But don’t turn it around into a weakness of the spirit.

I think that maybe heaven is like a crystal meth orgy. With no downside, and no dentists.


Atlantean Times said...

all I will say is thank fuck crystal meth hasnt taken hold in ireland..that stuff if for mad men..

Heroin has been the ruination of many a life over here..I have know several heroin addicts of the years and I used to do some drug councilling..2 of them tried to kill me..so a great experience all in all...

stick to drugs that grow in the ground and you wont go far wrong...dosage is everything and everyones limit is different...

my veri code is nyked lol

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. . .I had no idea about Meth in Nazi Germany, but it makes total sense, as Meth is all about the ego and pumping up the ego. The disassociated sense of false power it gives you is truely awesome, until it's six the next morning and you have no idea who you are and are doing bad things that normally you wouldn't do. It just rips you outside of any holistic connection to your true self, by glorifying your ego when you first ingest.

I've had many a little experience, and have to agree with Atlantean Times. If it grows in the ground, it's good. If it's made in a lab, or in some nasty hotel room, it's bad.

Save for DMT - which is made in a lab, but also in the Pineal Gland. I've never done DMT, but am soooo intrigued by it having read the tales of many that have.

Perhaps the lollipop guild are the keepers of excess. In Wizard of Oz they are stunted because of their excess. They are the first people Dorothy meets in here drug-trip extraordinaire.

Or perhaps they are the machine elves of a DMT trip.

Also, this is an interesting synch with the Cadbury Queen commercial that Atlantean Times put on his site, as Freddy Mercury (a VERY alchemical name, Mercury/Hermes/Thoth) is kind of the poster boy for that kind of excess.

Ahhh. . .dosage IS everything. But if only it were that easy.



Michael said...

Thanks for the comments. I think I did meth once, but it was a long time ago. I haven't done any of the modern party drugs, though I certainly experimented as a kid. I hated coke and hated being around people on it. Interesting about Meth being an ego pumping thing. Sort of like weight lifting, big muscles are an ego boost, and that's why so many bodybuilders are unbearable to be around.

Your thoughts about ego are interesting (on your blog). The world is full of examples of egos run amok, and yet ego is essential for differentiation - the sense of "I am". I once had what I suppose was a spontaneous ego death experience (and no drinking or drugs!) which was probably the most important event I've ever experienced. The strange thing is that the "I" never left, so the ego was always present, but it was as if I wasn't alone anymore - the whole universe was alive, as a single being that seemed to embody all knowing and all love, and I was a part of it, but also not. All very woowoo, I know. ;-)

Anyway, I sometimes think that drugs are an (imperfect) attempt to get back to that ego death space, and I've tried a few times with mushrooms, but it was totally different.


Christopher Loring Knowles said...

Meth is the worst of the worst of the worst. It makes crack look benign. The only good thing about is that it brought down Ted Haggard.

I'm curious, though- when did the Tom of Finland aesthetic completely take over gay culture? And who do you think is steering it?

Michael said...

I'm a big fan of ToF. Though the leather biker look has become most strongly associated with him, he drew every masculine archetype - cowboys, sailors, soldiers (including Nazi look-alikes) cops, loggers, punks, bikers, all overly handsome, hung and muscular, which is the one common denominator. And all engaged enthusiastically and unapologetically in sex with one other. These masculine archetypes are objects of secret fascination to gay boys, but in real life they are a fag's worst nightmare. So drawing these men, who are among the MOST homophobic, AS homosexuals, was (I think) a way for Tom to exorcise his own inner homophobic demons. The continuing popularity of Tom's work shows the deep chord that Tom struck within gay men - a subconscious desire to transform the inner homophobic monster into a lover - a sort of alchemical wedding, so to speak.

As to who or what agent is driving this strange gay metamorphosis, I doubt if anyone or any group "drives" the transformation of an archetype, though there are many who ride the coat tails.

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