Apr 4, 2008

Signaux Maritime

Two if by Sea

As we speak, the 33 meter catamaran Gitana is sailing toward Japan, attempting a record San Franscisco - Yokohama passage.

On February 28 the 110′ Gitana 13 sailed under the Golden Gate en-route to demolishing the previous Route de ‘Le Or (NY to SF) by 14 days hours and 43 minutes, previously set by fellow countryman Yves Parlier aboard the 60 ‘ monohull Aquitaine Innovations in 1998. Gitana skipper Lionel Lemonchois is no stranger to The Gold race, having crewed on previous NY to SF races with Parlier in 1998 and with Isabelle Autissier in 1994.

Gitana 13 takes her stab at the SF Yokohama record, having departed this past Saturday afternoon, then She's off to Beijing for the Olympics and then another record attempt at the TEA (Spice) ROUTE record from Hong Kong to New York… --Sailing Anarchy

From the Gitana website:

In the world of sailing, the name Gitana is inseparable from the French-Swiss branch of the Rothschild family. It conjures up century-old images of a particular lifestyle where passion, team spirit and the quest for excellence come together.

Having been initiated in the family tradition by his father from a very young age, Baron Benjamin de Rothschild quickly developed a particular interest in multihulls.

2007 also sees the arrival of Gitana 13, a 33-metre maxi-multihull devoted to initiation and discovery.

Having been initiated in the family tradition by his father from a very young age...


aferrismoon said...

G - Force.
Note Newspacemans use of G in his latest.
On Yahoo news, Tommy Cruise [ Crews] is awful upset about Weed-smokers in Cali naming their new weed TOM CRUISE PURPLE.
Gitana 13, so I looked up g-13, a strain of very strong weed, allegedly created by Govt. agencies.

Land Ho!

Michael said...

Yea, that Masonic G and the mermaid. Diana's car hit pillar 13 of course. The yacht sailed through the Golden Gate, the Route of Gold (El Dorado, Ruta Maya?) Interesting Tom C. hit.

Christopher Loring Knowles said...

Don't forget the conjunction of opposites- the mermaid and G for Ganymede, harbinger of the New Age.

Interesting sync with the Nim's Island symbolism too.

Atlantean Times said...

nr 33 just won the grand national horse race in england..

comply or die was the name of the horse

Anonymous said...


Under the Golden Gate. Leaving the Golden Gate for the open water.

Check this out:


I found out you can look up dates in Wikipedia (this may be old hat to some). Notice that on Feb 22 Denver's New Airport - Cathedral to the new world order opened.

These days the G is God coming through the a stargate created by the compass and square.

You also totally nailed the El Dorado idea. Did you know that it was happening, or were you tuning into an El Dorado archetype? I'm curious.

Perhaps because it use wind, like a Hot air balloon or Zeppelin, it's also a stargate device.


Michael said...

Thuth - no, I didn't have any idea, which leaves me slightly nonplussed.

Atlantean Times - nice horse race sync with a personal event/observation. More later.

Anonymous said...


One other synch I just saw. The new Gatorade drink is called G2. I thought this interesting with the K2 and Masonic G references.


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