Dec 21, 2018

The Reason for the Season

Winter Solstice - Full moon. 
Solar rebirth - Lunar at maximum power.
Sol/Jesus/Horus - Moon/Mary/Isis

Var and I got our eyes examined today. I made the appointment months ago, today was the clinic’s first opening available. As we drove there it occurred to me that having our eyes examined on the darkest day of the year was sort of… interesting. We were checked in by women wearing various Seahawk fanware. I thought to myself “Is today a Seahawk game day?” but I dared not ask, because if I did my lack of schedule knowledge would damn me as an infidel. As it turns out, no, today was not a Seahawk football game day, but that doesn’t stop the Horus resonating eye clinic staff from wearing totems in adoration of their god.

It occurs to me that today is also the day that Sirius is highest on the horizon. Sirius is associated with Isis in ancient mythology, so perhaps a kind of doubling of maternal creative energy going on tonight:

The rebirth of Horus.

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