Sep 17, 2015

The Bridge of the Gods

See Storming the Bridge and Operation Sync Overload to get up to date with sync connections between the Ponte Vecchio bridge, bankruptcy and the return of an archetype I am calling Hitler/Jesus.

The other sync attractor in my personal universe is “Morning Star”. Because my bankruptcy was handled by a last minute substitute lawyer named Tom Morningstar. This all taking place at the Gateway Center in Bremerton. The bullet list:
  • The economic concept of bankruptcy originated at the Ponte Veccio: when a money-changer could not pay his debts, the table on which he sold his wares (the "banco") was physically broken ("rotto") by soldiers, and this practice was called "bancorotto" (broken table).
  • On Aug 4, 1944, the Germans did not destroy the Ponte Veccio on their retreat from Italy, allegedly by express order from Hitler.
  • Sync logic suggests that “Hitler” will return over the same bridge he retreated on, the one bridge left standing.
  • Bankruptcy is the event.
  • The Morning Star is the sign.

On 9/9 I was at Kitsap Bank when the teller told me that the Hood Canal Bridge was “broken” and no vehicle traffic could cross. This is a big deal to Port Townsend, so economically dependent on that bridge. A curious broken bridge and bank sync.

This was also interesting because I was reading Captain America Operation Rebirth and the chapter I read the night before featured a heli-carrier that nearly crashes into Mt. Hood.

The Timberline Lodge at Oregon’s Mt. Hood being the exterior location of Stanley Kubrick’s Overlook Hotel in The Shining. The Overlook being a symbolic stand-in for the United States - much like Captain America.

I finish my business at the bank and then ride into town to check out the harbor at Point Hudson, and any new boats that have arrived. Yes indeed, a new boat named the MORNING STAR had just tied to the dock. And curiouser still, the Israeli Defense Force was on duty.



Beau Bridges is the celebrity guest of honor at the 2015 Port Townsend Film Festival.
Bridge of Spies opens 10/16.
Both Hood Canal and Mt. Hood are named after the same Lord Samuel Hood. The wikipedia entry is interesting, the native myth echoing the Trojan War:
In another telling, Wy'east (Hood) battles Pahto (Adams) for the fair La-wa-la-clough (St. Helens). Or again Wy'east, the chief of the Multnomah tribe, competed with the chief of the Klickitat tribe. Their great anger led to their transformation into volcanoes. Their battle is said to have destroyed the Bridge of the Gods.
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