Jul 30, 2010

Party On Uranus!

You know you’re crazy when every 'ting has heavy symbolic meaning. Like even this piece of shit. As I recently discovered, Uranus is the original Sky God, which to me is just another way of saying “deep and dark subconscious archetype”. The further out you go from the “sun” of consciousness, the deeper you go into Pluto/Hades.

It makes me wonder about human consciousness, and that perhaps we are literally expanding outwards into a “solar conscious system” of archetypal “Knowing”. We appear to be well on the way to Mars, and all that implies (Oh, the humanity!). I can’t help but want to skip ahead, maybe all the way to Uranus. When the solar light of human consciousness encompasses the entire solar system, then perhaps we will finally be home. And then, we can finally get this party started.


Jul 28, 2010

Reptile Done Good

David de Rothschild and the Plastiki crew completed their voyage from San Francisco to Australia on July 26. I can’t help but see parallels to my recent “Junk DNA = Id” fetish. Here we have a man who is an heir to one of the most globally destructive and feared banking houses, with rumored ties to everything from the Illuminati to the Reptilians, riding a raft across the Pacific that is literally made of junk, in an attempt to raise global consciousness! In other words, God chooses His own prophets. Note the "red cap".
David de Rothschild... set out to raise awareness of our degradation of the oceans, to see and document the almost mythical swirl of detritus forming an 'island' in the Pacific, and to do this with a boat built almost entirely of recycled material. To sail across the Pacific from the US to Australia. He managed the crossing, despite some harsh weather, and judging from the media attention to his landfall in Sydney, he'll certainly achieve his goal of consciousness raising. Whether it will have any real impact on how we treat our oceans is impossible to judge today, one can only hope. His catamaran, Plastiki, incorporated tens of thousands of plastic bottles built into the hull as structural and flotation elements.
The boat has many other environmentally friendly adaptations, to wit, in the words of her creator: "The Plastiki was nothing if not ambitious. We wanted bicycles that would generate electricity, a hydroponic garden, water stills, vacuum de-salinators, a composting toilet, solar panels, wind turbines, regenerative electric propulsion, satellite communications and pretty much anything else that constituted an innovative sustainable “system”. She was to be a floating showroom of non-emitting futurist ideas that were simple, elegant and wholly attainable."

Jul 27, 2010

The Return of the Giant SquID

Heracles vs. the Hydra

Sea monsters were back in the news last week:

Whale dismasts yacht in South Africa

Octopus with cold resistant venom is discovered in antarctica

“Giant” jellyfish stings over 100 people in New Hampshire:
“A jellyfish the size of a TRASH CAN LID raised a posthumous ruckus yesterday, stinging up to 150 at a New Hampshire beach and sending five of those to the hospital. Beach officials had apparently tried to remove its carcass earlier, causing it to break up into pieces that floated through the water stinging swimmers. Officials responding to the scene found a pavilion and beach packed with children crying like they had been stung by a bee, says a firefighter.” --David Abram
Note the TRASH CAN reference, resonating our collective, posthumous Junk DNA. All these monsters broadcast on a chthonic frequency, the whale is Moby Dick and Monstro, while both the poisonous octopus and jellyfish resonate the Hydra:
The Lernaean Hydra was an ancient nameless serpent-like chthonic water beast (as its name evinces) that possessed seven heads — and for each head cut off it grew two more — and poisonous breath so virulent even her tracks were deadly.
The grand daddy of chthonic monsters is the giant squid or Kraken, and I was amazed when my mom tells me she’s reading 'The Highest Tide', a coming of age story about a 13 year old boy who discovers a giant squid washed up on a beach in Puget Sound! Hollywood uses the giant squid to great effect: J. J. Abrams envisioned a monstrous squid attacking New York in Cloverfield, and the avenging Romulan mining ship in Star Trek was decidedly squid like. The tripods in Steven Spielberg’s The War of the Worlds were basically three legged squid, including even the elongated head, two enormous eyes and the central, devouring orifice. The tripods are interesting also because they lied buried in the EARTH for perhaps millions of years... waiting. Buried in the subconscious?

In analytical psychology, the term chthonic was often used to describe the spirit of nature within, the unconscious EARTHLY impulses of the Self, one's material depths, but not necessarily with negative connotations. See anima and animus or shadow. In Man and His Symbols Carl G. Jung explains:
"Envy, lust, sensuality, deceit, and all known vices are the negative, 'dark' aspect of the unconscious, which can manifest itself in two ways. In the positive sense, it appears as a 'spirit of nature', creatively animating Man, things, and the world. It is the 'chthonic spirit' that has been mentioned so often in this chapter. In the negative sense, the unconscious (that same spirit) manifests itself as a spirit of evil, as a drive to destroy."
The Id resonating Iron Giant was also a giant weapon capable of massive destruction, but it acted only in self defense. Perhaps the Id is also acting in Self defense? The judo chop of the mind.

In the War of the Worlds, Tom Cruise plays Ray Ferrier - the “dragon slayer”. His wife was played by Australian Miranda Otto, who also played Éowyn, “Shield maiden of Rohan” in the LOTR trilogy. She was able to slay the dragon because she was “no man”. “No man” is the meaning of the latin “Nemo”, the captain of the Nautilus who also defeated the giant squID. In the Iron Giant, it was the captain of the Nautilus who targeted a nuke directly at the giant - the “giant Id”. Last week’s yacht destruction by the “right whale” carried the insignia of The Saint, who is Simon Templar. The Templars take their symbol, the red cross, from St. George, the dragon slayer. Coincidence? I think not!

Much as I admire the dragon slayers, I think it is time to stop cutting off heads, and come to some kind of terms - lower the shields. After all, we’re only cutting off our own right brain, and they say that two heads are better than one. The war on terror only creates more terror, our modern “St. George” proved that rather well. Instead of being No Men, maybe we can finally become Real Men: friends, and even protectors, of the Id.


There are some great synchs with The War of the Worlds - there were 3 movies released in the same year with the same title and subject. The number three resonates the trident, the time-traveling weapon of Shiva, AKA the destructive impulse of the Godhead.

Otto is a palindrome. A mirror of consciousness.

Miranda is a satellite of Uranus: Uranus is the sky god and first ruler.

Miranda is the name of a planet in the Firefly universe that was the home of the “Reavers”. The Reavers are animalistic, bloodthirsty killers, at least, according to myth.

A “Miranda Warning” is a warning that is required to be given by police in the United States to criminal suspects in police custody (or in a custodial situation) before they are interrogated to inform them about their constitutional rights.

Jul 23, 2010

The In-Synch-Erator

Dumpster Diving For Jesus

In The Iron Giant (see The Love Gun), Hogarth seeks “food and shelter” for the giant metal man, and he finds a JUNK YARD to be the ideal location.

In the myth of Kauhuhu, the Shark God of Molokai (see Double Rainbow), the guardian dragons instruct Kamalo to hide in the Taro peelings, which is the “GARBAGE DUMP” of a Hawaiian village.

In the Toxic Avenger (see I Heart the Monster), Toxie finds shelter in the local landfill, and he owes his super powers to “TOXIC WASTE”.

These connections would have gone pretty much unnoticed, except the garbage disposal went on the fritz this month, which shall now be called the In-Synch-Erator Event.

Island Tale’s wonderful graphic novelization of the Hawaiian myth shows the dragons twining around each other like snakes, creating the DNA double helix. Which gives us DNA dragons guarding... a junk pile. Dragons generally do have good taste in treasure, so I’m wondering what might be of value to these DNA Dragons, and I wonder if it isn’t our “Junk” DNA?

Junk, or noncoding DNA, makes up a whopping 98% of human DNA. Some say it contains the record of our ancestors, from bacteria on down the line. Is this the place where the gods live? Some kind of insanely compacted and “zipped” bio-logical hard drive? And is this perhaps the place that is accessed via dreaming and entheogenic plants? Somehow, our consciousness, while “unconscious” is able to read snippets of code, almost like a book, and these “trips” or “visions” are what fuels our myths, movies and fantasies. That’s why Kauhuhu, the “shark” god, can only be approached while rooting around in the “garbage”. That’s where he lives.

Sometimes I wonder if my DNA isn’t “God”. That’s how he’s both within and without. The code of the living universe, living inside my tiny cells. The bible is always going on about the “Inheritance” and perhaps that is literally the case - our inheritance is the wisdom contained inside our non-coding DNA!

It’s pretty fascinating how our own garbage, our own pollution, is what will probably kill us as a species. We are challenged by both internal and external “junk”. We’re learning how in nature there really is no garbage. One plants waste is another animals breath of life, and vice versa. And likewise, maybe so with our DNA. It may be that our own DNA scrap heap, our ancestral archetypes, are the key to our own future. Perhaps that is why we are here, to reclaim our subconscious garbage? Id recycling - Back to the Future!


The clowns are Seattle's J. P. Patches and his girlfriend Gertrude. He lives in the city dump.

It occurred to me that the non-coding DNA theory of God would explain why gene-splicing is pretty much the ultimate sin. As it was in the days of Noah...

Jul 20, 2010

VALIS Signals

My boat blogs are sending strange signals today...

Remember the “Flying Fish” meme? Here’s a sign from the crew on VALIS: "Swim like the wind".

And here’s a Southern Right Whale breaching ON a sailboat near Cape Town, South Africa, of recent World Cup fame. Did you know that the Right Whale was so named by whalers because it was the “right whale” to harpoon? Remember Tilikum, the Killer Whale who finally lived up to his name? It’s like Whales Gone Wild!

The aftermath:

The yacht’s name is Intrepid, which just happens to be my computer’s name. Being the Star Trek geek I am, I named it after the Intrepid class starship, but it is a double entendre because Intrepid is also the name of a famous America’s Cup defender.

Check out the sail: that’s the “walk like an Egyptian” logo from The Saint, you know... Simon Templar.

Jul 14, 2010

Double Rainbow All The Way!

The Rainbow (or Gay Pride) Flag was created by artist and vexillographer Gilbert Baker, a friend of the late Harvey Milk, in 1978. The flag debuted at the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade. While we queers like to think we “own” it, the symbol is shared by everything from leprechauns to unicorns, breakfast cereal to cartoons. A favorite with little girls, the rainbow is all things bright, cheerful, sunny and daffodils.

It is also the sign of global cataclysm and judgment. Yes, the rainbow has a dark side. Mythically, the rainbow is associated with the previous great human extinction event - the Flood. Something about unending wickedness, when even the Creator regretted making the race of men. A time perhaps much like our own?
The LORD saw how great man's wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time. The LORD was grieved that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was filled with pain. --Genesis 6:5-6

Kauhuhu, the Hawaiian shark God of Molokai, is also associated with rainbows and justice. Kauhuhu is one of those fierce archetypes who would sooner smite you than help you. But help you he will, as long as you leave your ego at the door... DOA. In this famous myth, the vain Chief Kupa murders the two sons of Kamalo, his high priest, for the sin of sacrilege against his temple. The priest seeks revenge against the chief, and he goes on a quest to find someone who will help him. He finds no one, all the priests of the various Gods are either indifferent to his suffering or fear Chief Kupa. Finally he meets the priest of Kauhuhu, who gives him at least a shred of hope. He meets the dragon guardians of the God, who become his allies, and they tell him to hide in the garbage, and wait for the eighth wave to break.
"Speak to Kauhuhu from there, but be quick."
Kamalo tells his story, and he finds a sympathetic audience in the Shark God. The God agrees to help him, and avenge the deaths of his sons.

"They would see a white cloud on the island of Lanai, unlike any they had seen before. When the cloud grew to cover the island, it would move against the wind until it reached the peaks above Mapulehu Valley. Then a great RAINBOW would reach across the valley and Kauhuhu would be there to mete out punishment and avenge Kamalo's sons."

Image from Island Tales.

As it turned out, Var and I did not go to the big gay pride parade in Seattle on Sunday, June 27, but instead popped up to La Conner to meet Eunus Noe (rhymes with Noah) at the Next Chapter bookstore and coffeehouse (See The Second Chapter of Acts). But no escaping rainbows that day, because he was staying with relatives on an island that happened to be spanned by the ‘Rainbow Bridge’!

Eunus was wearing a retro ’70’s jacket that day, pinging with the “Back to the Future” meme. He also “lost his sandal” during out meeting (one of his flip flops blew out). Jason (of the Argonauts), revenger of Hera (Mary, Gaia, Isis) also lost a sandal, and an oracle had warned (the unjust) King Pelias:
"Beware a stranger who wears but a single sandal."
The STRANGER is the local Seattle weekly rag, and that week was their annual Queer issue. Actually, every week is 'queer week' at the Stranger, being the home of Dan SAVAGE, but they really pull out all the stops during Pride Week. The Stranger decided to accept a rabidly homophobic ad from the KHM Families Foundation, the organ of Pastor Ken Hutcherson (former Seahawks linebacker, recently officiating at Rush Limbaugh's fourth traditional marriage between a man and woman). Sorry for all the backstory, because really I’m just focused on their line at the end of the ad:
Oh, by the way, God wants His rainbow back!
So I had a double rainbow that day, connected by the mythic Greek hero Jason and his single sandal. All three heroes, Noah, Jason and Kamalo, are associated with divine vengeance.

On July 6, Queen Elizabeth II made a strange peace offering at Ground Zero, and I wonder if it wasn’t a peace offering to Kauhuhu? No doubt the ceremony was all perfectly timed by the Queen’s astrologers. Being the figurehead of economic and political power - the oil drilling, ocean killing, profit taking, poverty making, brown man enslaving, earth destroying monster that it is - perhaps she was playing the part of Kupa, the unjust king - who knows the jig is up.
“Seven great waves would signal his approach, and he would arrive on the eighth.”
On July 8, Hungrybear9562 (Landshark 22?) gave his answer, as we all hid within the taro peelings. The double rainbow epiphany that was heard round the world. Rock on, Kauhuhu.


'Double Rainbow' is destined to become this summer's monster dance hit at the clubs. Lady Gaga will probably do a version and take it Platinum.

Jul 13, 2010

Britain Roles Out Their Own Foo Fighter

"Lord Vader, your ship is ready." Britain unveils its obviously 'Independence Day' UFO reverse-engineered killer flying drone.
Tired of not having their own manless killer plane, Britain just rolled out the $216 million Taranis, a flying deathbot drone named after the Celtic god of thunder.
"[The Taranis has] been dubbed the 'pinnacle' of British engineering and aeronautical design."
The pinnacle of British engineering, huh? I guess that's not too difficult seeing how the last pinnacle was the MG. Hoho -- burn! Kidding, I know you make Jaguars. Whoa whoa whoa -- you made DeLoreans too?! Well slap my ass and call me a Tardis. --Geekologie
Ha! I hope it doesn't use Lucas Electronics like my old MG: "If Lucas made guns, wars would not start." The aliens have nothing to fear.

Jul 11, 2010

The Love Gun - Part 2

A continuation of my probing examination of The Iron Giant. For previous raving, see The Love Gun - Part 1.

Hogarth finds a temporary refuge for the iron giant at his friend Dean’s junkyard. Dean makes metal art from scrap. Dean is angered when the giant cannot tell the different between his art and the scrap - it all tastes fine to the robot. Again, we see the ego choosing between "good" and "bad".

Dean is a father/priest/shaman character who helps guide and initiate Hogarth into the “mysteries”. Here we see him in his kimono with the yin/yang (experience of duality) symbol, the Eastern equivalent of the Christian cross.

Dean offers Hogarth a strange brew (espresso) that I see as standing in for the sacred plant entheogen of religious tradition. Note the tribal shaman masks on the wall.

When Dean befriends the Id robot, he soon begins to use him to help create his art, which is a classic function of the Id. However, when Hogarth sees this, he feels it is a bit undignified for a “giant robot” to be doing “arts and crafts”.

“Do you have a better idea, little man?”

Indeed he does - and turns the robot into an amusement park thrill ride!

Hogarth turns a junked '59 Cadillac Eldorado (a neat trick since the movie was set in 1957) into a “rocket” that the robot SPINS around him, and that's when I snorted coffee up my nose, because: In Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, we visit the fabled city of ELDORADO that features a central obelisk (the masculine Id) about which SPINS some kind of alien UFO stargate?

The Erection

"The obelisk. The obelisk is the key?"

Indeed. Every key has a key hole, and this would be the spinning Eldorado, AKA the Holy Grail - the Divine Feminine.

Meanwhile, in the Ballroom of the Gateway Plaza hotel...

Here is hapless Deimos, the fallen angel from Class Comics, in an episode called “The Phallus Key” - which features our hero assaulted by wicked occult types who plug a golden phallus up his “divine feminine” in order to open a GATE to hell! (It must be said that the hell of Class Comics is full of brawny, super hung demons who are always fucking each other. Heaven or hell? You decide.)

If Hogarth were older, he would have undoubtably tried to have sex with the robot, which would be very Id-like, I think. When it comes to the Id, art is lovely and amusement park thrills are great, but sex sells. It is unfortunately true that you simply cannot get an accurate picture of the Id within the constraints of a PG rating.

Which brings me to Dom Orejudos' (AKA Etienne, Stephen) homoerotic classic that envisions sex with a giant robot - the porn version of the Iron Giant!

The Army is helpless!

Hunky student Moose McMacho builds a super robot in order to win the campus science fair. He unwittingly presses the “sex maniac” button when selecting the robot’s personality type, and soon the Id is running amok in the streets, fucking every ass in sight!

The dis-arming button

Id sees the Eldorado. AKA "booty".

We see that our hero, Meat Man has to surrender his ass to the Id in order to save the world. In the end, the robot is destroyed, but his phallus is firmly lodged within Moose. God, that’s just beautiful.

NOTE: Today has been a day of dazzling synchs, some are calling it a "synch storm". One personal example was that as I drove through town this afternoon, I saw a red '59 Cadillac Eldorado parked on the street, in mint condition. Of course, I didn't have a camera.
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