Jul 20, 2010

VALIS Signals

My boat blogs are sending strange signals today...

Remember the “Flying Fish” meme? Here’s a sign from the crew on VALIS: "Swim like the wind".

And here’s a Southern Right Whale breaching ON a sailboat near Cape Town, South Africa, of recent World Cup fame. Did you know that the Right Whale was so named by whalers because it was the “right whale” to harpoon? Remember Tilikum, the Killer Whale who finally lived up to his name? It’s like Whales Gone Wild!

The aftermath:

The yacht’s name is Intrepid, which just happens to be my computer’s name. Being the Star Trek geek I am, I named it after the Intrepid class starship, but it is a double entendre because Intrepid is also the name of a famous America’s Cup defender.

Check out the sail: that’s the “walk like an Egyptian” logo from The Saint, you know... Simon Templar.

1 comment:

Devin said...

I have been getting some psychic (hesitate to call it that because I generally don't have these feelings at all) signals relating to Shiva? creation/destruction- some people seem to be finally waking up a bit - but it seems to be at the time when there is precious little that can be done because everything seems to be going downhill at such a fast rate- although I very much hope I am wrong!!
all the best to you and Var!!

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