Jul 11, 2010

The Love Gun - Part 2

A continuation of my probing examination of The Iron Giant. For previous raving, see The Love Gun - Part 1.

Hogarth finds a temporary refuge for the iron giant at his friend Dean’s junkyard. Dean makes metal art from scrap. Dean is angered when the giant cannot tell the different between his art and the scrap - it all tastes fine to the robot. Again, we see the ego choosing between "good" and "bad".

Dean is a father/priest/shaman character who helps guide and initiate Hogarth into the “mysteries”. Here we see him in his kimono with the yin/yang (experience of duality) symbol, the Eastern equivalent of the Christian cross.

Dean offers Hogarth a strange brew (espresso) that I see as standing in for the sacred plant entheogen of religious tradition. Note the tribal shaman masks on the wall.

When Dean befriends the Id robot, he soon begins to use him to help create his art, which is a classic function of the Id. However, when Hogarth sees this, he feels it is a bit undignified for a “giant robot” to be doing “arts and crafts”.

“Do you have a better idea, little man?”

Indeed he does - and turns the robot into an amusement park thrill ride!

Hogarth turns a junked '59 Cadillac Eldorado (a neat trick since the movie was set in 1957) into a “rocket” that the robot SPINS around him, and that's when I snorted coffee up my nose, because: In Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, we visit the fabled city of ELDORADO that features a central obelisk (the masculine Id) about which SPINS some kind of alien UFO stargate?

The Erection

"The obelisk. The obelisk is the key?"

Indeed. Every key has a key hole, and this would be the spinning Eldorado, AKA the Holy Grail - the Divine Feminine.

Meanwhile, in the Ballroom of the Gateway Plaza hotel...

Here is hapless Deimos, the fallen angel from Class Comics, in an episode called “The Phallus Key” - which features our hero assaulted by wicked occult types who plug a golden phallus up his “divine feminine” in order to open a GATE to hell! (It must be said that the hell of Class Comics is full of brawny, super hung demons who are always fucking each other. Heaven or hell? You decide.)

If Hogarth were older, he would have undoubtably tried to have sex with the robot, which would be very Id-like, I think. When it comes to the Id, art is lovely and amusement park thrills are great, but sex sells. It is unfortunately true that you simply cannot get an accurate picture of the Id within the constraints of a PG rating.

Which brings me to Dom Orejudos' (AKA Etienne, Stephen) homoerotic classic that envisions sex with a giant robot - the porn version of the Iron Giant!

The Army is helpless!

Hunky student Moose McMacho builds a super robot in order to win the campus science fair. He unwittingly presses the “sex maniac” button when selecting the robot’s personality type, and soon the Id is running amok in the streets, fucking every ass in sight!

The dis-arming button

Id sees the Eldorado. AKA "booty".

We see that our hero, Meat Man has to surrender his ass to the Id in order to save the world. In the end, the robot is destroyed, but his phallus is firmly lodged within Moose. God, that’s just beautiful.

NOTE: Today has been a day of dazzling synchs, some are calling it a "synch storm". One personal example was that as I drove through town this afternoon, I saw a red '59 Cadillac Eldorado parked on the street, in mint condition. Of course, I didn't have a camera.


Devin said...

Thanks for yet another fascinating article Michael!!!!!!!!!!
Man-I have to get "ahold" of some of these comix:-)!!!!!!!
I think it is very interesting that you are having a bunch of synchs too- the 59 Caddy-especially in mint condition would be something of a rarity I would think (isn't that the one with the mega-fins?)
all the best to you and Var!!!!!
I hope you are having a great and "synchy" summer!!!!!! it looks like sunny Espana won the cup-I wonder if they riot over there like we do here sometimes if our team wins???!!!!

Michael said...

Thanks for the comment Devin. Yup, the '59 is the one with the largest fins. And yes, a very rare care these days.

Michael said...

Errr, I meant car. ;-)

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