Jul 30, 2010

Party On Uranus!

You know you’re crazy when every 'ting has heavy symbolic meaning. Like even this piece of shit. As I recently discovered, Uranus is the original Sky God, which to me is just another way of saying “deep and dark subconscious archetype”. The further out you go from the “sun” of consciousness, the deeper you go into Pluto/Hades.

It makes me wonder about human consciousness, and that perhaps we are literally expanding outwards into a “solar conscious system” of archetypal “Knowing”. We appear to be well on the way to Mars, and all that implies (Oh, the humanity!). I can’t help but want to skip ahead, maybe all the way to Uranus. When the solar light of human consciousness encompasses the entire solar system, then perhaps we will finally be home. And then, we can finally get this party started.


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