Jul 13, 2010

Britain Roles Out Their Own Foo Fighter

"Lord Vader, your ship is ready." Britain unveils its obviously 'Independence Day' UFO reverse-engineered killer flying drone.
Tired of not having their own manless killer plane, Britain just rolled out the $216 million Taranis, a flying deathbot drone named after the Celtic god of thunder.
"[The Taranis has] been dubbed the 'pinnacle' of British engineering and aeronautical design."
The pinnacle of British engineering, huh? I guess that's not too difficult seeing how the last pinnacle was the MG. Hoho -- burn! Kidding, I know you make Jaguars. Whoa whoa whoa -- you made DeLoreans too?! Well slap my ass and call me a Tardis. --Geekologie
Ha! I hope it doesn't use Lucas Electronics like my old MG: "If Lucas made guns, wars would not start." The aliens have nothing to fear.


Atlantean Times said...

Holy flying spaceboats batman...



Christopher Knowles said...

I look at that plane and think- we've not seen the beginning of the wars yet.

Michael said...

It makes me wonder just who they are afraid of. Certainly not the "straw man" terrorists.

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