Jul 28, 2010

Reptile Done Good

David de Rothschild and the Plastiki crew completed their voyage from San Francisco to Australia on July 26. I can’t help but see parallels to my recent “Junk DNA = Id” fetish. Here we have a man who is an heir to one of the most globally destructive and feared banking houses, with rumored ties to everything from the Illuminati to the Reptilians, riding a raft across the Pacific that is literally made of junk, in an attempt to raise global consciousness! In other words, God chooses His own prophets. Note the "red cap".
David de Rothschild... set out to raise awareness of our degradation of the oceans, to see and document the almost mythical swirl of detritus forming an 'island' in the Pacific, and to do this with a boat built almost entirely of recycled material. To sail across the Pacific from the US to Australia. He managed the crossing, despite some harsh weather, and judging from the media attention to his landfall in Sydney, he'll certainly achieve his goal of consciousness raising. Whether it will have any real impact on how we treat our oceans is impossible to judge today, one can only hope. His catamaran, Plastiki, incorporated tens of thousands of plastic bottles built into the hull as structural and flotation elements.
The boat has many other environmentally friendly adaptations, to wit, in the words of her creator: "The Plastiki was nothing if not ambitious. We wanted bicycles that would generate electricity, a hydroponic garden, water stills, vacuum de-salinators, a composting toilet, solar panels, wind turbines, regenerative electric propulsion, satellite communications and pretty much anything else that constituted an innovative sustainable “system”. She was to be a floating showroom of non-emitting futurist ideas that were simple, elegant and wholly attainable."

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