Jul 14, 2010

Double Rainbow All The Way!

The Rainbow (or Gay Pride) Flag was created by artist and vexillographer Gilbert Baker, a friend of the late Harvey Milk, in 1978. The flag debuted at the San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day Parade. While we queers like to think we “own” it, the symbol is shared by everything from leprechauns to unicorns, breakfast cereal to cartoons. A favorite with little girls, the rainbow is all things bright, cheerful, sunny and daffodils.

It is also the sign of global cataclysm and judgment. Yes, the rainbow has a dark side. Mythically, the rainbow is associated with the previous great human extinction event - the Flood. Something about unending wickedness, when even the Creator regretted making the race of men. A time perhaps much like our own?
The LORD saw how great man's wickedness on the earth had become, and that every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil all the time. The LORD was grieved that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was filled with pain. --Genesis 6:5-6

Kauhuhu, the Hawaiian shark God of Molokai, is also associated with rainbows and justice. Kauhuhu is one of those fierce archetypes who would sooner smite you than help you. But help you he will, as long as you leave your ego at the door... DOA. In this famous myth, the vain Chief Kupa murders the two sons of Kamalo, his high priest, for the sin of sacrilege against his temple. The priest seeks revenge against the chief, and he goes on a quest to find someone who will help him. He finds no one, all the priests of the various Gods are either indifferent to his suffering or fear Chief Kupa. Finally he meets the priest of Kauhuhu, who gives him at least a shred of hope. He meets the dragon guardians of the God, who become his allies, and they tell him to hide in the garbage, and wait for the eighth wave to break.
"Speak to Kauhuhu from there, but be quick."
Kamalo tells his story, and he finds a sympathetic audience in the Shark God. The God agrees to help him, and avenge the deaths of his sons.

"They would see a white cloud on the island of Lanai, unlike any they had seen before. When the cloud grew to cover the island, it would move against the wind until it reached the peaks above Mapulehu Valley. Then a great RAINBOW would reach across the valley and Kauhuhu would be there to mete out punishment and avenge Kamalo's sons."

Image from Island Tales.

As it turned out, Var and I did not go to the big gay pride parade in Seattle on Sunday, June 27, but instead popped up to La Conner to meet Eunus Noe (rhymes with Noah) at the Next Chapter bookstore and coffeehouse (See The Second Chapter of Acts). But no escaping rainbows that day, because he was staying with relatives on an island that happened to be spanned by the ‘Rainbow Bridge’!

Eunus was wearing a retro ’70’s jacket that day, pinging with the “Back to the Future” meme. He also “lost his sandal” during out meeting (one of his flip flops blew out). Jason (of the Argonauts), revenger of Hera (Mary, Gaia, Isis) also lost a sandal, and an oracle had warned (the unjust) King Pelias:
"Beware a stranger who wears but a single sandal."
The STRANGER is the local Seattle weekly rag, and that week was their annual Queer issue. Actually, every week is 'queer week' at the Stranger, being the home of Dan SAVAGE, but they really pull out all the stops during Pride Week. The Stranger decided to accept a rabidly homophobic ad from the KHM Families Foundation, the organ of Pastor Ken Hutcherson (former Seahawks linebacker, recently officiating at Rush Limbaugh's fourth traditional marriage between a man and woman). Sorry for all the backstory, because really I’m just focused on their line at the end of the ad:
Oh, by the way, God wants His rainbow back!
So I had a double rainbow that day, connected by the mythic Greek hero Jason and his single sandal. All three heroes, Noah, Jason and Kamalo, are associated with divine vengeance.

On July 6, Queen Elizabeth II made a strange peace offering at Ground Zero, and I wonder if it wasn’t a peace offering to Kauhuhu? No doubt the ceremony was all perfectly timed by the Queen’s astrologers. Being the figurehead of economic and political power - the oil drilling, ocean killing, profit taking, poverty making, brown man enslaving, earth destroying monster that it is - perhaps she was playing the part of Kupa, the unjust king - who knows the jig is up.
“Seven great waves would signal his approach, and he would arrive on the eighth.”
On July 8, Hungrybear9562 (Landshark 22?) gave his answer, as we all hid within the taro peelings. The double rainbow epiphany that was heard round the world. Rock on, Kauhuhu.


'Double Rainbow' is destined to become this summer's monster dance hit at the clubs. Lady Gaga will probably do a version and take it Platinum.


Christopher Knowles said...

I don't know if I'd equate Hera with Isis-part of Isis' appeal was that she wasn't a vengeful bitch like Hera/Juno. But I loves me some Honor Blackman.

But the dark side of the rainbow is an apropos place to ask you my question- what do you think of my theory that Christopher Nolan's films (excepting Inception, which I haven't seen) are all gay S/M-slash-domination narratives?

Michael said...

Hi Chris, personality wise they are certainly different, though they are both the wife of the head honcho in their respective pantheons, so in that way they are the same - the Queen of Heaven?

The only one I've studied is the Dark Knight, which is certainly showing the Joker as a vengeful homosexual. Which is perhaps a reflection of Mr. Nolan's own subconscious homoerotic desires and fears, but I can't really say.

I see he may be doing a new Superman film, almost hate to see where he takes that...

Great post on Individuation vs. the mass mind, BTW.

Christopher Knowles said...

Given how he shoots Guy Pearce in Memento, I'm not sure subconscious is the right word for it.


If you get a chance to see some more of his films I'd be interested in your thoughts.

Re: Isis- the Greeks identified her with Demeter, the Earth Mother. Juno comes more from that warrior sky god continuum that came in from the steppes. I think I'd equate Juno/Hera with Nut, at least in the original sense. Hera/Juno was seen as part of the old state cult later and no one much paid her mind once Isis and Cybele hit the scene. In Rome certainly Cybele took the place of Juno. Isis was always seen as degenerate and dangerously populist amongst the old families. There's as much Cybele in Mary as Isis, particularly the castrated priests in the frocks.

Michael said...

I'll keep an eye out for them, and thanks for the Goddess info. I have to say that I have a much tougher time differentiating the goddesses, go figure, uh? :-)

I do feel for Hera though. In AT theory, I wonder who she would be? Is she the original ape DNA who was "jilted" after the aliens/Sons of God combined their DNA with the apes? Just musing...

Christopher Knowles said...

Hera would be the suffering wife of the alpha male Anunaki leader, who was so testosterone-filled and domineering he had to fuck everything that crossed his path. Kind of like conquerors all through history. I see her more as Glenn Close or Blythe Danner than Honor Blackman though- hardcase, uptight, matriarchal. Isis would be like Penelope Cruz on Ecstasy- emotive, motherly rather than matronly.

Michael said...

Oh, that's perfect. The jilted wife left at home while Zeus fucked Europa. Or perhaps the wife of Odysseus.

Your description fits Katharine Hepburn to a T.

Christopher Knowles said...

Come to think of it, I'd cast Sophia Loren in her prime as Isis. For the name alone. Speaking of Hepburn, Cate Blanchett could probably pull off a Hera if she channeled her inner Hep again.

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