Jul 27, 2011

The Green Man Returns

Via Unrealized Fantasies. Maybe for not very much longer?

Jul 24, 2011

Hold On

Watched The Phantom Menace last night. My least favorite Star Wars film, but oddly synching again. Lots of duality symbolism.

On Naboo, the water dwellers and the surface dwellers form a “symbiotic relationship”, and if one is threatened then so is the other. Left and right brains, conscious and subconscious, ego and Id, male and female.

Pod Racers are crazy flying chariots that are pulled by two gigantic jet engines that are tethered together by an energy beam between them. Both engines must be working together properly, and there is a scene where Anakin almost loses it, but figures it out, ties the engines together, gets them both running, and passes everyone else to take the trophy.

The announcer(s) Fode and Beed, is/are two headed. "We have perfect, 911 weather today..."

I got an email today about a “pod” catamaran (twin hulls with a central steering pod) sailboat from Australia (Oz)! Then he sends another email called “The Missing Link”, because he forgot to include the link to the boat in the previous email. Quite obviously, this missing link is the tie between these two realms.

Walking the dogs we passed a “Hybrid” SUV and I finally got it like the proverbial 2x4. The H is the Divine Hermaphrodite. Venus and Mars, and where does earth sit? Right in the fucking middle.

On a personal level, I'm dealing with my inner feminine, or receptive, nature. Jodie taught me that you can't get the signal unless you're receptive. Senders and receivers, pitchers and catchers. Jodie also taught me that once you receive it, it takes a real man to stand up to your beliefs.

I dunno. It feels like a gate is open, or opening, right now, between these two realms. It’s scary, seeing our consciousness opened up like that, and I’m not exactly comfortable with the baby being born. Vampyres, Zombies, AI, Lady Gaga...

But you know, every human baby goes through a stage in the uterus where it resembles an ancestor. From single cell to multi-cell, fish, amphibian, reptile, ape, human. As our collective consciousness seems to be going through the same metamorphosis, it isn’t exactly a tidy process, this journey on a midnight train. I'm holding out a little bit longer...

Jul 23, 2011

My Holy Mountain

Exalt the LORD our God and worship at his holy mountain, for the LORD our God is holy. ~Psalm 99:9

And you will sing as on the night you celebrate a holy festival; your hearts will rejoice as when people playing pipes go up to the mountain of the LORD, to the Rock of Israel.
Size Matters

Mount Rainier is a massive stratovolcano located 54 miles (87 km) southeast of Seattle in the state of Washington, United States. It is the most topographically prominent mountain in the contiguous United States and the Cascade Volcanic Arc, with a summit elevation of 14,411 feet (4,392 m). Mt. Rainier is considered one of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, and it is on the Decade Volcano list.

The Mysterious 41, again

Mount Tahoma, an alternative spelling of Mount Tacoma, the original name of Mount Rainier in the Cascade Range.

I went from Phoenix, Arizona All the way to Tacoma Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A.

Kenneth A. Arnold (March 29, 1915 in Sebeka, Minnesota – January 16, 1984 in Bellevue, Washington was an American aviator and businessman. He is best-known for making what is generally considered the first widely reported unidentified flying object sighting in the United States, after claiming to have seen nine unusual objects flying in a chain near Mount Rainier, Washington on June 24, 1947. Arnold began Great Western Fire Control Supply in Boise, Idaho in 1940, a company that sold and installed fire suppression systems, a job that took him around the Pacific Northwest.

Diana? Or Pele.

We’re having a bit of a NW synchromystic confab coming up in Seattle this August, and I just wanted to take the opportunity to point out some of the scenery!

Jul 18, 2011

Contact 4 Dummies

I watched Contact this week, in honor of Var’s recent "pilgrimage" to the Very Large Array in New Mexico and I just wanted to jot down these syncs before the trail got too cold.

Contact is directed by Robert Zemeckis, who also directed Back to the Future. As we recall, the Flux Capacitor from the DeLorean time machine/stargate is shaped like the VLA:

Which... are both shaped like the Y chromosome. Spermotozoa = the “Contact Device”.

The Aliens count prime from 1 to 101. 101 is another way to write the H sign, which signifies two pillars flanking the divine feminine. The Contact Device is flanked by two gantries, or “pillars”. As is the Rose Window of both the Cathedral of Our Lady in Paris, and the former Twin Towers of Manhattan. The Twins flanked Liberty/Isis, who is also French, or really our Lady of Troy.

The logo of S. R. Hadden Corp. is the same thing, two pillars flanking the zero.

Steve Jobs, our actual “Hadden” or Lucifer, 44, uses the bitten apple for his logo. Hadden is played by William Hurt. Howard Hughes. HH, 88.

Though the Device is masculine in nature, Dr. Eleanor Arroway (Jodie Foster) is the one who goes for the ride. Her character is by far the most determined, egoic and no-nonsense (masculine) of them all, while her love interest is played by Matthew McConaughey. The double M in his name signifies Mary Magdalene, and he is certainly the more beautiful and sensitive one in this story (not my opinion, Ellie says so herself in the film), which gives us a man playing the “feminine” role and a woman playing the “masculine”. Arroway (the Bowman) makes contact with his/her mother/father, and finally “pierces” the heart of the Magdalena (Matthew) who finally believes that he/she really loves him/her. Got that?

The VLA visitor’s center has this fascinating sculpture of the concept, what I might call a tesseract (4th dimensional) box in the center of the contact/stargate device.

The VLA are essentially Very Large Ears, and we recall that the first thing it receives is an echo from the past, reflected back from Vega. What happened was that Hitler’s speech at the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games was the first transmission received at Vega, and they sent back a HIGHLY MAGNIFIED pulse right back. (I must say I remain extremely disappointed that the film did not feature Ellie wearing Disney mouse ears at one point).

In my first podcast interview with Look At All the Happy Creatures, Melissa asked me point blank about the concept of a reflective universe, that our consciousness was somehow reflected back onto us, and I replied “Well, I dunno, a cool theory” or something idiotic to that effect, but thinking about it more and more.

Very large ears remind me of elephants, and it’s strange because Dumbo, the elephant who could fly keeps zooming by. Dumbo isn’t a reference to his intelligence, but to his muteness. Dumbo is Harpocrates, AKA Harpo, Horus. His mother is Jumbo, also 747, the jumbo jet. Dumbo requires a magic feather in order to fly, in other words, a “belief system”.

Vega sent back a huge solar sign, AKA swastika. Varen came back with a big solar sign T-shirt.

Contact is very clear about the idea that what we actually come into contact with is an echo, or mirror, of ourselves. In Ellie’s altered state, she could literally touch the bubble of her consciousness with her finger. Ego meets Id, and it’s all love, Olive Oil + Pop Eye. Eat yer spinach.
"Jesus said, "If your leaders say to you, 'Look, the (Father's) kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the (Father's) kingdom is within you and it is outside you.” --Gospel of Thomas
Being the subversive I am that I yam, I'm wondering if this consciousness reflection activity has some kind of physical base station or something. You know, it’s like we’re all sending our thoughts upwards, but maybe they should be sent downward. Maybe the “impregnation of the earth” has a seriously more important meaning than just planting good corn crops?
As ye sow, so shall ye reap.
Is the giant collective consciousness reflection device actually buried deep in the center of the earth? I mean not ONLY figuratively, but literally? The buried treasure, the Pirate’s plunder, the Black Box, Kaaba, Cosmic Cube, Holy Grail. She’s buried within, and without. The literal and the figurative.


Notes: While I love both these films, my gut feeling is that unlike Contact and Back to the Future, the true "contact device" is "buried within" and so does not require much in the way of technology. All it really takes is a belief that it can exist. If that takes a Very Large Array, Aliens, Google and CERN to make it happen in the modern mind, than so be it. Personally, I'm going with duck tape, bailing wire and orgasms, but to each his own.

Jul 14, 2011

Carnal Rescue

On July 1, a King County Jury convicted Isaiah Kaleba of aggravated first-degree murder. On July 19, 2009, Kalebu, 25, savagely raped and attacked 39-year-old South Park resident Teresa Butz and her Lesbian fiancee for more than 90 minutes before he killed Butz and nearly killed the other woman. Against his lawyer’s wishes, Kalebu took the witness stand in his own defense to say why he attacked the Lesbian couple:
“I was there and I was told by my God, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, to attack my enemies”. I followed the instructions by God”.
I’ve spent a lot of time on Gosporn trying to integrate and interpret the bible in a more sex friendly way, because I’ve always been taught that there is only one Consciousness or God, and that God is the Jehovah as revealed in the Jewish Torah, or Old Testament. Not such an easy task, considering old Yah is basically “My way or hit the highway”, and His way is generally violent, bloody, vengeful, intolerant, racist, homophobic and misogynist. Not that there aren’t some diamonds to be gathered in the rough, but Jesus, its been some tough slogging.

However, considering the fact that crazy people always speak the truth, I’ve finally accepted the obvious: Yahweh is a psychopath. And who am I kidding? He truly, utterly, hates fags. We make his anger burn hot! He smites us with his fury, from the plains of Sodom to AIDS to South Park. I feel like the Gay Republican speech writer who finally realizes who he’s been apologizing for!

The thing is, gay men are all about the pleasures of the flesh, the carnal joy of experiencing a physical life. Vanity, lust, tattoos, disco dancing, man ass, pork tenderloin, shellfish, anything really tasty, Jehovah hates them all. Thing is, I’d be OK with that if Yah had any sense of “live and let live”, but he doesn’t. He’s all Live and Let Die:

God hates fags. What's a gay boy to do? Hmmm. Maybe the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
"Hi, Lucifer? Yea, it's Michael... been a while. We need to talk."

Jul 10, 2011

Cleared for Take-off

I attended the Arlington Fly-In this weekend, which was fun because I love everything about airplanes but also not so fun because like everything else, it's become just one more military recruitment venue. But what really hits my buttons are the planes from the 30’s, the barnstorming era. Those planes are just beautiful.

The Skagit Aero Education Museum had built a “barn” in order to display some small parts and such, and included was their pet project: "Help Bring Back the Bulldog - Missing Since 1932". Which was sort of strange, because I just “brought back the bulldog” last week, by rescuing Slippers, an off-leash bulldog we found wandering around the neighborhood. “Slippers” resonates the Ruby Slippers and also Cinderella, so heap big sync there.

Anyhoo, visiting an air show always reminds me of the Rocketeer. He was the guy who found the rocket pack (Graal) in the “Jenny”, strapped it on and tamed it, and saved the day. I did a crazy post about that film and how much it resonated for me here. The film even features a giant Bulldog in the form of the airport restaurant?

So yesterday I find this on my front page on Youtube:

Jul 8, 2011

Abaddon Rising

I was browsing at Half-Priced Books a few days ago and this title jumped out at me: Directive 51 by John Barnes:
Heather O'Grainne is the Assistant Secretary in the Office of Future Threat Assessment, investigating rumors surrounding something called "Daybreak." The group is diverse and radical, and its members have only one thing in common-their hatred for the "Big System" and their desire to take it down. Now, seemingly random events simultaneously occurring around the world are in fact connected as part of Daybreak's plan to destroy modern civilization-a plan that will eliminate America's top government personnel, leaving the nation no choice but to implement its emergency contingency program...Directive 51.
As usual, I side with the terrorists. It’s a real thing. Not the book, but the directive:
The National Security and Homeland Security Presidential Directive (National Security Presidential Directive NSPD 51/Homeland Security Presidential Directive HSPD-20, sometimes called simply "Executive Directive 51" for short), created and signed by United States President George W. Bush on May 4, 2007, is a Presidential Directive which claims power to execute procedures for continuity of the federal government in the event of a "catastrophic emergency". Such an emergency is construed as "any incident, regardless of location, that results in extraordinary levels of mass casualties, damage, or disruption severely affecting the U.S. population, infrastructure, environment, economy, or government functions."
51 is 3x17, the sacred death day of Osiris and the god of all that is good and green, and of course he’s married to Isis, the earth, Gaia, Terra. Our Homeland, Mom! GWB famously declared a “war on terra” and apparently he was serious. He was also a "Christian".

It makes me wonder if perhaps Osiris has his own “Directive 51” in place, for just such an emergency. He might even call it “Operation Daybreak”. When the most wicked and destructive force on the planet calls itself good, you just know it will manifest a worthy opponent, that’s the way dualism works. I’m in the process of throwing away my “turn the other cheek” bullshit. Yea, I know, not very Buddha nature of me. But fuck it. If Gaia dies, we all die, and the gods, even Jeebus, only live through us:
He lives! He lives! Christ Jesus lives today! He walks with me and talks with me along life's narrow way. He lives! He lives! Salvation to impart! You ask me how I know He lives? He lives within my heart.
I’ve decided to embrace my inner Abaddon. In this age, good guys wear black. I mean, not that I’m about to to go postal or something. But... something’s in the air. No more goody two shoes.
"You don't know the power of the dark side"
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