Jul 24, 2011

Hold On

Watched The Phantom Menace last night. My least favorite Star Wars film, but oddly synching again. Lots of duality symbolism.

On Naboo, the water dwellers and the surface dwellers form a “symbiotic relationship”, and if one is threatened then so is the other. Left and right brains, conscious and subconscious, ego and Id, male and female.

Pod Racers are crazy flying chariots that are pulled by two gigantic jet engines that are tethered together by an energy beam between them. Both engines must be working together properly, and there is a scene where Anakin almost loses it, but figures it out, ties the engines together, gets them both running, and passes everyone else to take the trophy.

The announcer(s) Fode and Beed, is/are two headed. "We have perfect, 911 weather today..."

I got an email today about a “pod” catamaran (twin hulls with a central steering pod) sailboat from Australia (Oz)! Then he sends another email called “The Missing Link”, because he forgot to include the link to the boat in the previous email. Quite obviously, this missing link is the tie between these two realms.

Walking the dogs we passed a “Hybrid” SUV and I finally got it like the proverbial 2x4. The H is the Divine Hermaphrodite. Venus and Mars, and where does earth sit? Right in the fucking middle.

On a personal level, I'm dealing with my inner feminine, or receptive, nature. Jodie taught me that you can't get the signal unless you're receptive. Senders and receivers, pitchers and catchers. Jodie also taught me that once you receive it, it takes a real man to stand up to your beliefs.

I dunno. It feels like a gate is open, or opening, right now, between these two realms. It’s scary, seeing our consciousness opened up like that, and I’m not exactly comfortable with the baby being born. Vampyres, Zombies, AI, Lady Gaga...

But you know, every human baby goes through a stage in the uterus where it resembles an ancestor. From single cell to multi-cell, fish, amphibian, reptile, ape, human. As our collective consciousness seems to be going through the same metamorphosis, it isn’t exactly a tidy process, this journey on a midnight train. I'm holding out a little bit longer...


Christopher Darrin Horn said...

Interesting! Brings to mind, that King David and Goliath were cousins: King David
. Really enjoy reading your blog.

Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

Paul Laffoley (Joker?), architect who worked on the Twin Towers, on his plan to put 17 bridges between the Twins:

Devin said...

You are so right about Phantom Menace -after seeing this uhh 'gem' I didnt even bother with the next one. I wanted to kill Jar Jar Binks and I am a very wimpy person:-)
I think the only reason I even watched any of the Star Wars movies after 1980 was that the movie caused my unconscious to be reminded of simpler times-not necessarily better -just easier:-)
I so enjoy how you 'weld' things you encounter in your everyday life and thoughts to these mind bending subjects!!
I have been thinking that since summer started (well that is in May here haha) that there were some crazy 'energies' or (gates might indeed be a better term) afoot in the land and all over the globe. It has been very hard for me to say exactly what I think is going on but 2011 has been a weird ass year judging from what I have seen and what people are writing on blogs and discussion forums.

also I hadnt thought of Journey since high school and starting about a week ago I saw a reference to the group (I had forgotten all about them ) and your post here is now the third time "Journey" (the music or the theme I wonder:-) has come up on a blog/forum!
Great post as always my friend and I hope you and Var are doing great!!

Michael said...

Jar Jar is the Joker, we're supposed to hate him. However, if you watch the 3 movies carefully, Jar Jar plays the catalyst for change. He's the accidental Fool, the one who drops the spanner and inadvertently saves the show.

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