Jan 5, 2012

Sirius Radio

Var and I watched Best In Show on New Years Eve. It's a 'mocumentary' about the fictional Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show in Philadelphia ("where the dogs are the stars"), the winning pooch is a Norwich Terrier named Winky.

Christopher Guest's character is Harlan Pepper, a good ol' southern boy who is showing Hubert, the bloodhound. He talks about how Hubert is telepathic, and later we see Harlan taking up ventriloquism, the art of "throwing your voice". We see Harlan explaining the ancient roots of ventriloquism with an Egyptian hieroglyph showing an Egyptian holding an Egyptian "dummy". Harlan is a shitty ventriloquist - we can see his lips move.

Osiris is an Egyptian god, who is associated with Sirius - the dog star. Some say Osiris was an alien, and aliens are usually telepathic. I began musing about telepathic messages from the gods of Sirius, delivered through the medium of our subconscious - dreams and visions. P. K. Dick called it VALIS, and likened it to telepathic communication from an orbiting satellite. I began thinking of the moon as the satellite dish of Sirius - a transmitter - that's no moon...

I had all these ideas and odd dreams that night, about getting a message from Sirius. I saw an image of an Egyptian god for a few seconds - very clearly. Just as that idea comes into my head, Oliver the Oz-tralian terrier jumps off the bed and pukes on the carpet? So... I remember it, because Oliver woke me up right then, delivering his "message".

And this is where it gets kind of weird. Next day, new years day, we are walking the dogs down by the lake, by a parking lot, and this woman and her husband comes rushing out of their BMW to inquire all about our dogs, gushing about how cute they are: "What breed are they? Who's your vet? Do you know a good dog sitter?" So it turns out she's a recent import from PHILADELPHIA, and the reason she is asking all these questions is because she's soon to be getting a NORWICH TERRIER that she calls her new 'baby', and she wants everything to be prepared for its imminent arrival!?

Driving back home, we follow another BMW with MFALCON plates. That would be the Millennium Falcon, or the Aeon of Horus. Sometimes, I can see your lips moving, Osiris.



Alan (the Green Man) at Happy Creatures has been having Sirius syncs too.

Hubert is a Germanic given name, from hug "mind" and beraht "bright". It also occurs as a surname, possibly derived from "Houber's son" or "(son) of Heber" or simply "Heberite".

The Millennium Falcon sports a large and prominent, quite vulnerable, reflector dish. Long-time readers of this blog already know my opinion on what is the true "reflector dish". The Falcon is piloted by Han(d) Solo, for a reason.

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