Oct 30, 2007

The Quest, Part III

The Prize

Forbidden Planet

"In the early 2200s, the United Planets Cruiser C-57D is sent to the planet Altair IV in the Altair star system to find out what happened to the Bellerophon expedition, sent out some twenty years earlier. The Krell are the long-extinct natives of the planet Altair IV. They had possessed a technology far in advance of that of the humans, but had all died 200,000 years before in one mysterious night of destruction.

The underground Krell facilities includes an underground machine in the shape of a cube 20 miles square, powered by 9200 thermonuclear reactors. The huge machine was designed to let the Krell materialize anything they wanted at a mere thought."

"But the Krell forgot one thing - Monsters John! Monsters from the id!"

Though the Krell considered themselves civilized, their subconscious minds were unleashed by the almost limitless power of the Machine. With this information, the Commander deduces that the race was wiped out in a single night of frenzied destruction, as the machine acted out their darkest urges.

In Lord of the Rings, the Dwarves of Mooria dug too deep, and found something - which unleashed the Balrog. Did the dwarves discover the Krellian cube, and was the Balrog the manifestation of their subconscious demons?

Babylon 5: "It was the dawn of the third age of mankind"

"Epsilon III served as home not only to Babylon 5, but also to an enigmatic race of ancients, whose name is still unknown (Nephilim?). They departed the planet long before Babylon 5 was built, but they left their machines behind. The "Great Machine" is the name for a subterranean mechanism which has enormous power. This machine has been observed not only defending the planet with powerful energy weapons, but also allowing users to remotely view far away locations such as star systems, as well as creating and controlling time fields. The machine was thought to be able to destroy the entire planet if it destabilized. Additionally, the machine is controlled by a single individual, who is bonded to it both physically and mentally."

Hello, is there an echo in here?

"The plot of the novel Foucault's Pendulum by Umberto Eco revolves around search for the Ombilicus Mundi (Latin: The Navel of the World), the mystic Center of The Earth which is supposed to be a certain point from were a person could control the energies and shapes of the earth thus reforming it at will. The novel takes this even further by suggesting that monuments like the Eiffel Tower are nothing more than giant antenna to catalyze these energies."

To sum up: A great underground cuboid machine of primordial alien origin that turns a man into a god, commanding (nearly) unlimited energy, manifesting thought into reality, controlling even time itself. The price of this pearl keeps growing! The power comes from the great polar energy torus (Telluric currents) surrounding a planetary "body" (Gaia, Isis, Mother Earth). The machine (the sword in the stone) can be operated only by one "pure of heart", because otherwise, the id monsters descend. You'd have to be practically perfect!

Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. --Matthew 5:48

What DID the Templars find, digging around beneath the ruined temple? Was it a piece of the mechanism, with perhaps an encoded map and/or operations manual? Perhaps they became pirates and explorers in order to find their "buried treasure" - X marks the spot. Maybe they became versed in all manner of scientific and arcane knowledge, to create the technology that would make the machine function. And maybe, to keep their secret, they shrouded the artifact in romantic allusion.

In the bible, Jesus is called "the bridegroom", and I'm starting to think, he is the one betrothed to the Cube. The Second Morning Star, Lucifer's replacement. He "plugs" in and becomes the Light of the World. Unfortunately, the Neo-Templars have another light bulb planned for that socket, their Once and Future King. Destruction of Atlantis, take 3! Roll 'em!

But when ye see the abomination of desolation standing where he ought not (let him that readeth understand), then let them that are in Judaea flee unto the mountains --Mark 13:14

Oct 28, 2007

New Hermes?

Our man in London (Ben Fairhall) is the eye in the sky concerning the alignments of stars, so I'm a bit shocked that I scooped him on this. Or maybe I'm so far behind I think I'm ahead.

David Beckham. Hmmmm. Moves to the City of Angels, city shortly bursts into flame. Comet "Holmes" bursts into flame. Hermes = famous Parisian fragrance. Beckham "Crest" is dead ringer for the Mercury (Hermes) element sign.

Nice Templar ring.

"Flame On!"

Who needs mushrooms? I think the internet is "New Mushroom". I don't know, it's just an instinct.

Oct 26, 2007

The Quest, Part II

The Crime


"I will ascend to Heaven; I will raise my throne above the stars of God; I will sit enthroned on the mount of assembly, on the utmost heights of the sacred mountain. I will ascend above the tops of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High." --Isaiah 14:12-14

And there was war in heaven. Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. But he was not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven. --Rev 12:7-8

The Great War is often alluded to in sci-fi and fantasy - not World War I, the War in Heaven - the big one. Dr. Who is said to be the sole survivor among the losers of this primordial war, and Superman is also the sole survivor of an ancient disaster/folly - I wonder if they knew each other? Star Wars presents itself as the official record - though it was apparently derived from even more ancient texts - Frank Herbert's Dune. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings ads to the lore, all of which, I believe, are facets of the same diamond - the telling of a great tale through allegory and symbols.

If there was a war, then what were they warring about? Wealth and power? Yes, most certainly, but it was also about something far more personal... it was a war over a woman. In Eastern custom, a high-born woman comes with a dowery... she will make her husband rich. That's why Aladdin's Jasmine is courted so rigorously by her suiters. However this war wasn't fought over just any woman - It was fought over the Ring, the Cube, the Rose, the Grail, the Vortex, the Engine, the Howling Black Hole of the primordial torus. The original Jewish Princess... the pearl of great price.

Vulcan star cruiser. No symbolism here folks, please move along...

The awesome power of a black hole is feminine in nature, and we see the Vulcans use a "contained" black hole as motive warp power in their star ships. "The great sucking sound" is the power of the infinite vacuum, and its interesting that the vacuum has become the symbolic feminine appliance, while the accursed leaf blower is the masculine equivalent.

Mega Maid - Rosie the Robot - writ large.

This woman is indeed rich - the ultimate source of all power in the universe. It is said that behind every successful man is a woman, and perhaps this is truer than ever at the top.

Lucifer desired this power, but unfortunately - this "trophy wife" was already taken - the consort of his father. And so a plot was hatched and a plan was made and oaths were said. A plan of such "Satanic" subtlety and cleverness that Lucifer, the cosmic space pirate, convinced a third of the angels to come along, no doubt promising to share the "booty".

Lucifer is Paris (the City of Light), who coveted Helen - the face that launched a thousand (star) ships. In Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, the Grail was said be hidden "under" Paris.

In 2 Samuel, King David is plotted against by his son Absalom - and thousands of Israelite troops follow him. Absalom inherited his father's good looks (David wasn't just handsome, he was fall in love at first sight handsome), but was said to be rather vain, especially about his long flowing hair. We can see Lucifer's legendary vanity acting through Absalom, and it is his hair that finally catches him up.

We even get this tasty bit:

So they spread Absalom a tent upon the top of the house; and Absalom went in unto his father's concubines in the sight of all Israel. --2 Samuel 16:22

Ouch. So we see Lucifer encoded in Absalom, and also another Greek myth - Oedipus Rex - the man who murdered his father and married his mother. Indeed - all the Greek gods murder their fathers to ascend the throne.

My dad's house is bigger than your dad's house.

From Wikipedia: "Tyrell polarizing his office window." Included for gratuitous goose bumplings, only.

In Bladerunner, we see the murderer and seducer split into two persons - the Replicant (human being) Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer) murders his father Tyrell (the "Creator" in the pyramid - note the "ll" in the name) while grail-questing space pirate Harrison Ford (rebel angel) takes the consort (Rachael) as his own.

In Lord of the Rings, the story line begins with the first great war for Middle Earth. Sauron (creator, master and rightful wearer of the ring) is severed from his ring (and finger) by the sword of King Aragorn I. We know the ring is allegory for the Grail, which is the divine feminine. The Ring doesn't fit around a finger, it fits around a phallus - the "Ring of Power" is a cock ring. We can see Lucifer encoded here as well, and his rap sheet grows - castration. (Is it just me, or is Lord of the Rings a total hair fest?)

I turn the great myths upside down and shake them out, because I think of them as suspect witnesses to history. All these myths have an agenda, and what I'm coming to learn, is that at their center, they all claim the Grail. Well, as we learned in Highlander - "In the end, there can be only one".

I figure the great myths are all generally "true", but some, especially the recent Hollywood revisions, are more like a Vulcan lie - true by the letter, but not by intent.

"So what I said was true, from a certain point of view." --Obi Wan Kenobi

Which is the heart of any good detective story. A crime was committed, and the usual suspects all have their story. As synchromystic detectives, it's up to us to "divine" the truth from the lies - and oddly enough, it is the "spirit" that guides us.

Oct 25, 2007

The Double H Ranch

Francesco and his golden jockstrap.

My thing for twins grows. Read Twin Towers for a recap.

Goro Adachi hit so many nerves in his recent post: 'The St. Anthony Code' that the synchromystic mob is still reeling. Among many subjects, he details the symbolic elements of the collapse of the twin bridges in the Twin Cities, and I paid particular attention. Twin bridges, twin towers...

Joined at the hip?

On 6/16 I wrote: "Before the Twin Towers in NYC were destroyed, another pair were built in the East - the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Erected in 1998, these towers were briefly the tallest buildings in the world".

Twins bridging the narrow way.

The Minnesota bridges collapsed on August 1, and I was reminded of another pair of twin bridges - the Tacoma Narrows - completed on July 15. An emerging pattern? I don't know what it means, but it means something.

The Petronus Towers form a pronounced H. When I look at the Narrows Bridge uprights, I see connecting structure - an H. I have a lot of personal syncs about this, perhaps the oddest one being that my hubby and I both have Double H baseball caps (a long story).

And today I finally noticed the insignia of the Hot House gay porn studio - the House of Francesco. (HH, orange, sun rays, diamond). My head hurts.

Oct 24, 2007

The Quest

Since the post on Riverworld, I've become fascinated with the concept of "Commodius vicus":

"Commodius vicus" refers to Giambattista Vico (1668-1744). Vico believed in a theory of cyclical history. He believed that the world was coming to the end of the last of three ages, these being the age of gods, the age of heroes, and the age of humans.

The age of gods, the age of heroes, and the age of humans.

There is a story repeating, in symbolic and fractal nature, over and over, in past ages and in our own, sometimes acted out in eons, or in centuries, decades, and as we approach the end of this Age, even days and hours. Our spirits sense this, which is why we're drawn to the stories, and to their interpreters.

I believe this is because our spirits were "literally" present in these previous ages, and played out roles in this (so-called) never ending story. That's why we sit through endless re-runs, and why Hollywood makes endless re-makes. We "identify" with the characters, over and over again. Damn right - you ARE a character. And your spirit is the actor.

You were a god, and then a hero, and now finally, a human. A descending scale, so to speak.

Why ARE we grand and immortal spirits experiencing this rather less than heavenly experience? Because a crime has been committed, and YOU my friend, are cast as the sleuth. There's a reason Agatha "Christi" was so popular - "Hercules" Poirot indeed. Watson, the game is afoot!

More to come, I'm on a roll.

Oct 22, 2007

Blinded By The Light

Hoi Palloi's recent post at Sabrina's Journey mentions the upcoming movie 'The Martian Child', starring John Cusak. "The story is as follows: A science fiction writer adopts a child who claims to be a Martian. The child lives in a box and refuses to come out; he always wears sunglasses." In the same week, A Kean Eye's spotted the Templar themed Australian Aria Awards - sponsored by Ray-Ban.

I'll Ignore the "cosmic cube" and the "coming out" aspects for now, and focus on what's right in front of me... the sunglasses.

Tom Cruise burst seemingly overnight and fully-formed (like Venus) into Hollywood stardom in 1983's 'Risky Business'. Tom plays Joel Goodsen (good son, godsend?) and his role is memorable for two reasons: his nearly naked air guitar lip-sync of Bob Seger's 'Old Time Rock And Roll', and his iconic Ray-Ban Wayfarers.

Sunglasses have indeed become 'iconic' in our culture, and the stars wear them constantly, as if to protect themselves from each other's brilliance.

Icon: a painting of Jesus Christ or another holy figure, typically in a traditional style on wood, venerated and used as an aid to devotion in the Byzantine and other Eastern Churches.

Over the past 50 years, the sun has increasingly appeared as a menace. From skin cancer to global warming and all its ramifications, we're taught to fear the sun. We've slowly gone from sun worship to sun loathing. We shield ourselves with ray banning equipment and SPF 30 sunblock. We even have secret chem-trail operations that appear to be enveloping the world in a sun-proof cocoon. Safety first.

Grey aliens look like they're wearing sunglasses, or maybe sunglasses wearing humans look like grey aliens. Some have mused that grey aliens aren't as alien as commonly depicted - and may come from inner - rather than outer - space. Consider a creature adopted for subterranean living, and a short, light-sensitive golem with no skin melanin makes some sense. Rumors of underground alien bases compound the mystery.

In Childhood's End, Arthur C. Clarke envisions the Overlords: beings resembling the traditional human folklore image of demons: bipeds with large wings, horned heads, and tails. The Overlords are taller than humans and of proportionally more massive bodies covered with a hard, black armor shell. They are greatly photosensitive to yellow sunlight, because they are from a planet with a dimmer light spectrum.

Back in my college daze, the Ray-Ban brand wasn't the most highly coveted status symbol - we all wanted Vuarnet. Note the logo. Venus in the London Undergound?

Alchemy of the Cosmic Egg

Oakley Sunglasses uses the divine "O" as it's corporate symbol, and its corporate headquarters in Orange County at "1 Icon" pretty much say it all.

Enter the Star Gate

It's a place of reinforced blast walls, product torture chambers and the padded cells of mad science. Oakley’s design bunker is where inventions are conceived, developed, perfected and manufactured. ...the hidden catacombs of research labs and proving grounds... (sounds cozy - M)

Rosslyn, err... Oakley Chapel. Nice fan.

An epic project with precision in every detail, the structure reflects Oakley’s approach to invention. Exterior architecture signifies a stronghold, a fortress to bunker the triumphs of patented innovation. Authentically Oakley, the colossal entrance is a portal beyond the ordinary and a doorway to possibility. Built on a hilltop to rise above convention...

Modern sunglasses are based upon "polarizing" technology. The poles - gateways to the inner earth? See Holy Donuts for more on pole-centered torus energy fields. Pole dancing, anyone?


Blues Brothers John Belushi and Dan Akroyd on a 'Mission from God'.

Holly Golightly - dining on diamonds in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

The future's so bright, he's gotta wear shades.

Oct 21, 2007

JK Rowling Says Dumbledore is Gay

Albus and his grail

Ummm. Somehow, I have a good/bad feeling about this. What would Dumbledore do?

Oct 20, 2007

The Stuff of Heroes

Last year I rented Surge of Power - a very low-budget gay pic that I stumbled upon while browsing aimlessly on purpose at Blockbuster Video. It's a campy little movie that parodies comic book super heroes written, produced and starring Vincent J. Roth. It's not particularly good (most would say awful) but it pegged my archetype reader meter, and looking back now, even more so.

The main character is a gay man who loves comic books - he and his friends are all 'graphic novel' geeks, and we even get a little soap box speech from one of them defending the genre. A freak lab accident gives our hero super powers, but its not the plot that is so interesting to me, it's the details...

Out of the Blue (cool logo)

Surge's "battle suit" is all sky blue, and at the time I thought the suit was kinda bland for a gay super hero - I would have expected flaming gold lamé and rhinestones. But considering the flurry of blue posts in the blogosphere, especially Adam's encyclopedic documentation at Inside the Cosmic Cube, maybe the costume fits.

Surge's power is a build up of energy that is suddenly released. Ahem. He sprays white, sticky goo on the bad guys - which immobilizes them. I've read enough about "tantric sex magick" to suspect that an orgasm, properly channeled, really IS the ultimate power in the universe.

At one point, our hero is seen wearing a red star necklace, and a shirt with the number 66 displayed. Executive Order 66 is the command given by the Sith (Seth?) emperor to destroy the Jedi Knights/Knights Templar in Star Wars III.

Both hero and villain's power comes from the same source, the very same lab accident. Hmmm.

Both villain and hero have the same weakness: dance music. It renders them powerless! OK, lets consider how many movies where I've seen a sexy dance scene totally hypnotize the king/merchant/crime lord/hero/villain? Why IS the go-go dancer the god of any hot gay review?

The hero gets a phone call from his dad, who asks how "the fruit of my loins" is doing, hehe. Errr... fruits, first fruits?

My Hero (on the right)

Perhaps the most amazing thing to me is that the hero "talks" to Jesus. He has a little Jesus statue in his bedroom, and he chats to it like it can hear him. This blue fag super hero who shoots orgasm loads at bad guys has a "personal" Jesus, and it's presented without even a hint of sly mocking. I think I fucking cried.


The Jesus statue has a red cape, not the traditional blue. Amanita or Psilocybin, what's your poison?

Blogger spell check suggested "honeylocust" for "Psylocyben"(sic). I just can't get away from the bee thing this week.

The movie features cameos by Lou Ferrigno (the Incredible Hulk and queer muscle icon) and Nichelle Nicholes (Star Trek's Lieutenant Uruha. According to her bio, she sang at the 'Blue Angels Club' in New York)

My dad's high school mascot was the 'Blue Devil'. Wouldn't ya know.

Oct 19, 2007

Gimme More

It's official: Britney Spears has ascended to 'Diva', and at such an early age.

A gay diva must certainly be a star, but even more importantly, her personal life must be a train wreck. It's only the fallen star that we really worship. Let everyone trash her, from the media to ex-friends to ex-husbands, and then - FINALLY - the eunuch protector gene kicks in, and we take her under our wing.

A virgin goddess on a pedestal is as interesting to queers as a sack of potatoes. But knock her off, roll her around in the dirt, even crucify her, and we can't help but raise her up again. And risen again, she's actually worth something - perfected by her suffering.

In bringing many sons to glory, it was fitting that God, for whom and through whom everything exists, should make the author of their salvation perfect through suffering. --Hebrews 2:10

Chris Crocker got the ball rolling with his (in)famous "Leave Britney Alone". Then porn supernova Francois Sagat sold more toothpaste in 54 seconds than a thousand hours of Colgate commercials with his lip-sync of 'Gimme More' and his mouth full of "white" (Jem'Hadar pun intended). Soon to follow were Steve Cruz and RJ Danvers doing their own takes on a gay man's never-ending quest for the Holy Grail: More cock.

Which is what a gay diva really is: a gay man in drag, saying out loud what he really wants.

Oct 16, 2007


Franz Anton Mesmer (May 23, 1734 – March 5, 1815) discovered 'magnétisme animal' (animal magnetism) which others often called 'mesmerism'. The evolution of Mesmer's ideas and practices led James Braid (1795-1860) to develop hypnosis in 1842.

I was sent to Fort Lauderdale in early November of 2005. The city was just barely recovering from Hurricane Wilma, and I was reminded how quickly the 'First World' glow comes off a place. My day were full, but I was left to my own devices in the evening - so naturally - head for the gay bars! Unfortunately, most of them were closed due to electrical blackout, but I did find one still open.

I entered Club Cathode Ray with few expectations. I'm well past forty, and nobody talks to anyone over forty unless they're a drug dealer. But I did expect a show - Florida's beefcake is some of the finest - and I wasn't disappointed. Perched on a bar stool nursing my beer, I marveled as one well-muscled body after another strutted by. The club is a video bar - dozens of screens all pumping out the same image, the same beat, the same song. For a while I resisted, but it feels good to go with the flow. Everyone moving to the same signal, the image becomes stronger than reality.

Between the video, the beer and the boys, my consciousness sank into another place - a receptive mood. First up was Faith Evans - Mesmerized. Gay bars are special places, with special dance mixes. We get the good shit. On MTV this video is lackluster, but the dance mix is something else - something else entirely. I saw it so clearly...

Faith had become a high priestess, calling the acolytes to worship. Her stage is a Greco-Roman temple, and the four muses do dance before her. Above her is the white light of Lucifer, flashing it's radiant neon sign. Behind her... what the hell IS that behind her? A golden idol? The temple prostitutes dance, and suddenly I'm in Babylon - 2005 BC.

Then the credits - the Freemasons Edit. My eyes bug out, and I furtively glance around the ersatz Temple of Marduk, wondering if anyone else had seen it. But no one had.

Video: Faith Evans - Mesmerized

Oct 9, 2007

Dive Bombers

The Ordo Templi Orientis logo is gracing today's post 'Angel of the Morning' from the Wrong Way Wiz - note the dive bombing dove. It occurs to me that I've seen that crazy bird before... a long time ago in a galaxy far away.

Insignia of The Rebel Alliance

Their captain and his mark

Dive bombing rebels on a suicide run

More kamikaze dive bombers - Torah! Torah! Torah!

Ahura Mazda, the transcendental god of Zoroastrianism. The Oriental Temple indeed.

Frankly, I've had enough of suicide bombers, death wish angels and eternally dying gods. I choose life, please.

Oct 6, 2007

Blue Dreams

It was nearly dusk, and I was inside a small lakeside cabin - hurriedly packing. The news had hit a few hours ago - aliens were invading the earth, and everyone who could was advised to head for the hills. I was nearly finished packing the car, when the UFO's came into view - fast and silent. 
There were several of them - classic saucers, about 50 yards in diameter and colored red, and one came down to hover over a neighbors house, and then one came down over mine. I had nowhere to run, and as the inevitable was about to occur, I was strangely at peace. The UFO briefly hovered over the house and then soon departed, but it had left me with a sense of all-pervading well-being, and blue skin! I got the sense that the good feeling would remain, and the blue skin was the sign of it. --Dream, 8/11

So... what's up with blue skin?

Blue Meany of Pepperland
Blue Boy's Town
Smurfs: Short, blue, identical peasant males who live in mushroom-shaped homes. In other words, anarcho/syndicalist gay clones who live an activated pineal gland lifestyle (commie pinko pot-smoking fags). See the Smurfunest Manifesto. 'Smurf' is a made up word that mean 'salt'. The 'salt' in Pepper Land?

Blue Shiva
Blue Genie
The Adventures of Rex: a homoerotic fantasy by Richard Jasper in which a closeted baseball player is transported by a magician to another dimension called 'Albion'. The magician changes the baseball player into his "alter ego" in the Albion dimension, which happens to be a big, blue, handsome and hung ogre.
Blue honey: When psilocybin mushrooms are stored in honey (used as a preservative), the honey turns blue. Bluishness is the sign of a psilocybin mushroom.

From futurist Syd Mead:

Amanita mushroom evoking landing craft.
Blue saucers, mushroom, jellyfish, cherubim?

Blue Genes

Bee 4 and After

All the recent buzz about bees got me to remembering my college daze - so today I rummaged around in my old photos box and found this gem: Wendy and I at the Kappa Sig Pledge Dance in '81. The costume was her idea.

A drone and his Queen

I was a popular date with coed virgins - of which there were still a few back in the day.

Forsaking my first love?

More rummaging. Here I am in all my eighties glory - teal sweater, button-down, 501's and G&T. This was the '82 Spring Cruise, so by then I was rapidly coming out, but not yet to my frat brothers. I have no recollection about the girl, I probably ditched her as soon as possible to go out to the bars.

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