Oct 24, 2007

The Quest

Since the post on Riverworld, I've become fascinated with the concept of "Commodius vicus":

"Commodius vicus" refers to Giambattista Vico (1668-1744). Vico believed in a theory of cyclical history. He believed that the world was coming to the end of the last of three ages, these being the age of gods, the age of heroes, and the age of humans.

The age of gods, the age of heroes, and the age of humans.

There is a story repeating, in symbolic and fractal nature, over and over, in past ages and in our own, sometimes acted out in eons, or in centuries, decades, and as we approach the end of this Age, even days and hours. Our spirits sense this, which is why we're drawn to the stories, and to their interpreters.

I believe this is because our spirits were "literally" present in these previous ages, and played out roles in this (so-called) never ending story. That's why we sit through endless re-runs, and why Hollywood makes endless re-makes. We "identify" with the characters, over and over again. Damn right - you ARE a character. And your spirit is the actor.

You were a god, and then a hero, and now finally, a human. A descending scale, so to speak.

Why ARE we grand and immortal spirits experiencing this rather less than heavenly experience? Because a crime has been committed, and YOU my friend, are cast as the sleuth. There's a reason Agatha "Christi" was so popular - "Hercules" Poirot indeed. Watson, the game is afoot!

More to come, I'm on a roll.


Joshua said...

You are undoubtedly on a roll.

I have often thought..
that we have lived this life many, many times.
We have lived the hero life many , many times.
We have lived the God life many, many times.

I believe too that we are living them all at once.

Adam Star said...

Yes yes yes, your antenna seems so finely tuned to me. Nature of course is cyclical. Is the quality of time mutable? It is after all relative to the movement of light, the defining (devining?) principle.

JB said...

Well, I personally believe, or rather actually REMEMBER, being the Divine Achilles 3,200 years ago. And all of the events of my life, including my own modern birth name, attest to this. So that's my "hero" past life.

And if PKD is right about the Plasmate theory, then I would also have been Prometheus at some point, which would have been my "god" phase I imagine.

kean said...

keep rollin down the synchromystic highway!

oh and fyi - your link to sabrinas journey has been broken for quite some time

Atlantean Times said...

hi there,

Im in the process of going through your site gos... class so far...

Wasnt Vico the dude in the painting in ghostbusters.......I must research the real vico now it never stops.....

I was reading recently that men seem to really enjoy vacuming...apparently it's kind of addiction for men who give it a go.... I even saw these pictures of the featured mens vacume collections...very strange behavior that you may have just put in to context.....

nice work gos I look forward to reading through the rest of your site and your future articles....gav

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