Oct 21, 2007

JK Rowling Says Dumbledore is Gay

Albus and his grail

Ummm. Somehow, I have a good/bad feeling about this. What would Dumbledore do?


Adam Star said...

Dumbledore rules. I've been thinking about this as well and I think it is an interesting aspect of this Merlin/Gandalf/Obi-Wan?Hermes. I doubt that I'm alone in seeing a great deal of homosexual subtext in "The Lord of the Rings". Thinking of Hogwarts (note the pig symbolism, Francis Bacon and beyond) as an Invisible College, I find the allegorical aspects fascinating, especially so as there is such immediate, terrestrial significance to issues of intolerance. Great work! Long live the spirit of Dumbledore.

kean said...

"The future written on the back of a fag pack"

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