Oct 20, 2007

The Stuff of Heroes

Last year I rented Surge of Power - a very low-budget gay pic that I stumbled upon while browsing aimlessly on purpose at Blockbuster Video. It's a campy little movie that parodies comic book super heroes written, produced and starring Vincent J. Roth. It's not particularly good (most would say awful) but it pegged my archetype reader meter, and looking back now, even more so.

The main character is a gay man who loves comic books - he and his friends are all 'graphic novel' geeks, and we even get a little soap box speech from one of them defending the genre. A freak lab accident gives our hero super powers, but its not the plot that is so interesting to me, it's the details...

Out of the Blue (cool logo)

Surge's "battle suit" is all sky blue, and at the time I thought the suit was kinda bland for a gay super hero - I would have expected flaming gold lamé and rhinestones. But considering the flurry of blue posts in the blogosphere, especially Adam's encyclopedic documentation at Inside the Cosmic Cube, maybe the costume fits.

Surge's power is a build up of energy that is suddenly released. Ahem. He sprays white, sticky goo on the bad guys - which immobilizes them. I've read enough about "tantric sex magick" to suspect that an orgasm, properly channeled, really IS the ultimate power in the universe.

At one point, our hero is seen wearing a red star necklace, and a shirt with the number 66 displayed. Executive Order 66 is the command given by the Sith (Seth?) emperor to destroy the Jedi Knights/Knights Templar in Star Wars III.

Both hero and villain's power comes from the same source, the very same lab accident. Hmmm.

Both villain and hero have the same weakness: dance music. It renders them powerless! OK, lets consider how many movies where I've seen a sexy dance scene totally hypnotize the king/merchant/crime lord/hero/villain? Why IS the go-go dancer the god of any hot gay review?

The hero gets a phone call from his dad, who asks how "the fruit of my loins" is doing, hehe. Errr... fruits, first fruits?

My Hero (on the right)

Perhaps the most amazing thing to me is that the hero "talks" to Jesus. He has a little Jesus statue in his bedroom, and he chats to it like it can hear him. This blue fag super hero who shoots orgasm loads at bad guys has a "personal" Jesus, and it's presented without even a hint of sly mocking. I think I fucking cried.


The Jesus statue has a red cape, not the traditional blue. Amanita or Psilocybin, what's your poison?

Blogger spell check suggested "honeylocust" for "Psylocyben"(sic). I just can't get away from the bee thing this week.

The movie features cameos by Lou Ferrigno (the Incredible Hulk and queer muscle icon) and Nichelle Nicholes (Star Trek's Lieutenant Uruha. According to her bio, she sang at the 'Blue Angels Club' in New York)

My dad's high school mascot was the 'Blue Devil'. Wouldn't ya know.


aferrismoon said...

The stuff of Power - he Rose
Both the red rose and the rising phallus, which like Phallus athena came from Zeus fully grown, or fully sown, depends if someone sewed the costume together

Adam Star said...

How great is this? What an excellent find. Anyone ever read the "Wildcard" series of books? It's about super powered characters in a more real-world setting then the comics, similar to "Heroes". One of the characters is Fortunato, with an omni-power akin to magic which he charges through tantric sexual action. He's also a pimp. Kundalini is the serpent winding down the tree of life, and that's the lightning bolt.

Michael said...

FM - thanks, always illuminating.

Adam - aww shucks, thanks. Kundalini = lightning bolt = power of Zeus/YHWH/Ondin? In the logo, the lightening bolt seems to be cracking the cosmic "egg"...

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