Oct 6, 2007

Blue Dreams

It was nearly dusk, and I was inside a small lakeside cabin - hurriedly packing. The news had hit a few hours ago - aliens were invading the earth, and everyone who could was advised to head for the hills. I was nearly finished packing the car, when the UFO's came into view - fast and silent. 
There were several of them - classic saucers, about 50 yards in diameter and colored red, and one came down to hover over a neighbors house, and then one came down over mine. I had nowhere to run, and as the inevitable was about to occur, I was strangely at peace. The UFO briefly hovered over the house and then soon departed, but it had left me with a sense of all-pervading well-being, and blue skin! I got the sense that the good feeling would remain, and the blue skin was the sign of it. --Dream, 8/11

So... what's up with blue skin?

Blue Meany of Pepperland
Blue Boy's Town
Smurfs: Short, blue, identical peasant males who live in mushroom-shaped homes. In other words, anarcho/syndicalist gay clones who live an activated pineal gland lifestyle (commie pinko pot-smoking fags). See the Smurfunest Manifesto. 'Smurf' is a made up word that mean 'salt'. The 'salt' in Pepper Land?

Blue Shiva
Blue Genie
The Adventures of Rex: a homoerotic fantasy by Richard Jasper in which a closeted baseball player is transported by a magician to another dimension called 'Albion'. The magician changes the baseball player into his "alter ego" in the Albion dimension, which happens to be a big, blue, handsome and hung ogre.
Blue honey: When psilocybin mushrooms are stored in honey (used as a preservative), the honey turns blue. Bluishness is the sign of a psilocybin mushroom.

From futurist Syd Mead:

Amanita mushroom evoking landing craft.
Blue saucers, mushroom, jellyfish, cherubim?

Blue Genes


Jake Kotze said...

Blue Thoth/Hermes in Disney's Hercules



Michael said...

Oh yea! Thanks.

I started watching 'Doctor Who' reruns last night (the "new" series) and the episode titled "The End of the World" has some blue aliens in it.

aferrismoon said...

Also the classic Rogue Trooper and Venus Bluegenes, genetic soldiers. Featured in 2000AD a British comic , famous for introducing Judge Dredd to the world

Anonymous said...

Filed under believe it or naught.

Even as you tapped out your blue dream to share (quite honestly at the very minute), I sat watching Woody Allen's 'Manhattan' while guzzling Bombay Sapphire Gin.

'Manhattan' makes voluptuous use of Gershwin's 'Rhapsody in Blue' and my favorite gin comes in a pale blue bottle.

It occurs to me just now that in Herbert's 'Dune' (the Arabic take on Arthur Rex) the eyes of the Fremen people glow blue and the generally poisonous Aqua Vita taken to give clairvoyance and mastery of time travel is pale blue in color.

Are the Fremen a simulacrum of the Smurfs? It seems unavoidable.

This blue stream has more secrets.

Da WWWiz

Michael said...

Thanks all - interesting pings. Blue is also the color of warp drive/star gate, a la Star Trek.

Dune - yea, the blue eyes. Of course, the Kwisatz Haderach has to look into a black hole that no woman can. Hmmm...

The Fremen are tamers and riders of the worm god, who have fashioned with the works of the hands "maker hooks". In other words, magicians in the desert.

What if we let the worm ride? What then?

aferrismoon said...

Also Porn movies are called Blue Movies

Adam Star said...


I was directed to this post by Todd "Looking Glass' Campbell. Check out my post above for many, many more examples of Blue People in popular culture. Great post. This psilocybin angel is of the highest importance I believe.


nypup2train said...

Don't forget everyone's favorite blue plant, Delvian priestess Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan from the Farscape series.

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