Nov 27, 2013

Messaging Sirius

Our Australian terrier died suddenly on November 16. Oliver was well named (all love) and we are missing him like crazy. He was our "dog star", and since 17 is associated with Osiris and Sirius (the dog star), the day after was sort of nuts. I began wondering if he was somehow still alive, perhaps in another dimension, and maybe I could send him a message, or even bring him back.

My neighbor is an ex postal worker, and when we told him that Oliver had died, he told us how much he missed his old dog, Mercury. Both postal workers and Mercury are messengers!

We decided to have Oliver cremated at Precious Pets in Auburn, they have a winged logo. That was done on 11/22 - the 50th anniversary of the JFK King Kill. Angels are messengers. I began to associate fire with sending a message, or perhaps transportation, sort of like beaming up in Star Trek. Maybe Prometheus pissed off the gods because he gave mankind, not only a source of light and warmth, but a transmitter.

Making a study of sync, we often wind up with repeating numbers, colors, names, locations. They become important because we pay attention to them when they pop up. I have many of them, one of the strongest is the name Intrepid. I'm not sure where it began, but a few years ago I even named my computer Intrepid. When we moved to Port Townsend and discovered the wood stove in our new house was an Intrepid II, I figured that was a good sign.

The first Intrepid I was aware of was an America's Cup yacht, but there is also an Intrepid class starship (Voyager being the most famous) and even an aircraft carrier, currently serving as the Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum in NYC. There was also a Dodge Intrepid, which oddly enough is the staff car of the Chandler, AZ fire department, just south of Phoenix.

You know, that crazy bird who consumes itself in fire in order to be born again.

This winter I build fires in my little Intrepid II, and I wonder, am I also sending smoke signals to Sirius?

The Obama stars and stripes logo is known as "the stairway to Sirius", thanks to Christopher Knowles. The caduceus is the staff of Mercury, Hermes. The three stars above? Yes, the three kings of Sirius, the dog star.

Nov 22, 2013

One Pan to Rule Them All

Today has been really strange. I dunno if its the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy KK, or what, but we've really been on edge. I suppose the death of our dog, little Oliver, truly the prince of terriers, had something to do with it. I keep trying to bring him back to life. I suppose we, as a country, would like to bring our King back to life, as well. It's all been downhill since Camelot and Le Morte d'Arthur, that's for sure.

We've had many pretenders to the throne, "caretakers" who seem more interested in listening to Wormtongue than caring for their flock. However, I gather hope, because that is the next act after the Two Towers: the Return of the King.

We sat down to a sad little meal tonight. Missing our terrier again. Var brought home a new pizza pan to try out, it was all shiny and strange, I joked that it was full of war metal sent to China, recycled into consumer goods. Perhaps vibranium. So the pizza came out of the 450 degree oven, and the pan was still cool to the touch.

"Hold out your hand, Frodo, it's quite cool..."

I asked Var if he saw markings... and we both chanted "One pizza pan to rule them all".

Nov 10, 2013

Do You Know What Time It Is?

If you look at Nazi conspiracy theory, you find that:

  1. Nazis seek occult spiritual power.
  2. Hitler didn't really die in the Bunker.
  3. Hitler's will entered the tesseract.
  4. The Hitler faithful clone him.
  5. The Nazis go up against a tribunal and are executed, however a remnant live on.
  6. They believe that one day, he will return.

If you look at Christian doctrine, you find that:

  1. Christians seek the power of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Jesus did not really die on the Cross.
  3. Jesus went to heaven.
  4. The Jesus faithful eat his flesh and drink his blood to "be like Jesus".
  5. After the murder of Jesus, the faithful are persecuted, however a remnant live on.
  6. They believe that one day, he will return.

Even today, you must pay respectful lip service to only two deities: Jesus and the Holocaust. It's thought crime not to.

This idea causes me alternating fits of giggles and terror. Hitler and Jesus are flip sides of the same coin - the same archetype. One is the ultimate good and the other is the ultimate evil. But in reality they are the same person, it just depends on how you look at Him.

Considering the current state of the world, I'm open to a third Messiah. They say three times the charm, maybe this time the archetype will finally get it right.

Nov 9, 2013

Nazca Saucer Sighting

A few days ago, we heard about asteroid P/2013 P5 via National Geographic:

Weird Newfound Asteroid Sports Six Comet Tails
A newly-discovered asteroid masquerades as a bizarre comet, one that astronomers in a new study are outright calling, “weird and freakish.” 
“It’s hard to believe we’re looking at an asteroid,” said lead author of the new study David Jewitt, a astronomer at University of California at Los Angeles in a statement.

Article comments include:
If it’s blue, then I’m calling the Hopi Tribal Council immediately.

Alien spaceship with adjustable thrusters!
Today, I discover a blue flying saucer at Bring a Trailer:

Son of M1: 1 of 3 BMW ItalDesign Nazca C2

This 1993 Italdesign BMW Nazca C2 is one of three running concepts built. This one remains unregistered with factory delivery mileage only, making it essentially a brand-new 20 year old slice of uber-exotica. V12 powered and capable of more than 200 MPH, the few made were built to a high standard and were basically road going, production ready cars. 
BaT Comment: Styled by Giguiaro? I thought the Nazca lines were drawn by ancient aliens.
The Nazca Lines are the giant designs in Peru that can be "seen from space", and are often pointed to as circumstantial evidence of ancient astronauts.

We note the car is bright blue, with "forty square yards of electric smurf hide" interior. Blue skin is a sign of deity in the Hindu pantheon. The Hopi Prophecy allegedly states: "When the Blue Star Kachina makes its appearance in the heavens, the Fifth World will emerge". This reminds me of a "blue skin" dream I had many years ago.

The curious thing is that this car is part of a much larger and mysterious sale of outrageously exotic and perfect automobiles, including 45 Ferraris. It is literally worth a king's ransom. Rumors point to the Sultan of Brunei.


"Son of M1": Jesus calls himself the Son of Man in scriptures. 1=A

The Nazca was styled by Giorgetto Giugiaro - who also styled another rather well-known time machine. November is BTTF month.

Unlike the other two Nazcas, this does not sport the familiar BMW roundel.

I met a short guy with a white beard wearing a red shirt named Murph today. He made a Poppa Smurf joke.

The asteroid has six tails, making a six pointed star. Today is the anniversary of "krystallnacht".

This is gosporn post #700. Yikes.
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