Nov 22, 2013

One Pan to Rule Them All

Today has been really strange. I dunno if its the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy KK, or what, but we've really been on edge. I suppose the death of our dog, little Oliver, truly the prince of terriers, had something to do with it. I keep trying to bring him back to life. I suppose we, as a country, would like to bring our King back to life, as well. It's all been downhill since Camelot and Le Morte d'Arthur, that's for sure.

We've had many pretenders to the throne, "caretakers" who seem more interested in listening to Wormtongue than caring for their flock. However, I gather hope, because that is the next act after the Two Towers: the Return of the King.

We sat down to a sad little meal tonight. Missing our terrier again. Var brought home a new pizza pan to try out, it was all shiny and strange, I joked that it was full of war metal sent to China, recycled into consumer goods. Perhaps vibranium. So the pizza came out of the 450 degree oven, and the pan was still cool to the touch.

"Hold out your hand, Frodo, it's quite cool..."

I asked Var if he saw markings... and we both chanted "One pizza pan to rule them all".

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