Mar 26, 2019

I've Always Loved Paris

The Yellow Vests (Gilets Jaunes) protesting in France have captured my imagination. Wouldn’t it be great if a modern day proletariat revolt and revolution could successfully bring down the elite of Europe? Acts 1 through 19 so far, some violent, some not so much, but all done with that typical Gallic sense of style and theater. 

Which brings me to this pic making the rounds, which I have to say looks as staged as they come. Not that it IS staged, but it just looks like it. The jack boot of Macron fascism trampling the rainbow flag, Quelle horreur!

I would rather not think this entire movement is as fake as a Soros color revolution, however… enter the image above as evidence. I will remain impartial for now.

In any case, the French Revolution theme syncs strongly with my previous post on Donald Trump - Donald Trump and the Tower Trump, where I mused that he could shortly play the role of Louis XVI in what would be the biggest and bestest King Kill ritual yet performed upon the global stage.

Recall how TIME(Saturn) magazine crowned Trump King on June 18, 2018, in the week of the summer solstice. And how Louis XIV was called Le Roi Soleil - or the Sun King. Louis was of the House of Bourbon. It would be mildly interesting to watch Trump and whiskey, scotch and bourbon syncs but I digress.

Donald Trump is 72. Louis XIV reigned for 72 years. 72 conspirators of Set put Osiris in the box.


Update 4/3/19: A reader (one of 72 so far) sent in this bit of Trump trivia:

Rare Donald Trump Scotland Single Malt Scotch Whisky Coming To Auction

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