Mar 30, 2018

Donald Trump and the Tower Trump

One of the appeals of combining sync with the study of mass media is the theory that the media (by intent or by accident or both) subtly inserts a predictive narrative along with all the “entertainment” & “news”. The fun is the attempt to crack the narrative hidden within, and voila!  Predict the future!

The Trump enigma is darn nigh irresistible. Rather than dwell on all the chaff of electioneering, politics and scandal, we focus on the wheat of the narrative. What is the plot? Why is the repulsive star of The Apprentice suddenly the King of the World? Why is Biff Tannen now president?

As LXXXVIII finis temporis points out, this presidency has been a long time coming. He has been “pre-crimed” back to 1958 and is now indelibly linked to 9/11. In fact, he can almost be said to “represent” 9/11. 

Trump became president in 2016. Among other things, he is famous for his Trump Towers. In the tarot, the tower trump is card 16. His election was literally seen in the cards. The tower trump represents destruction, evocative of the destruction of the twin towers on 9/11. 9/11 was a symbol just like the tower trump is a symbol, and just like Donald Trump, as POTUS, is a symbol.

You know, like how the restaurant Sixteen Chicago is on the 16th floor of Trump Tower. 

Of all the Hollywood predictive programming about Trump, Back to the Future is the one with which I am most familiar. According to BTTF writer Bob Gale The character of Biff Tannen was based upon Donald Trump. As we know from the films, Biff does not come to a good end, even though for a while he runs Biff’s Pleasure Paradise Casino as the Luckiest Man on Earth.

Donald Trump/Biff Tannen has orange hair because he is representing the Sun King. You know… that cheerful round-faced fellow upon whom every solar religion is based. Marty McFly represents Pluto, or death. The sun always sets, death always gets the Sun King. It’s a tale told since the age of the Pharaohs. 

In other words, it’s a royal be-heading, and we’re invited to the ball. Sudden changes in a nation’s fortunes are often preceded by the murder of the monarch. Julius Caesar, Louis XVI, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, Czar Nicholas II, John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Of all the murdered monarchs listed above, I think Trump echoes Louis XVI the best.

Images of Apollo adorns his private, golden penthouse apartment. Like the French Soleil Roi, he lives a life of rare wealth and privilege, the Trump Tower being his private “Versailles”. He tweets policy and edicts, the fake lügenpresse is beneath him. He’s Reality Show Royalty. Even his beautiful and foreign wife Melania Knauss echos Marie Antoinette of Austria. 

Knauss is an ancient German surname, known from at least 1515. The earliest people recorded with this name appear to be from southern Germany. The meaning is very unclear but may mean "haughty person."
- Wikipedia.

I got the idea thanks to reading The Widow’s Son by Robert Anton Wilson (Volume two of the Historical Illuminatus Chronicles), which is set in pre-revolutionary France. The Masonic protagonist Sigismundo Celine knows the secret “Baraka” name. He also learns that the Knights Templar  “found the birth-certificate” of the widow’s son in the Temple of Solomon. 

It would appear that Barak Obama is the return of the fabled widow’s son, at least according to the RAW prophecy written in 1985. And who cut his early political chops questioning the legitimacy of Baraka’s birth certificate?

Our very own Louis Seizième, Donald Trump

The tower trump represents the destruction of a nation state, via an attack upon the “head” or tower: the king. 9/11 was the opening move, with the twin towers standing in for the USA and the “world trade center”. See that golden crown toppling from the tower in the tarot card? That’s the Donald. It’s sort of cartoonishly obvious now, in hindsight.

If Trump is playing a modern Louis XVI, Sun King, then he must be assassinated in order to bring about the glorious revolution. The “headless” nation will need a new head installed PDQ. Never mind your precious Constitution, a new one has already been written for you. Probably several, hope you speak the language.

And before you shout “Thank God!” remember what a revolution is all about. And remember that it wasn’t just Louis XVI that met his end, it was his entire noble class. So… who is Trump’s “class”. Not the rich, of course. The rich are celebrated in the USA, always have been. Men, maybe? Even in this age of identity politics, that seems a bit too broad. How about rich white men? Yes, I think we are close.

The French nobles were noble by bloodline, which entitled them to wealth and privilege. 

You may check your privilege at the guillotine.


JP said...


During the "french revolution", the two-thirds of the dead were craftspeople, peasants or workers. That was a bloody "coup d'état".
"Privilèges" meant "private laws": each parliament of the ancient provinces voted their own laws.
The royal family was jailed in "la prison du Temple".

Michael said...

Thank you for the comment JP. Yes, it was a bloody coup d'état. Like the Bolshevik revolution in 1917. That's fascinating about la prison du Temple.

Loren Coleman said...

‪We have to be reminded that a script has already been written, that Biff is Trump, and synchronmysticism is a road map. Even Donnie Darko links it’s time travel to Back To The Future. And the original Blade Runner happens in 2019. Endgame. ~ Loren Coleman

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