Dec 25, 2012

Santa, The Time Lord

Santa is a Hexagon Time Lord. He lives at the North Pole, where it's all ice and snow, and where time has no meaning. The sun never rises or sets, no way to mark the passing of days.

Santa travels the frozen dimensions of space-time in his sled. A sled functions by the friction of ice under the runners, melting the snow to create a slick film that permits effortless gliding. This may be the real secret of the 33rd degree Freemason. See Tom Slick.

I've long been fascinated by ice yachts - wind powered sleds. every sailboat, whether it sails over solid or liquid water, operates by harnessing opposing force vectors. It is an elegant mode of travel that requires no heat, combustion, or smashing of atoms.

Winner Gets Time Control

Harnessing the twins
Santa is guided by Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer (his penis, or Eros) but his motivational energy comes from giving gifts. Or rather, both gifts and coal - he knows if you've been naughty or nice. It would appear that Santa's sled is powered by harnessing the twin pillars of duality - good and evil, mercy and wrath.

I imagine Santa harnessing the powers of both good and evil within, thus propelling his consciousness through the various and limitless dimensions of possibility. Apparently, the only way to fly is to give it all away.

Fortunately, my pillar of selfishness is extremely well developed. One can only imagine the time warp created by giving the most meager of gifts.

Merry Christmas, all. And let us not forget that space-time sledding is a sport to be enjoyed all year long, not only at Christmas.

One Caveat: Giving in secret may multiply time-warp effect exponentially. Use with caution.

Dec 20, 2012

Upon Reaching the Summit

Ah, ah,
We come from the land of the ice and snow,
From the midnight sun where the hot springs flow.
The hammer of the gods will drive our ships to new lands,
To fight the horde, singing and crying: Valhalla, I am coming!
The end of the Mayan Long Count is the end of an Age, not the end of the world. Time is not fluid - it is a solid, crystalline structure - ask any Tralfamadorian. We live in a frozen time block universe, and the only thing that actually flows is our consciousness, from one iceberg of space-time to another.

Space-time is shaped like a diamond, not an hourglass. We might suppose that the Neolithic fertility goddess is more "true to form" than more modern body types, but the sentiment is consistent. She is the fabric of space-time, the four dimensional page upon which our will is written.

It occurred to me that the Abominable Snowman, or Yeti, is the personification of frozen block space-time.

A Timeless Terror!

The experience of our souls, to be frozen to our seats in a time block-buster theater.

The curious thing about Aleister Crowley was that while he was a wizard of renown, he also climbed mountains. Perhaps he was climbing the frozen diamond Eon of Horus, and he got there a little bit ahead of us. But tomorrow, we all arrive, together. Gridlock?

The top of the space-time pyramid is not a destination - but a terminal. A Grand Central Station of possible universes that exist together only at certain points, or mountain tops, of space-time. That is why there are suddenly billions of living souls here, at the Conjunction Junction. We are drawn, like moths to a flame, to a rare place in time - where/when all things are possible.

It's Magic Mountain, E-ticket time. If you don't have a ticket to ride, maybe jump a gate or three. I'll see you on the down hill slide.

Thanks to J.D. for the Led Zeppelin lyrics.
Ah, ah,
We come from the land of the ice and snow,
From the midnight sun where the hot springs blow.
How soft your fields so green, can whisper tales of gore,
Of how we calmed the tides of war. We are your overlords.
On we sweep with threshing oar, Our only goal will be the western shore.

Dec 19, 2012

Jesus is Coming

I was watching The Da Vinci Code this week which is all about (sexual) worship of the divine feminine, often represented by the pentacle or anything with five points of symmetry, such as an apple, or rose. Venus, called "the morning star" is associated with the pentagram via its path in the nigh sky.

And then I saw the above GIF.

I Jesus have sent mine angel to testify unto you these things in the churches. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and morning star. ~ Revelation 22:16
The Grail is nigh.

Dec 12, 2012

That Goy Gay Guy

I'm reading The Wandering Who, a Study of Jewish Identity Politics, by Gilad Aztmon. It's biting commentary on tribal thinking, marginal bias, and internalized ideas of racial exceptionalism. He frequently references Gay Lib as an analogy for Zionism and I can't disagree - some of the parallels are obvious - except that queers ran through the process in a bit over 40 years, not several millennia.

Gay with a capital G tribal identity was born 6/28/69 - the Stonewall Riots in Greenwich Village, NYC, and 43 years later, same-sex couples can legally marry in the State of Washington as of 12/6/12. We, the formerly marginalized, now openly host talk shows on TV, run corporations, enlist in the army, join churches and even get married within them. We're at that point of cultural assimilation where pretty soon there won't be any need for gay bars, rainbow flags or pride parades, except as quaint reminders of a culture that grew up in the margins of a formerly homophobic society. It's a stunning turn around, and it all happened during my lifetime.

On one hand I'll miss the camaraderie. There is a secret delight in secret bars, signals and codes that are only known to "insiders". There is also a certain clarity that comes with a marginalized existence, a right of cultural criticism that is earned only once you step outside the boundaries of Normal.

On the other hand, I won't miss the religious demonizing, shunning, slurring, bashing, teen suicides and all the rest.

Unlike the Jews, the Gays don't have a particular religion attached, unless you consider cock sucking to be a religion, which I sorta do. However we haven't made some crazy cult out of it, and even if we did, we'd only be echoing certain orgiastic "Dionysian" fertility cults that go back a long way before Abraham was ever born. If anything, the gay "religion" is a return to the Id, an acceptance and even celebration of a side of human consciousness that seemed nearly DOA at birth, but instead grew and flourished, even through hardships that would have challenged even Moses. I suppose the only truly exceptional "quality" you can pin on gay men is our horniness.

Like Judaism, you don't have to be born gay to be "gay", and I've met plenty of straight folks who are much gayer than I. Likewise, it is now fine to be a gay prude, in fact, you can now be a gay anything, including a gay Jew. Embracing the Id tends to make us feel happy and fulfilled (when not stymied by cultural taboos), so in a while, the word gay may evolve back into its original meaning.
lighthearted and carefree : Nan had a gay disposition and a very pretty face.
characterized by cheerfulness or pleasure : we had a gay old time.
I like how the meaning of gay is similar to Jovial, related to Jove or Jupiter. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius is the re-acceptance of the Id - our inner "gay".

Currently gay may also means "stupid" or "lame", yet another cosmic joke, because Hephaestus or Vulcan was the "lame god", who was rescued by Dionysus and returned to Mt. Olympus.
Happy and gay is he who lives in harmony with his own Id.



Legal Gay marriage AND legal Mary Jane, all on the same day. If that's not the Promised Land, it's pretty damn close.

Apparently Goy Gay is not my own clever idea.

Dec 8, 2012

Hexagon Time Lords

The Hexagon is a six-sided polygon.

A hexagon sits over the north pole of Saturn - identifying the shape with Cronos, or time.

The snowflake is a frozen time-drop of water that always conforms to a hexagonal pattern.

Time is an illusion created by the movement of ego consciousness from one frozen time-block experience to another.

The light of the movie projector is a metaphor for ego consciousness, creating the illusion of time.
Cinema - Iceman

Time travel is frozen time-block travel: the frozen Delorean.

The timepiece on the left is made from Delorean skin.

Saturn is the grim reaper. But can we beat the clock?


The Star of David forms a hexagon within.

The Star of Life forms a hexagon when the points are connected. The healing Rod of Asclepius resides within.

Jacob Mott draws the Big Watch Boiz. Note the healing rod. A Pop Sickle.

Dec 5, 2012

Unnatural Selection

Finished Kraken on the great alignment of 12/3/12. Even though it's set in an alternate magicked London, the theme of apocalypse is the driver, and the antagonists are the Evolutionists vs. the Creationists. Not so different from our "real life" world, really. The trial of the century, the State of Tennessee vs. Scopes. We thought it was over, but it can never be over, as long as that book is around.

Things have gotten overly syncy lately - all my favorite symbols are acting up. In Kraken, Billy the Evolutionist who works at Darwin Center, finds sanctuary in the London embassy of the Sea. The Lonely Gay had his day in court last week, and I recalled how Julian Assange found asylum in the Ecuador embassy in London.

Ecuador includes the Galápagos Islands.
The islands are geologically young and famed for their vast number of endemic species, which were studied by Charles Darwin during the voyage of the Beagle. His observations and collections contributed to the inception of Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection.
Var and I took a big load of household trash to the dump on Alignment Day. We waited inline with our rented U-haul pickup for the next available slot, and as soon as we pulled up, a big black truck with Spartan Concrete left, so we took the Spartan's place. Get that ball into the End Zone.

SJSU - Jesus!
Our own refuse included the remnants of a plywood pyramid that I had made, back when I was trying to build a home-made time machine in the garage. The sides of the pyramid are equilateral triangles, and Var laid them into the pickup truck so they overlapped like a Star of David. I'm not sure what we were carrying in the back of our truck, was it the Torah, or British Israelism, or Christianity or what, but whatever it was, it was an old pyramid scheme and we had no use for it anymore. So into the Great Recycler it went.

I only mention British Israelism because that was the day the Royals announced their latest spawn, and we all know they think they are the blood decedents of Jesus. And Israel is in the news again, killing more Arabs.

The Star of David is the symbol of Jehovah - God to some, Demiurge to others - the deity of the Middle East. The Spartans are Greeks, the cunning victors in the Trojan War. Talk about a clash of Titans!

A usual, I have no idea what to make of these unusually overt symbols.

Nov 30, 2012

More Kraken Musing

Continuing on Kraken, by China Miéville:

China Miéville imagines a wizard who, unable to defeat death, manages to cheat. Grisomentum burns himself on a funeral pyre, has his ashes gathered by a devotee, who then combined the ash with water and gum arabic. The devotee then picks up the ink of his master in a fountain pen, and writes out his thoughts, orders, commands... on paper. Grisomentum lives on in the ink, he has BECOME the ink.

It's important to look away from the page as the devotee scrawls his pen across the paper. It's curious because I have a friend who's father was a missionary, and he once asked his dad how he thought the bible was actually written, and this devout Southern Baptist pastor described a process we might easily call "automatic writing".
"In the beginning was the Word"
I'm enjoying the idea that Abraham/Jehovah was just such a magician. He attaches himself to any war-mongering race with "chosen people" aspirations in order to spread his holy book, the more copies, the more likely he would be to succeed. The Gideon's must be his most noble of knights, as well as the Jews and of course the Mohammedans, who forbid the destruction of the Koran as a mortal sin.

It would be clever to foster three religions that all include your basic book as holy writ, and yet all feel they are in direct competition. Sort of encourages printing. If God is a book, I wonder what it would take to remove Jehovah/Allah from the world? One hell of a bonfire...

Curiously, I accidentally drowned my Kraken library book this week, carrying it in my bag that was in the roof rack, driving through a pouring rain. Instead of a book burning, I had a book drowning.

This syncs with a number of strange submarine or subconscious syncs of the past week. As if there were a blurring between consciousness and the subconscious going on. For instance, I was creating an illustration of a yacht just before Thanksgiving, but for some reason I forgot to include the waterline stripe. This stripe symbolically divides the above from below, the light from the shadow. If the stripe is gone, then what is now separating these two worlds?

Exactly. The barrier is down. Make a run for it.

Nov 27, 2012

Some Like It Hot

I’m reading Kraken, by China Miéville. One of my favorite novels, I think. All about an occult London underground of wizard unions and scabs, witch gangs, squid worshipping fundamentalists, sync cops, angels of memory, familiars on strike, and an Architeuthis specimen that goes missing from the London Natural History Museum, which just might cause the End of the World - by fire.

One character is a powerful wizard named Grisamentum, and when I read that word I couldn’t help but think of Grissom - Gus Grissom - the astronaut who died by fire inside the Apollo 1 space capsule on 1/27/67, and fathered the NASA moon hoax meme.

“Every knacker in London did some work for him at some point or other. And it was you behind that spectacular send-off. The funeral. Great fire. The cremation.” ~Kraken
That Firebird
Grisamentum, having an incurable blood disease, arranged his own funeral, by fire. A professor of pyrotechnics, name of Cole, did the job. As it turns out, Cole was married to a Djinn, which in Kraken, is associated with the element of fire (and yes, it's a pun).

Which brings us to Larry Hagman, recently deceased. In fact, he died on November 23, the same day JFK died, after being shot in Dallas on the 22nd. “Who shot J.R.?” was the famous line from the Dallas TV series, starring Larry Hagman, or as I like to call him, the hanged man.

The thing about Larry is that he played astronaut Tony Nelson, who married a Djinn in I Dream of Jeannie. Fortunately, we never saw the offspring of such a marriage in the TV series, but it makes me wonder...

Nov 17, 2012

Magically Delicious

“This is my body, which is given for you. Do this in remembrance of me.” Luke 22:19
I discovered a new vegetable today. It's a perfect fucking fractal.
Romanesco broccoli - Brassica oleracea - resembles a cauliflower, but the inflorescence (the bud) has an approximate self-similar character, with the branched meristems making a logarithmic spiral. In this sense the broccoli's shape approximates a natural fractal; each bud is composed of a series of smaller buds, all arranged in yet another logarithmic spiral. This self-similar pattern continues at several smaller levels.
Var said, "Brassica are like the Jesus veggie". Wait... what? What if the Eucharist is a vegetable?
Cruciferous vegetables are vegetables of the family Brassicaceae (also called Cruciferae). These vegetables are widely cultivated, with many genera, species, and cultivars being raised for food production such as cauliflower, cabbage, cress, bok choy, broccoli and similar green leaf vegetables. The family takes its alternate name (Cruciferae, New Latin for "cross-bearing") from the shape of their flowers, whose four petals resemble a cross.
I know that many say the Eucharist is a mushroom, and right said Fred, but I'm amazed by the geometry this little green vegetable is showing off. The most common member of the Brassica or Cruciferae family is broccoli, and if this humble vegetable family is indeed the Eucharist, it makes perfect sense that George H. W. Bush famously declared that he hated broccoli - Satan can't stand it.

This quite naturally leads to the James Bond film franchise, started by Albert "Cubby" Broccoli. But since I haven't seen the latest offering, I'll need to save all that for next week.

'Til then, eat your greens!

NOTE: This post is definitely inspired by "the bud" of a green recently made legal in my state. 

Nov 9, 2012

The Number of the Counting

As we all know, I have more than a passing interest in the trident, that triple-pronged, magical weapon of Shiva and Poseidon. And I wonder, why THREE prongs? They say three times the charm, and it made me think of the number 3 and time being somehow connected?

I see that we live in a 3D universe, the first dimension being a point, the second a plane, and the third a cubic volume. So it seems to me that Shiva's "weapon" is aimed at these three dimensions, or "citadels" as it were.


The fourth dimension is time, and perhaps this element is represented by the shaft of the trident, wielded by "will" or intention.

In All Good Things, the final episode of STNG, Captain Jean Luc Picard is shifting back and forth in time between three time periods, and in each time he causes a tachyon beam to be emitted from the Enterprise, aimed at the same point in space. This causes an anomaly that destroys the world, but if you look at it from a magical perspective, this is exactly the magician's goal - to "destroy" his current world and "create" a new one.

So, I think about my intent, or will, or shaft, being aimed at the same point in space, at three different times. It's Saturnian judo.

The Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch.
...And Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high, saying, "O LORD, bless this Thy hand grenade that with it Thou mayest blow Thine enemies to tiny bits, in Thy mercy."
And the LORD did grin and the people did feast upon the lambs and sloths and carp and anchovies and orangutans and breakfast cereals, and fruit bats and large chu... [At this point, the friar is urged by Brother Maynard to "skip a bit, brother"]...
And the LORD spake, saying, "First shalt thou take out the Holy Pin, then shalt thou count to three, no more, no less.
Three shall be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be three.
Four shalt thou not count, neither count thou two, excepting that thou then proceed to three.
Five is right out.
Once the number three, being the third number, be reached, then lobbest thou thy Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch towards thy foe, who being naughty in My sight, shall snuff it."

Nov 4, 2012

Walking Around Jericho

I've lately taken to walking around my neighborhood once a day, a loop of two miles. I pass this sign on the way, noting the Joshua reference. I was reminded how Joshua and the Israelites walked around the walled city of Jericho.

I've looked at the Jericho myth before, see The Yellow Rose Again, where I examined the role of the virtuous whore, Rahab, but that was a long time ago. Now I'm examining all that walking around in circles. Why wasn't one time around enough? As we all know, Joshua and the Israelites, carrying the Ark of the Covenant and blowing their horns, marched around Jericho for seven days, and on the seventh, marched around an extra seven times. This gives us a 77, or "lightning bolt" of cosmic enlightenment, and so we can see the "walls of Jericho" as representing "The Tower" card.

The Tower is our subconscious belief system, our fundamental and 'inviolable' concepts about life, the universe, and everything. The subconscious, or dreaming mind, weaves these beliefs into the brick and mortar reality we experience as "the real world" and so if we can somehow change the programming of our subconscious, then we can change our reality. At least, in theory. It's a simple concept, but it requires blowing your own mind.

I am devising a work around, or a hack, if you will.

It involves a lot of repetitive walking in circles and trial and error, but lately it seems to be bearing some fruit. I judge my successes and failures by sync. As I experiment, cracks appear in the walls of my own space-time continuum - the visible fissures in my "real world".

My two feet will never get me to 88 mph, but Joshua tells me that I don't really need to. Just keep walking.

Oct 31, 2012

Sand Storm

Happy Halloween, everyone! They say that the veil between the mortal and the spirit worlds is particularly thin on Samhein, or All Hollow's Eve. It is the realm of the dark recesses of our subconscious, the one day when we are all encouraged to dress up as our subconscious desires. This is THE queer holiday, of course.

This Halloween was marked by Hurricane Sandy striking at Gotham, and we're all quoting 'The Dark Knight Rises':
There's a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You and your friends better batten down the hatches, because when it hits, you're all gonna wonder how you ever thought you could live so large and leave so little for the rest of us.
Curiously, the homoerotic comics house Class Comics published "Sandstorm" on October 9, syncing Sandy to Set, the Egyptian god of the desert and storms. This is important because Set murdered Osiris, thus causing the "sun" to set.

Osiris = Consciousness, Set = Subconscious.

Mr. Sandman, the dreaming mind.

I was fascinated that in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, the Overlook Hotel is taken over by Jack Torrence on or about Halloween (via KD12). We all know that Jack Nicholson is always playing "the devil", so quite clearly, the USA has been taken over by the subconscious, the "sand storm" being the signifier.

Oddly enough, I don't see this as a negative, but as an opportunity. If it's true that the subconscious writes our reality into being, then we might consider this a "writer's strike".

Let's give Jack a break. The devil only knows what he might cook up.

Oct 21, 2012

Shark Week

Hey all, just a quick gulp of air and then Ahab is going down for another stab at the whale. I've been hanging out in the octopus' garden for a while now, plumbing the depths of the subconscious.

It sorta all started when the mysterious seals began showing up on the raft in front of my mom's cabin on Hood Canal. They've never done that before, I began to think of them as my "Seal Team" - the surfacing of my subconscious into real life.

Have you seen American Warships? It's the shitty Netflix version of Battleship, yet another alien invasion story, except this time the aliens command stealth submarines that take out the mighty U.S. Navy. On a sync level it makes perfect sense, the aliens are "monsters from the Id", "hiding" in the subconscious. In American Warship, the brave Seal Team discovers the secret of the submarine's "alien" origins.

I watched Disney's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea last week, with Captain Nemo (no one, no ego) playing the part of the avenging subconscious - the "sea monster". He rams the American warship "Abraham Lincoln". I figured that was a fairly blatant King Kill 33 sync. Nemo sank my ego!

Later, we see that Nemo's secret base is built under mysterious Lincoln Island, or in other words, a murdered president is the secret base of Captain Nemo, or in other words, a murdered ego is the secret base of the Id!

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson stars in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island, which I like because A) I could watch his pecs bounce all day and B) he was also Mathayus (the Scorpion King) in The Mummy Returns.

As we all know by now, Osiris is the god of the sun, who is murdered by Set (sunset), but who then rises again in the form of Horus - the rising sun/son. Like a physical representation of resurrection, the pyramids represent a "mysterious island" of consciousness, rising above the chaotic sands of the subconscious desert.
After nine days, I let the horse run free,
'Cause the desert had turned to sea.
There were plants and birds, and rocks and things,
There was sand and hills and rings.
The ocean is a desert, with its life underground,
And a perfect disguise above.
Under the cities lies, a heart made of ground,
But the humans will give no love.
"The desert is an ocean with its life underground"
A Horse With No Name ~America

A horse with Nemo.
Back to the pyramids, I decided to watch my favorite Bond film last week: The Spy Who Loved Me. It features pyramids, submarines, Atlantis, Major Triple X and a murderer named "Jaws". We first meet Jaws on the plains of Giza and it's fairly obvious that he is the reincarnation of some dark Egyptian deity.

In the myth of Kamalo and the shark god, Kauhuhu plays the part of the subconscious avenger. As it happens, my copy of Mako Finn arrived a few days ago, and he's a sort of comic book homoerotic protector and avenger of sharks. He comes upon a reincarnated Megalodon. While the scientific name is C. megalodon, it is often informally dubbed the "megatooth shark", "giant white shark" or "monster shark".

Mr. Big Tooth
Megalodon - pointing at...
Now, hmmm. What does this giant, triangular tooth remind me of? Maybe a pyramid, or more precisely, the lost, or broken, cap.

Jake, the Martian fragment
Jules Verne's Mysterious Island was in part inspired by the Swiss Family Robinson, who are "castaways". Osiris was cut up into 14 pieces, and cast away into the Nile. Isis found all the pieces but one. The fourteenth piece, the lost cap, I have a feeling that only Set knows where he tossed it. He, and the BBC. Check the measurement on mega tooth, above.
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