Nov 4, 2012

Walking Around Jericho

I've lately taken to walking around my neighborhood once a day, a loop of two miles. I pass this sign on the way, noting the Joshua reference. I was reminded how Joshua and the Israelites walked around the walled city of Jericho.

I've looked at the Jericho myth before, see The Yellow Rose Again, where I examined the role of the virtuous whore, Rahab, but that was a long time ago. Now I'm examining all that walking around in circles. Why wasn't one time around enough? As we all know, Joshua and the Israelites, carrying the Ark of the Covenant and blowing their horns, marched around Jericho for seven days, and on the seventh, marched around an extra seven times. This gives us a 77, or "lightning bolt" of cosmic enlightenment, and so we can see the "walls of Jericho" as representing "The Tower" card.

The Tower is our subconscious belief system, our fundamental and 'inviolable' concepts about life, the universe, and everything. The subconscious, or dreaming mind, weaves these beliefs into the brick and mortar reality we experience as "the real world" and so if we can somehow change the programming of our subconscious, then we can change our reality. At least, in theory. It's a simple concept, but it requires blowing your own mind.

I am devising a work around, or a hack, if you will.

It involves a lot of repetitive walking in circles and trial and error, but lately it seems to be bearing some fruit. I judge my successes and failures by sync. As I experiment, cracks appear in the walls of my own space-time continuum - the visible fissures in my "real world".

My two feet will never get me to 88 mph, but Joshua tells me that I don't really need to. Just keep walking.


Devin said...

These are great thoughts Michael!
The things you mention are some of the reasons why I wish I was better at 'decoding' synchs in my life.
I could also stand to start walking again some around my little burg.
After 4 years (pretty close anyway) of thinking non-stop about the nature of reality and the human predicament (if that is indeed what it is) I am more confused than ever.
try and try again will be my motto in this i suppose!
I have always been very attracted to gnostic-type theories because the world we live in seems so incredibly false, however, at the same time, I haven't had very many visions/apprehensions of other more 'real' realities.
I hope you and Var are doing well my friend,

Michael said...

Hi Devin, thanks for coming by! I always appreciate your reading and comments. Hope the weather in AZ is tolerable and that you are doing well also.

Alan Abbadessa-Green said...

It seems many of us are in a phase of circumambulation (see Andras' Tree, Doug's Labyrinth, my Rota Fortunae, etc) . . . still not 100% sure what it really means but it makes a strange sort of sense to me. However, I keep reminding myself to be an Ouroboros and not a dog chasing its tail.

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