Nov 28, 2014

The Interstellar Mirror

I saw Christopher Nolan's Interstellar a few days ago and thought I’d write down some notes. I don’t have any screen shots or videos because the film is too new, but if you’ve seen it then you know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t seen it, then don’t read this because I won’t hold back on spoilers.

The film essentially begins and ends with a baseball game, which is a Masonic signifier, because a baseball diamond is designed to imitate the famous compass and square of Freemasonry. The two baseball diamonds are the “bookends” of this Masonic fable, the alpha and omega tags surrounding the big Gee.

< G >

Also, the secret NASA base is designed to resemble a space station, but fabricated out of concrete, or “masonry”.

It's a story that shows us how the Masons finally get into space, which is certainly not from lack of trying. According to Christopher Knowles, Masonry practically runs NASA, and with so many famous astronauts being also Freemasons, it is fairly certain that getting humanity into space is a VERY high priority of the order. They hate Obama because he cut NASA’s budget. Never underestimate a Mason on a mission.

The film is as much or more about time travel than anything, and because Saturn is the God of Time, that is where the “black pearl” or wormhole is placed. Cooper gives his daughter a watch, through which the secrets of the black hole are eventually revealed to her. Placing the “contact device” at Saturn was a not so subtle one-upping of Kubrick, who, it is said, chose to place the monolith at Jupiter rather than Saturn because of technical difficulties in filming the rings of Saturn realistically. Nolan has no such technical difficulties.

Another Kubrick reference is that the school books in the near future had been edited to say that the Apollo moon missions were a hoax. Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is a central witness in the moon hoax theory. Cooper is outraged that nobody believes anymore that Masons went to the moon. I wish I could have asked the school marm what the school books said about the assassination of Kennedy or 9/11, but Nolan didn’t go there.

Blight is killing life on earth. It consumes plants and breaths nitrogen. Only corn is so far immune, no doubt “Round Up Ready”, thank you Monsanto (Holy Mountain). All animal and vegetable life will eventually expire - suffocated from lack of oxygen or carbon dioxide. But only NASA knows that, “no reason to panic everyone”.

The downed bird

Near the beginning of the film, Cooper and his children chase a low flying Indian drone in their pickup, mowing through the corn fields in their haste to catch the black flying machine. The black drone is the “anti-lightning”, the "black bird" or “dark horse”. U-2.

Cooper covets the drone for its power supply, but in this overly long segment of the film, we hear Murphy (Cooper’s daughter) ask ”Why is it down so low?” because drones usually fly in the stratosphere, not just above the crops. And we also hear Cooper say “It’s not doin’ anyone any harm.” Cooper isn’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to suppose that yes, the drone just might be doing some harm, and the reason it’s flying down so low is because it’s “crop dusting”. Never underestimate a Mason on a mission.

There is a Plan A and a Plan B. Plan A is the plan to go out in space and get some secret, which will allow Cooper to come back and save everyone on earth, including his daughter, Murphy. Plan B is to simply save the frozen genome on some distant galaxy, and goodbye earth.

Much of the story revolves around how difficult it would really be to find a suitable womb for the human genome.

Plan A is used by Professor John Brand (NASA Freemason) to induce Cooper to back the Lazarus Project, but the whole thing is a lie, only Plan B is really on the table. John only reveals this on his death bed. In fact, most everyone in this movie is lying, and some more than others, but Nolan is probably lying more than everyone. In this aspect, he is truly most like Kubrick.

On the surface, Interstellar is all about brave Masonic exploration, conquering, and the usual shit, but the message hidden in plain sight, the message that only Murphy’s Law could read, was




Saw trailers for:
The Theory of Everything: love life of Richard Dawkins.
The Imitation Game: about Alan Turing, the Nazi Enigma machine code breaker.
Citizenfour: a documentary about Edward Snowden.

"Indian" drone: While it is tempting to label the drone as Native American, I prefer Indian as in Hindu, because it makes the drone an avatar of Shiva, the destroyer.

It will be interesting to see what the Stonecutters make of this film on Oscar Night.

Nov 16, 2014

Pegasus Starts With Pee

"The Tower is struck by lightning when reality does not conform to expectation.”

It began on August 26. That’s when I noticed a strong smell of urine when walking past the Shanghai Chinese restaurant in Point Hudson, and as my nose smelled the rancid odor, my eyes saw a boat named Alleluia. Why, I wondered, would urine be a reason to praise Yah?

I was reading Angels and Demons at the time. Chapter 77 includes a thought by Illuminati seeker Robert Langdon about the Pope’s “Holy Throne”.

I’m also reading Him Who Made the Seven Stars, a “horse/space opera”, by Waddie Graywolf, and I found a description of urine as some kind of alchemical brew.

Later, the yacht Alleluia was replaced by the yacht Pegasus, which firmly connected the chapter 77 Pope pee ritual to the lightning strike of the tower. See A Horse With No Name.

I began to wonder if my own body was some kind of teapot or brewery that was capable of brewing up some seriously wicked ale, and perhaps THAT is the occulted secret of the alchemists!? They say the Holy Grail lies within, but I never thought to take it so literally.

I’m a little teapot short and stout,
Here is my handle, here is my spout.
Maybe I’m a Mr. T? or a Mr. Coffee maker.

I like how the logo features a 5 pointed star, or Vitruvian Man. In Back to the Future II, the DeLorean becomes a flying car, or a Pegasus resonator. It’s no longer powered by gasoline, but by Mr. Fusion.

The Androgyne

The piss/lightning syncs have been getting pretty ridiculous. I visited the Commemorative Air Force Museum at the Horus resonating Falcon Field last week, and I saw some P-51 Mustangs. They are flying horses, and their name begins with Pee. Yes, I went there. P = urine.

Naturally, I had to go pee while I was there, and I noticed to the right of the urinal was a big color painting of some P-38 LIGHTNINGS in combat.

However, the best one so far is being at a Sprouts grocery in Phoenix when I felt “the call”, and as I walked around the store looking for the semi-hidden public bathrooms, I heard the familiar drum beat of Amii Stewart’s “Knock on Wood” begin to play, and I swear to Ya that as I relaxed the dam and let the yellow river flow, she sang:
Your love is better than any love I know.
It’s like thunder, LIGHTNING, the way you love me is frightening!


You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink!



This is Gosporn post #737. We flew home from Phoenix on a Boeing 737.

Oliver is dead one year today. I miss you Oliver.

It’s Nov. 16. 16 is the tower card.

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