Nov 16, 2014

Pegasus Starts With Pee

"The Tower is struck by lightning when reality does not conform to expectation.”

It began on August 26. That’s when I noticed a strong smell of urine when walking past the Shanghai Chinese restaurant in Point Hudson, and as my nose smelled the rancid odor, my eyes saw a boat named Alleluia. Why, I wondered, would urine be a reason to praise Yah?

I was reading Angels and Demons at the time. Chapter 77 includes a thought by Illuminati seeker Robert Langdon about the Pope’s “Holy Throne”.

I’m also reading Him Who Made the Seven Stars, a “horse/space opera”, by Waddie Graywolf, and I found a description of urine as some kind of alchemical brew.

Later, the yacht Alleluia was replaced by the yacht Pegasus, which firmly connected the chapter 77 Pope pee ritual to the lightning strike of the tower. See A Horse With No Name.

I began to wonder if my own body was some kind of teapot or brewery that was capable of brewing up some seriously wicked ale, and perhaps THAT is the occulted secret of the alchemists!? They say the Holy Grail lies within, but I never thought to take it so literally.

I’m a little teapot short and stout,
Here is my handle, here is my spout.
Maybe I’m a Mr. T? or a Mr. Coffee maker.

I like how the logo features a 5 pointed star, or Vitruvian Man. In Back to the Future II, the DeLorean becomes a flying car, or a Pegasus resonator. It’s no longer powered by gasoline, but by Mr. Fusion.

The Androgyne

The piss/lightning syncs have been getting pretty ridiculous. I visited the Commemorative Air Force Museum at the Horus resonating Falcon Field last week, and I saw some P-51 Mustangs. They are flying horses, and their name begins with Pee. Yes, I went there. P = urine.

Naturally, I had to go pee while I was there, and I noticed to the right of the urinal was a big color painting of some P-38 LIGHTNINGS in combat.

However, the best one so far is being at a Sprouts grocery in Phoenix when I felt “the call”, and as I walked around the store looking for the semi-hidden public bathrooms, I heard the familiar drum beat of Amii Stewart’s “Knock on Wood” begin to play, and I swear to Ya that as I relaxed the dam and let the yellow river flow, she sang:
Your love is better than any love I know.
It’s like thunder, LIGHTNING, the way you love me is frightening!


You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink!



This is Gosporn post #737. We flew home from Phoenix on a Boeing 737.

Oliver is dead one year today. I miss you Oliver.

It’s Nov. 16. 16 is the tower card.

1 comment:

JP said...

The tower could represent an alchemycal crucible.
(In an other way, "ce qui est en haut est comme ce qui est en bas", remember Logan the wolverine, prisoner of a japan hole, under a nuclear fire: that's all about Transmutation ! Tea-time)

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