Jan 21, 2009

High Noon

Would you be shocked to find out that the greatest moment of our recent history may not have happened at all?

I have three moments in my life that I still remember as if they had just happened. The first was July 20, 1969 -the Eagle had landed on the moon and my father turned to me and told me to never forget this day. The second was Oct. 3, 1995, and it seemed liked the whole country stopped at 10:00 a.m. to hear the verdict on O.J. Simpson. The third was Sept. 11, 2001.

The three most memorable events of my life were entirely mediated. And now I realize that they have a connection through the name Noonian (that I associate with Helios) via a strange personal synch stream from a few years ago.

But first this, via The Secret Sun:

In January 1967, Virgil 'Gus' Grissom, an American astronaut, held an unauthorized press conference in which he told reporters that the United States was "at least a decade away" from even contemplating a lunar mission. He was severely rebuked for giving that interview without permission.

Please bear with me while I relate the personal synch. It was a meeting. Var and I had a potential website client that we'd been wooing for several weeks, off and on, and it so happened that he would be in town for a few days so we all got together. We had no idea what this guy looked like, he described himself as "short and fat" and so we go to pick him up at his hotel and we're looking around the lobby for a conservatively dressed penguin, and the only guy we can see is this tan bodybuilder stud muffin sitting by himself. Can't be him! So we wait around for another 10 minutes, and finally Var approaches the bodybuilder and asks him if he's Ted, and he says yes! Ted may be short (five foot six?) but his "fat" was all muscle. He was wearing a loose XXL t-shirt that couldn't hide the bulging pecs and arms. Woof!!

Not Ted, but you get the idea.

Ned is straight and married (of course) and wonderfully sweet and modest which makes him even MORE hot. He knew our story and in fact his son is gay, and we really DID manage to present a decent professional demeanor through a very enjoyable dinner at our favorite little Thai restaurant. So everything was fine until we were driving back to his hotel and he turns to us and asks:

"Do you think we REALLY landed on the moon?"

His name was NOONan, and we drank Singha (Lion) beers at the Thai restaurant, so we have a near perfect synch with Kahn Noonian Singh - the Star Trek Helios.

Orange is the solar color, synching with O.J. Simpson, who played the protagonist in Capricorn One, Peter Hyam's 1978 conspiracy thriller about a faked mars landing - a story inspired by allegations that the Apollo Moon landings were a hoax. Interestingly, O.J. also starred in The Towering Inferno, synchromystically connecting him to all three events.

Dare I connect the dots so abundantly laid out before me?


David Stewart said...

Connect them!
Connect them!
Connect them!

Devin said...

Fascinating post as always Michael-forgot about the Towering Inferno-(wow doesnt that bring to mind those other towering infernos) i saw Capricorn One at the theatre when i was in junior high i think and liked it-this was a very long time before I had ran across any conspiracy type stuff besides JFK-best to you and Varen as always-hugs too!

Anadæ said...

It wouldn't've s'prised me to find that oot a'tall, Michael. The Fourth Estate (-& all its tendrils-) is the PAID-FOR bedfellow for the Plutocracy. I mean, yo! They've kept the Hollow Earth a secret all of these years with a certain modicum of sssssuck-cess, haven't they?


Plant consciousness or planet consciousness, that's the rub. Well, well, well, let's all go swimming.

Always looking, never content,
Anadæ ( :-)}

Christopher Knowles said...

I remember I had just signed my contract with Sirius Entertainment the day OJ was let off.It tarnished my love for Capricorn One, which is one of my all-time favorite conspiracy flix.

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments. I'd never really seriously considered that the moon landings could have been faked, but now...

Can you imagine what might happen if the Chinese landed on the moon and found no Eagle and no little footprints in the Lunar dust? It would be the ultimate PR disaster for Project Babylon/Atlantis. If they don't hurry up and get the stargate working in Lucerne so they can retcon everything, they'll have to go to plan B - nuke the moon, or something.

Michael said...

Hey, I was googling Peter Hyams and found his other film called Outland, which was a sci-fi Western, and wikipedia says:

"it has been described as a space Western, that is, a Western set in the future, and indeed bears obvious thematic resemblances to High Noon."

That cracks me up, since I didn't know that when I titled this entry.

JB said...

"There's no flag or footprints on the moon? Well... I don't know... maybe the solar winds blew them away. Yeah, that's it! There was a big solar storm and all that stuff got blown off the surface into outer space! Boys, let's give ourselves a big pat on the back for that one!"

But seriously, I think only Apollo 11 was "real", and by "real" I mean that they actually went over there, but what we saw and heard on tv was bulls**t. No lunar blue sky, no lunar tundra-like vegetation (as reported by astronomers for centuries past), no 12,000 year-old Atlantean moon bases in ruins, just cardboard backgrounds in a movie studio.

Thuth said...

I have never seen Capricon One! But now that you've brought it up, I'm sure the chance to view it will pop up very soon.

In the beginning of Dark Mission, Richard Hoagland's book on secret rituals at NASA, he mentions that he was at JPL during the 1966 moon landing and that DURING THAT MEETING they handed out a paper that outlined the moon landing hoax theory. The contention being that the fake landing itself was a conspiracy.

Hmmmm . . . layer, after layer, after layer, after layer.


dedroidify said...

Check out A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon contains newly discovered, unprecedented evidence consisting of a previously unseen, mislabeled, 31-year old unedited reel of footage from the first mission to the moon, Apollo 11, dated three days into the flight. In this footage Neil Armstrong himself is clearly visible staging part of the mission photography.

After I saw this, 'coincidentally' soon after I saw a Fox (haha) documentary "Conspiracy: Did we land on the Moon?" It even used other evidence than the first, namely a pretty high body count of people involved with NASA at the time. I warned my buddies, who also saw the first docu, to pay very good attention at how the documentary was made. Very poorly and obvious to a cautious observer ;p that the moon landing was a big fake.

NASA mooned the world!

Michael said...

Thuth - If 911 is any kind of template, we saw the so-called "911 Truth movement" derailed and obfuscated from within by operatives who made sure the truth would never come out of the mud. I think it quite logical that if the moon missions were faked, "they" would attempt to own and obfuscate the "moon hoax" territory so as to guide it away from the real truth of the matter.

Richard Hoagland is a fascinating character who may or may not be part of the smokescreen. His adoption of the Star Fleet insignia makes me wary.

Droidy - thanks for stopping by and adding the link. I recall that NASA accidentally lost all their hi-res moon reels a few years ago...

Jaspal said...

Glad to see you’re over your depression, a new year, a new sun and a new hope, I have high expectations for the year of the ox/cow to be "golden".

Being a Singh myself, I read the stuff on Khan with interest. He is actually a Sikh, genetically modified with great intellect and strength. The Sikhs are known as the greatest warrior race, though not always for their intelligence. Sikhs are half pathan/parsi and half Indian, so maybe there is something to the whole genetic modification thing. Singh also means Lion.

I re-watched Wrath of Khan, it is funny when you see something again with different specs how things stand out. Genesis, the self sacrifice of a Vulcan juxtaposed with the creation of the Sun, as well as Kirks reunion with his estranged Son. Carol Marcus is the fertility goddess Isis, bringing life to what was once "baron", making Kirks son Horus, a blond haired King David.

The birth of Jesus on the 25th signifies self sacrifice and the birth of a new Son/Sun, watching Gran Torino (Taurus/Horus) we see this reinforced. If there were not people in this world who thought of others rather than themselves, there would be no light at all.

I also thought it interesting to view Spock and McCoy as parts of Kirk's personality. Spock is the brain, logical thinking, while McCoy is overly emotional and attacks Spock at every opportunity. But it is Spock who transcends, like the terminator, or Sunny in i-robot, or Rama Chandra in The Matrix, or the two star wars droids, and Kirk calls him the most “human” of all

I keep thinking of the Vulcans as a group of Aliens who landed here on earth in Tibet/Nepal, bringing all that knowledge and spreading West to become the Germanic people (the German language is quite functional and very much like Sandskrit) and East to become the Japanese people (the same can be said of the Japanese language). Those two countries are the engineers/ Hephaestus of the world, and looking at Leonard Nimoy, you can see why he was picked to play Spock. The Nepal flag with its two triangles and sun/moon symbology are also quite interesting.

Social eugenics, my word verification is Stereli!

dedroidify said...

Hehe came across this lyric recently, forgot all about it:

"Space may be the final frontier but it's made in the Hollywood basement"
-Californication, Red Hot Chili Peppers

Michael said...

Jaspal - thanks for commenting. Yes, the Star Trek Genesis episode is actually all about Genesis. I'm glad that other people find these Star Trek myths so interesting.

Since I consider Starfleet to be a templar/masonic vision of their ideal totalitarian state, I love looking at their villains - like Kahn (the Lion Sun King) - to see if they leave any crumbs lying around for synch detectives. As it turns out, they leave a banquet.

Cheers, Michael

Thuth said...

Gosporn, I'm calling this out.

This year will be the year of the moon. It will also be the year of the werewolf, as last year was the year of the vampire.

It's already starting.


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