Jan 8, 2009

Raining Cats and Dogs

Yesterday was another day of driving rain, but we escaped the house to visit a local Borders Books and enjoy a cup of Joe. I picked up the January 2009 SAIL magazine, which included a SPECIAL CATAMARAN SECTION - and the warlike heading "Cat vs. Mono", but what drew me was this article about catamaran racing in Antigua:

"Scorching past the Pillars of Hercules outside English Harbor".

Two Catamarans (representing the twin guardians of the Holy Grail) racing (and creating a sweet HH) by the twin towers of Hercules? The name of the brand is "Gunboat", an odd name for a performance cruising yacht.

Gunboat is owned by the Newport, RHODE Island Johnstones, one of the "first families" of sailing. They've been building sailboats for decades, with their first success being the J/24 - a small racer/cruiser. The 24 spawned an an entire range of J/Boats, and the Gunboats are their entry into the catamaran market. Gunboats are designed by the famous design firm of Morelli & Melvin (MM) who, curiously, also designed the titanic racing catamaran PlayStation for the late adventurer Steve Fossett. Melvin is also the name of the Toxic Avenger.

Antigua means "ancient" in Spanish and was named by Christopher Columbus after a church in Spain, Santa Maria La Antigua — St. Mary the Ancient. It is also known as Wadadli, from the original Amerindian inhabitants, and means approximately "our own". --wikipedia

I've been mulling over the dream about finding the Pillars of Hercules, and the themes of "defender" and "destroyer" that have risen so strongly, via Helios the Defender of Rhodes (see In the Shadow of Giants), and Shiva's Trident.

To recap: The statue of Helios was 33m tall, the same as Isis (Liberty) in NYC. Helios was the Defender of Rhodes, which was described by the Rhodesian islanders as the land of the free and home of the brave, to roughly paraphrase. They might simply have called the island "our own". Lady Liberty is Isis, AKA the Divine Feminine or the Grail. She's the Symbol of New Zion (Manhattan), who was guarded by the Twin Towers - which are a twin male concretization of Shiva the Destroyer and his/her ultimate weapon of destruction - the Trident.

Last year I flew to NYC for the funeral of my domestic partner's father, and I recalled the experience of flying to New Zion as being like "three comets streaking east", because we flew in a formation of three airplanes - leaving a brilliant triple wake of condensation trails. Three missiles... of potential destruction, and I remember that 911 was characterized by three missiles - two aimed at the Twin Defenders and one more for the Pentagon - another symbol for Isis, Venus, the Divine Feminine.

On Christmas day, I receive an Xmas card from some friends who had just adopted a new German Shepherd they named Shiva. Within hours I am attacked by a German Shepherd in full on "destroyer/defender/Shiva mode. I am unhurt, as are all my charges (shaken, not stirred).

On Jan. 2 I'm browsing Hulu and decide to watch The Toxic Avenger, in which I find some synchage with Shiva and the Id (see I Heart the Monster). It draws an unusual "attack" in the comments from the usually friendly Moon (friendly fire?) and I "defend" in due course. A "small moon" is the ultimate , Shiva-like weapon of the Star Wars universe, and curiously, Rev. Moon is from Korea, which is rebuilding it's own Tower of Babel (along with everyone else) as noted in the recent post: The Culture is Returning. The Secret Sun sweetens the pot with a recent reference to The Lathe of Heaven, which happens to feature an alien invasion... from the moon.

On 1/1/09, I joined a nearby gym called "Ironworks Gym" in Bellevue. Synching with the tin man, Ironman, the Man of Steel, Citizen Steel, all... defenders. As I was writing my check, I realized I was writing 911 backwards, and the strangest idea came to me:

The twin towers... are being rebuilt?

Archetypes never die, they just get a new Peter built.


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Devin said...

I thought of you and Varen yesterday when I was at my parent's house and saw how the Pac NW was getting hammered-I hope it has calmed down now! This was a very interesting post as always-I had never thought of the Pentagon in that aspect-I am continually stumbling across references to Shiva in the oddest places-knowing what Shiva is about makes me wonder if my intuition is trying to tell me something-also noticed yesterday on the 2006 series five dollar bill that if you look at the Licoln memorial in a certain light-it looks to me almost as if it is enveloped in a mushroom cloud-had never noticed this before and can't get it out of my head now. Blessings and hugs to the both of you!

Michael said...

Hi Dev - yea, we have strange weather. Tons of rain, wind, snow, blech. Hammered is a good reference - Thor is really going at it.

Thanks for the comment about Shiva. It seems like the gay blogosphere is "erupting" in pissed-off Shiva mode - I see it over and over again. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing - there is no such thing as a "bad" emotion, just misdirected. So we'll see if this latest surge of Shiva/Trident emotion hits a real target, or, as usual, is harmlessly (to the target) misdirected by the powers that be.

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