Jan 9, 2009

Daedalus Airport

President Lex: a false flag operation

Considering recent Superman synchs, I recall that I have actually MET Lex Luthor!

I was working at a boat factory adjacent to a small airfield: Arlington Airport, in Washington State. He (Gene Hackman) happened to be filming a movie nearby, and we both happened in to the same deli for lunch - the Flying J. (hmmm... ) Everyone was like, ignoring this major event, but I got up from my table and approached Gene, asking him if he was who I thought he was. He affirmed in a grumpy sort of way, as if he didn't expect to be recognized in such a backwater, and that... was that.

But not quite, because Gene Hackman could very well mean the Hacker of Man's Genes. And Gene Hackman also played the Catholic Priest aboard the doomed Poseidon. Makes me wonder...

Anyway, back to that airport. I LOVED it! There was always some strange and wonderful flying machine about to be discovered. It was like, the mad scientist's airport. We had autogiros and biplanes and WWII vintage bombers and even a guy who was making a flying car! Doc Brown would have been right at home. But the most amazing thing was the day a Starship landed, and I even got a ride!?

It was no big miracle, just that a vendor had chosen a Beechcraft Starship as their grail, which was the sleekest, coolest thing you can imagine! It even outshone the airport's resident "super jet", which happened to be a small bizjet made in Israel(?!). They landed, they hung out for a while and took us for rides, and they took off, and I swear to the airport it was like the freakin' Second Coming.

I'm not sure, but I think the vendor was a vinyl graphics company - Sharpline. An Artificer of Images. Daedalus landing?

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