Jan 24, 2009

Water Boarding on the Hudson

These images (via 70.8 percent) of the recovery of the drowned US Airways flight 1546 are strangely calming and hopeful for me. Not by accident is the wounded eagle drowned and then recovered. And I don't mean the "conspiracy", because while that no doubt exists, there is nothing on earth that happens without I Am's complete understanding and even... approval. He's writing the story, and he's written villains and heroes, but every one follows the script sure.

So it makes me wonder... the Media and the Masons (or insert favorite Secret Society) have their interpretations of this event (that they in their hubris believe to be a result of their own dark design), and we synchro bloggers ping off of all that and more besides. But what does it mean... to the Supreme Creative Director?

Why did EVERYONE live? Why are the tugboats Alexandria (the submerged library) Thomas and Virginia involved? Yes, I know... it's all about Obama Wan. But it's not. It's much bigger than that. This is a monumental, rising submarine moment, disguised as a cheap magician's trick.

Something... is UP.


tommy said...

Eye-opening thoughts, Michael. I agree that Obama is serving as more of a distraction than a path to understanding the motives of "Creator", and I hate to write-off something that is truly miraculous (such as every person surviving the crash) as just another "play" by the sorcerers.

Devin said...

I agree with tommy, Michael-eye and 'I' opening thoughts as always-you are very correct that something is up-for the life of me I cant figure out 'what' when I read this i thought you gots to be kidding me those were the names of the tugboats?-wow! thats all i can say-best to you and Varen as always!

Thuth said...

What's on the other side of the matrix, indeed? The great 'I Am' or an deified 12 year old playing with the latest simulation program called, "People".

I don't know.

But I, too, feel inspired by everyone surviving in a way that goes beyond the Masons, Order Ab Chao and more.

Flicking around on the TV tonight after Big Love, I started watching the Gospel of Thomas, I just wrote about Virginia, and I mentioned Alexandria in a follow up post.

I don't know what's going on, but I have faith in Verne Troyer when he said. . . Don't worry, it's coming.

I think it's the answer, whatever the answer is.

I think uncovering synchs like the tugboat names are the question.

We're getting closer.


Michael said...

Thanks for the comments. I don't know what's going on, either. Except that these moments are important, and I hate to give them up to the PTB. They may be the actors, but they're not directing...

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