Jan 26, 2009

You're Invited to an Exclusive Preview Night

Being trapped in the burbs, we rarely go downtown anymore, so it's always a treat. We headed in to visit the Seattle Boat Show on the 22nd - Joker's Day. Not much to report except the remarkable number of empty downtown storefronts - the Bush legacy.

The Seattle Boat Show promo ad shows a boat powering into the setting sun, an apt metaphor for the end of the oil age and the empire it fathered. A dinosaur's last gasp.

We (being friends of friends of an industry insider) were invited to the special Preview night which involved free drink tickets! We had to pick up our tickets at the vendor who invited us, which happened to be Italian boat builder Cranchi (pronounced "cranky" - how's that for good marketing!?) And guess what my ticket no. was? 666. Oh joy.

I get the number of the Beast from an Italian boat company that uses a red crab for their logo. Being the good synchromystic detective, I take each element at a time.

  • Italian: Rome, Vatican.
  • Boat: symbolic of grails and vessels. the Holy Grail. Mary.
  • Red: Cardinals, Mars, blood, passion, definitely the Vatican.
  • Crabs: eight legged arthropods, symbolic of Cancer, creeping disease, "unclean" food.
  • Eight: the star gate, death.

A quick google of the Vatican shows an eight legged oval (testicular) surrounding the great PROD(uction). The Vatican penis is shooting where? Oh yea... the five pointed star, the Divine Miss M.

The Beast comes from the Vatican? Ooooooh. How many times have I heard THAT before! I mean, not that it's not true, but it's just so fucking obvious. Ah well, thanks uni-verse for the reminder.

Sometimes I think the Joker is here to point out things (like the Vatican or the Moon Hoax) that are totally OBVIOUS once you see it his way. He seems to be closely related to Shiva, the Destroyer. The Destroyer of... illusion?


Sergio Alexis Florez Ortiz Jr said...

it looks like a key hole

ViølatoR said...

St. Peter's Square not only looks liek a key hole, but the whole design from the vatican to the star shaped fort are known as the Vatican Key. Here's a new website by a guy who does a lot of starmap connections to the layout.

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