Jan 10, 2009

Secret Secret

My sister-in-law (isn't it great I can say that?) is a firm believer in The Secret. That would be the Oprah-fed fad that promotes the basic idea that good emotions and thoughts bring good realities, and negative emotions/thoughts bring bad realities. Which would be great if it actually worked, but I've just seen the downside.

We are currently dealing with a family issue that has the potential to create BOTH a better reality AND involve lots of negative emotions (matters of inheritance). Sis is having trouble processing that.

It suddenly starts to make a little sense. The Secret makes you feel like you are doing YOURSELF harm if you do anything that might involve "NEGATIVE" emotions. Like maybe... a lawsuit or marching or picketing or doing anything at all to stand up for your rights. If ONLY Martin Luther King had known The Secret! Oprah is an Uncle Tom.

Check out The Secret website, which could NOT be more "Da Vinci Code"/Templar in flavuh. I'm sorry people, but I gotta go with Buddha on this one. The Secret will not be televised. The Secret is within.


Devin said...

Michael-I love these short and to the point posts you do! I can't thank you enough for the MLK reference-you hit this directly on the head-so to speak-it irritates the living f*%$ out of me that when your blog updates it doesnt 'climb' on my site-because i forget to look-I guess it is that stupid blogger warning thing that does it-hehe as if in this day and age folks haven't seen this kind of stuff before-best to you and Varen-I can never stop thinking of Varennes Fr when I think of name-I hope you both are going to be all right with this issue-money does very strange things to people-and I hope this does not add to stress word veri=caterpl easy that one caterpillar or catapult-i guess:-)

Michael said...

Hi Devin - I was just on your blog and I saw how MLK was at the very top - interesting. MLK reminds me of Milk - Harvey Milk?

Don't worry about V and me and money issues. We've done the "for richer and for POORER" thing a little TOO much, and we somehow survive. We will survive. And so will you.

Cheers, Michael

Know Nothing said...

Well said Michael, I couldn't agree more.

Anadæ said...

It's good to Gno that summun ehyulse sees this (w)hole trend as just a buncha newage (rhymes with sewage, thank you Penn & Teller!) rhetoric. Be that as it (dis)may, Michael, and Devin, and Know Nothing, intent with a capital "I" is what maketh us modernday workers of miracles keep cummin' back for more, winky-wink?

Christopher Knowles said...

The Secret has a parallel in Christianity with Prosperity Gospel. A friend of mine when asked blurted out "Oh, Prosperity Gospel is straight from the depths of hell. It turns God into a genie." Maybe an errant djinn started the Secret movement in the first place!

Michael said...

"turns God into a genie". Or perhaps a demiurge. Seems to be woven all of the same foul cloth.

Thuth said...

I got The Secret for Xmas.

Are you getting any Sara Lee synchs?

Or the sound "icki"?

For reail.


Michael said...

Sam Witwicky? From Transformers II. See the latest at The Secret Sun

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