Jan 31, 2009

My Mother the Car

The solar chariot - note his mother peaking...

I saw a gorgeous orange Porsche 914 the other day - nice ones are quite rare these days. Ricardo Montalban died on Jan. 14, and the High Noon post got 14 comments. 914's had removable SUN roofs, orange... you get the drift. 914's are a crossbreed between the noble Porsche brand and the peasant VW engine, so they are considered less valuable and collectible. However, judged simply on their merits, 914's were very good cars, and by volume, Porsche's most successful model - "the people's Porsche". Like most of my favorite cars, it was rear engined.

The legendary Dr. Ferry Porsche is the father of both brands - Porsche and Volkswagen. He developed a "people's car" for Hitler prior to WWII (another false sun god/antichrist), which became the VW, which eventually became a symbol of 60's counter-culture. How weird is that?

Now that I think about it, the most significant cars in my history were ALL crossbreeds of one sort or another. The Ferrari 246 Dino is perhaps the most beautiful Ferrari ever made - a cross between Pininfarina coach building and a 6-cylinder Fiat power plant. I loved this car. Still do. The name "Dino" honors the founder's late son, Alfredo "Dino" Ferrari.

The "Dino" brand was created to market a lower priced, "affordable" sports car. The first brochure described the Dino as "almost a Ferrari". --wikipedia

"What is man that you are mindful of him, the son of man that you care for him? 
 You made him a little lower than the angels; you crowned him with glory and honor and put everything under his feet." --Hebrews 2:6-8

Another is the De Tomaso (Thomas) Pantera (panther), a cross between "old world" Italian artistry and the brute force of a "new world" Ford V-8. Sold in the US through the Lincoln/Mercury dealerships, this car has perhaps the most gorgeous ass ever designed, but quality did not live up to expectations. Notably, Elvis Presley once fired a gun at his Pantera after it wouldn't start.

Auto-mobiles are symbolic of chariots, grails and vessels - and we human beings are literally spirit in vessels of clay. It makes me wonder...

Maybe I am a Halfbreed Prince - a Son of God and Gaia, Zeus and Europa - spirit and matter. I am Hercules. I am Orion. I am Jesus -the Son of the Father and Mary. I am a Porsche 914 - half immortal (noble) and half mortal (iron). This is the template. The new model. Adam.

So it is written: "The first man Adam became a living being"; the last Adam, a life-giving spirit.

The War of Heaven was because of this. Spirits do not willfully don feet of clay. But feet of clay we have, and warriors we are. Not against flesh and blood, but against the angels. The foot is the symbol of mankind - our earthborn 3D existence. Likewise the wing is the symbol of spirit - of the angels.

Ricardo Montalban sold the Chrysler Cordoba as "the affordable" luxury car. The 914 was the "people's Porsche". The 246 Dino was the "affordable" sports car. Both the Pantera and the Lincoln Mercury brand were sold as "affordable" alternatives. Hello... is there an echo in here?

I wonder... maybe God found the angels to be "unaffordable"? Maybe wars in heaven (like in Iraq) simply cost too much. So maybe He created this third dimension (Middle Earth) that would supply him with ecstatic experience for wholesale. Mankind, the affordable alternative! No wonder the angels fear/hate/abuse us, we work for practically free!

It's not being a worker that bugs me. I LIKE to work. I just want to feel appreciated. I think I've just founded the first automotive religion/union. Teamsters of the Universe... Unite!


tommy said...

I would gladly join your union, as a car (which I don't have) fits my idea of a holy grail right now. Although, I am not a car buff. :(

El Tomaso Pantera... My name and Leo, my birth sign. Weird!

Michael said...

Thanks Tommy. FYI, I've never owned any of these... like porn stars I just admire them from afar.

Cheers, Michael

Christopher Knowles said...

Forgive my ignorance, but didn't the Black Stallion have some meaning in gay culture at some point?

Michael said...

Maybe before my time?

Devin said...

I will join too Michael! great post-agree about the 246 Dino-the other day I was trying to think of what was the most beautiful luxury car ever made-and couldnt make up my mind-one car that i usually do not like-looks anyway-is the mercedes-i love the old Bentley coupes and the new Arnage-I think the early sixties Lincolns were very elegant-I hope you are doing great-best to you and Varen as always!

Jaspal said...

The engine is the common bit, with the external body being the extravagant part. "Let us make man in OUR image".

What does God need with a starship/car?

Esperanto Grrl said...

Interesting stuff. As a New Yorker, though, I just don't see the point of owning a car.

I've always thought deities should have vehicles appropriate to their pantheon.

The Norse Gods would probably drive a pickup truck with a Rebel flag sticker in back. Now there's a pantheon that's probably done time...

The Vedic Deities of North India? Probably an electric VW bus. Ditto for Krishna, too. Note they never exactly said what Arjuna's chariot was in the Bhahagavad-Gita, but my guess is he didn't "buy American."

Native American gods? A camaro or a GTO, something sporty and all-American.

Despite their descendants' love of it, I doubt the humorless Mexican gods would go near a lowrider, except to use the hood for human sacrifice.

I can see the dull, unchanging Egyptian pantheon in a huge "Asian Man" car like a giant cadillac. After the Greek myths, with their feisty personalities (Athena is the coolest idea for a goddess EVER), and the heavy metal doom and gloom of the Vikings, the Egyptians always struck me as dull. Almost as dull as the whitewashed Calvinist/Methodist/Lutheran protestant Christianity of the United States.

Give me the folk, Russian Orthodox version of Christianity I grew up with anyday, with its warriors and pillars of flame.

Michael said...

Devin - thanks, we can have a very cool sanctuary/garage!

Jaspal - you are the car/grail/vessel.

Esp Grrl - You are definitely on to something. Agreed about the Norse Gods, they would only ride Harleys. Native Americans? Pony cars... duh. Mustangs and Camaros. The Vedics and Jains would have a levitating bus, so that not even one insect is crushed. Egyptians? All their cars would have animal heads leading the way. Oh wait, hood ornaments already DO that. Goddess religions would drive SUV's, because safety is always Job 1.

Devin said...

I am glad I came back to this post for the new thoughts-fascinating-really enjoy the comments here also-best to both of you as always!

Thuth said...

With a grandfather who worked at Ford all his life in Detroit, I get the car thing.

They're like dogs. They look like their owners, or do their owners look like them?

The interesting thing for me about cars are that they both made and destroyed Detroit. Like a Grail, cars can liberate or destroy you.

When you walk through Detroit. . . wait, you don't walk through Detroit. You can't. It's a car city.

Like Dallas, like Los Angeles, like San Antonio.

Cars gave birth to suburbs. And destroyed the cities. But also birthed a new American dream. Like Obama-mama.

That's a HOT Ferrari and I'm a HUGE Porsche fan - although I drive a jeep.


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