Jan 16, 2009

Shiva Makes a House Call

There's been a series of odd events at my house that are finally coming into focus.

We have an old rusting basketball hoop and post that's been laying on the driveway for longer than I care to admit. The thing is MASSIVE - welded iron and plywood backboard with a concrete filled base and it weighed a ton and we don't have a pickup so it just sorta sat there after we pulled it out of the backyard to plant a garden and dragged it up around front.

Anyway, about three weeks ago (during the Great Christmas Blizzard) I was out shoveling the driveway when a neighbor pulls up in his 4X4 SUV and offered to take it to metal recycling for me because he was hauling some other stuff as soon as the snow melts. Which I thought was mighty neighborly of him. He said maybe next weekend if the snow melts, and it did, but he never showed. So I figured... ah well.

But then next week he DOES show up in his pickup truck, and he's ready to cut the thing up and take it away and I see he's dressed for destruction wearing a retro 1977 Cooperstown Mariner's cap showing the prominent Trident M, and my synch alarms go off. He's dressed all in blue (jeans and a hoody), and remember that's Shiva's favorite color. And then... he hauls out a "Super Sawzall" reciprocating saw, and cut this monster up in minutes! Shiva's Trident is the "ultimate weapon of destruction", just like the SawzALL.

So we plop the pieces into the pickup and off he goes and we thank him muchly and I'm wondering what to make of all that?!

Well.... putting on my retro Christian cap, I recalled the great statue that Nebuchadnezzar saw in a dream:

The head of the statue was made of pure gold, its chest and arms of silver, its belly and thighs of bronze, its legs of iron, its feet partly of iron and partly of baked clay. While you were watching, a rock was cut out, but not by human hands. It struck the statue on its feet of iron and clay and smashed them. --Daniel 2:32-34

The dream is interpreted as a vision of a succession of empires - Babylon through the ages. Some say America is this last empire, with feet of iron and clay (or concrete). Basketball is an American invention, and perhaps the uprooted and decrepit basketball hoop is symbolic of the nation (and since this is my 'dream', I can interpret it as I wish). George W. Bush (as Nero the Manchurian Candidate) ruined (uprooted) the country, and now all that's left is for the vultures to pick off the rest of the meat from the bones (the "bailout") and then cut the country up into pieces, for scrap. I wonder, is Obama America's Gorbachev? Now that would be REAL Change.


Devin said...

Michael I am astounded by how much our thoughts are alike-you really started the ball rolling in one way-what a very fascinating way to put it-both as a synch comment and an all-round political comment about Obama=Gorbachev-I am def going to have to look at this post some more-the reason I think that comment is so interesting-is indeed Gorby was left with a shell of a USSR to work with-and of course his reforms led to an even greater disintegration of Russ Empire on so many levels-the kleptocracy that started getting their hands in the door during the 'Gippers' term -really took off and by 43s term it had exploded-I do not think there is much left to steal besides the kitchen curtains!!! Really fascinating thinking-I am indeed starting to think that time is somehow 'fractalized' and much along Hindu? thought about there being a Heaven of Indra in which all things are reflected among themselves-interesting too is Shiva is a Hindu deity-best to you and Varen as always-if I can come up with anything else I will comment-maybe America/Rome the empire that never ended is finally about to end?

Michael said...

Hi Devin. yes, exactly. You put it better than I did, at least filled in the blanks. And yes, I think Rome is about to end... and it's hilarious, as a Roman citizen, how conflicted I feel about that.

Cheers, Michael

info said...

"Really fascinating thinking-I am indeed starting to think that time is somehow 'fractalized' and much along Hindu?"

Ooohh. Very nice.

I don't know if I agree that the country is going to end. I DEFINATELY see it as a possibility, but the old Freemasonic motto of Order out of Chaos, makes me wonder if we won't see the NWO as a Golden Age for everyone (even while the security machine ramps up FOR REAL - which makes it a fake golden age - smiley face killer). George Bush was set up to create the Chaos, now Obamessiah will come in and lay the groundwork for the order.

Lately, I've been saying - ask me about it in 2013. That's my new philosphy. Time will tell. It could go either way, what happens in the next year or two will tell ALOT about what the Roman Empire is being transformed into. I see it going either getting stronger or being destroyed, and I'm just not sure yet.

Thanks for the personal post. I love that you're thinking has changed (I'm pretty sure it has) so that now you have a Synch Alarm. I totally get it. And I'm sure it goes off often, right?



Anadæ said...

And Freyr, which is just a title, meaning "Lord", whose real name is Yngvi, whose kingdom is Lyosalfheim (the world of the Light Elves) in the Norse religion's world tree, Yggdrasil, is the son of Njord, the sea god, whose emblem is also the trident.

As pointed out in my comments to Ben Fairhall's blog last week, Thursday, 8 January, "The Crimson King [Part III]", there might actually be a connexion to Shiva & Freyr. More grist for the synchro-mystic mill, Michael. Keep those God-winks coming!

Megakudos again,
Anadæ ( :-)}

Michael said...

Thanks for commenting, much appreciated.

Thuth - yes, the country isn't going to END, but it will probably change into something nearly unrecognizable from what it was, much like the nominally communist USSR changed into almost the opposite after Gorby. Gorby was the changemeister, and I see you're channeling the same thing in different terms - from Ben Franklin to Lincoln. That may even involve a redefining of borders - a "dismembering".

Personal synch: I walk around a local school - Ben Franklin Elementary nearly every day.

Anadae - thanks for the Nordic tie-in. The trident is a potent symbol to the Norse, Greeks, Indians, Christians (via the deveel's pitchfork) and that's just what I know about. I also consider the Toxic Avenger to wield a sort of pitchfork - his mop.

I also note that my Shiva did me no harm, and actually was a huge help. He was also pretty cute, in a boyish kind of way... ;-)

Ben Fairhall said...

I actually laughed out loud when I read the title... I had a strange phrase going round my head when I was composing the Mumbai Reflections: Shiva Is My Girlfriend.

Nearly a complete synch!

The 'Tilting At Windmills' concept, by the way, is coming into ever greater focus re: Conisholme. I hope you don't mind I have stolen your title for a third post on that subject. :)


Some interesting artwork there, courtesy of Gustav Dore. Battling behemoths, indeed.


Devin said...

when I get done you are not gonna believe word veri-i dont know maybe not so weird-I had a thought the other night about how everything with Obama's team is change.gov-I thought what if that includes change of the seat of govt! Just a thought:-) word veri is mythriza-I thought right of the bat of Mithraic or myth making-which i believe some famous fellow said is what all humans do-best to you and Varen and all who comment here!

RalphBuckley said...

....weren't those caps hideous...!
"Being a Seattle native...and a 12 year old in '77...(to young to celebrate the short-lived baseball club of '69... "Seattle Pilots")...I dawned my "Mariners cap and wore it proudly until it faded from the aforesaid 'god of descruction's' favorite colour....
....as of recently they've reissued this cap, and every time I see someone wearing one of these, it tosses me into apocalyptic visions of Neptune...followed directly by tsunami's crashing over the Olympics...eventually throwing Puget Sound into a wall of rebirth....

whoops...I got carried away....again...

enjoy your posts very much...
frater ralph

Michael said...

Comment much appreciated.

Ben - funny. ;-) Thanks for the Gustav Dor pic. Amazing.

Devin - what can I say? Fabulous synch.

Ralph -thanks for commenting. Ya know, I actually played in the "all-city band" that inaugurated the King Dome in 1977? All the high school bands sitting around the dome, with Danny Kaye (first owner of the Seahawks) conducting! That was one very strange scene. We had no real idea how famous this old guy was, and he kept yelling at us to watch HIM and his conductor's baton, and NOT listen to the music, the size of the dome meant that by the time we heard our part coming up, it was already to late to blow. So we had to blow BEFORE we heard it. Not so easy for high school kids. Danny was pissed.

Michael said...

Oops, I meant first owner of the Mariners. Seahawks, Mariners - potatoes, potatoes.

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