Sep 11, 2007

Holy Donuts

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. --Genesis 1:27

I read a strange homoerotic story the other day that had a guy eating donuts off the end of another guy's dick. Hmmm. What is it about donuts (or bagels, if we want to stay Kosher)?

In 3D modeling, a donut is a torus. A torus is the shape of the charged particle energy field that surrounds the earth (the Van Allen Radiation Belt), as well as our bodies, and probably the galaxy. A Kean Eye explains it (who I'm much obliged to for the images as well):

Think of a torus. Our own Earth has a torus shaped energy field surrounding it. As do all planets. And as do our own bodies. And apples. And eggs. And we aren't just surrounded by this energy, we ARE this energy. Quantum Physics tells us that energy creates matter. And our reality is based on an energy field that is fractally compressing onto a singularity.

Holy Donut! I am the torus. The torus is me.

Now, consider a black hole - and think of it as the donut hole. All matter and energy is sucked into the donut hole. But in another dimension, that same energy and matter is expelled in a fountain of 'Creation'. The black hole is the ultimate Abyss, the Feminine Devourer, and the other side, it's the ultimate Ejaculation, the Masculine Creator - the Cock of cocks! So basically, the universe is made of ummm... sperm. Godsperm. The Spirit DNA, Code, the Word. Like the Palmolive commercial, "You're soaking in it".

Now, imagine the Creation emanating from one side of the hole, and then curving around to enter the black hole/rose bud on the other - the inner tube o' love, the master baiter, the cock that fucks himself, the Ouroboros.

Note that the entire torus is male. The 'ejaculate' emanates from the center, curves around, and fucks the same center from behind - doggy style. The entire Creation is the product of the male. But it is the female - the vacuum - the no thing - that is the engine that powers the whole fucking she-bang.


I Just finished taking my dog out for a walk, during sunset, and it was remarkable because the sky was perfect - clear and blue - not a blemish. I've grown so accustomed to the ever present blur of chem trails that a truly clear day IS remarkable. I remember that 9/11/01 (and the week after) was also remarkable in that way.


Jake Kotze said...


Jake Kotze said...

On 2012 we will cross the equater (the very edge of the milky ways disk) of our galaxy and be in allignment with the black hole 'cock' that made us. The furthest most rim of the torus! Amazingly there is more, much more...

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments Jake, much appreciated. Yea, so many things are "lining up" for 2012 - the end of this age? "Black hole sun/son, won't you come..."

Keep it up,


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