Sep 13, 2007

The Gay Tribe

I was thinking about Israel and Jews the other day: how Jews can't escape their tribal identity.

Being Jewish transcends religion - even though Jewishness is defined BY its religion. The whole idea of "Jewishness" is founded upon that ancient covenant of G*D with... DNA. A Jew can't escape his DNA, even if he renounces the religion or even the State of Israel. He's STILL Jewish - only now labeled a "self-hating Jew". Talk about your heavy burdens.

Ironically, homosexuals are in a similar boat - yet one coming and one going, like ships passing in the night.

Jews are Jews because of their blood. Queers are queers in spite of our blood. To every gay man, sooner or later, comes the dawning Revelation that he has a spirit within that won't be denied. That spirit takes many forms, but in each case it demands a sacrifice - a "death" to our own flesh and blood - our DNA.

Gay men choose to live in ghettos, Like Jews did in Europe. We have our own dress codes, mannerisms, slang, "temples" (bars and gyms) feast days and festivals. We have our own media. We even have our own "gods" - the porn stars and the divas.

Like Jews, we are stereotypically talented: Jews are good at money. Fags are good at the arts.

We can renounce our gay tribal identity, but we're still gay. See Senator Larry Craig for the latest example.

We can pray to Jesus to save us from our homosexuality, but that won't make us straight, the best we can hope for is to become "ex-gay" (or X-Man?), which puts us in a No-Mans Land of identity - Limbo. Or we can become a "self-hating queer", like Roy Cohn.

Like Jews, Queers are convenient scapegoats for whatever ails society, and in extreme cases, we're lead off to the same death camps, though we were never given our own official "Zion" as a guilt offering.

Like the Jews in Egypt, homosexual "identity" was created via revolt (the Stonewall Riots), and like those Egyptian Jews, queers have been "wandering in the desert" for almost 40 years. Does that make Larry Kramer our Moses?


FilmNoir23 said...

Great writing Michael...I think your points here are VERY valid.

Perhaps some of your best work, seriously.

Funny that you would mention the X-men...the story lines during the 90's seemed to suggest that they (mutants) were merely cover for "gay". Also, if I the first X-men movie, Magneto and Charles Xavier meet in a concentration camp?

Michael said...

Thanks Todd, much appreciated.

Interesting about the early X-Men plots. I admit to never actually sitting through an X-Men movie - though the characters often appear in homoerotic fan art, especially that hairy Wolverine.

jb said...

JB from WWWizard comments section here.

I have a question for you Michael:

Do you believe that all men are homosexual deep down inside? Or should be homosexual simply because that is what Jesus and God would want?

Because I have never been attracted to men, and am constantly attracted to women. I have even met my soulmate, and I love her very much. Are you saying that I should forget about her and turn against my own heterosexual nature?

Not asking for an argument here, just curious about your point of view. GREAT site btw.

Michael said...

Hi JB, thanks for coming by. When it comes to sex, I think there ought to be as few rules as possible. The human body is an ecstasy creating/giving/taking machine of divine origin and nature. Let's simply be who we are made to be.

I don't think Jesus much cares who's doing it with who, so long as we do keep on doing it.

Jesus' gayness is not divine "judgement" against heterosexuality - perish the thought! It has more to do with strategic planning - cutting Satan off at the balls, so to speak.

All the best,


aferrismoon said...

considering your Torus Universe model+ larry Kramer:

Anonymous said...

Love it dude, right on the money.

I observe that for 'homosexual' one could substitute 'individual' - and this seems to reveal the truth about sacred text. The Torah is self-contradictory - or is it?

G-d wants us to 'make a choice' but the only choice seems to be to reject the framework of his Genesis. By living life on our own terms - whatever those terms may be - we repudiate our DNA in favor of an 'eternally evolving Ecclesia'. (I am paraphrasing Carlos Suares)

Now we can whittle humanity down into three tribes.

Nihilists. Those who see nature as a crusty botch.

Dualists. Those who divide reality into Good and Evil and always label themselves Good.

All-ists. All-ism accepts the contention that Every Man and Woman Is A Star. The apprehension of the sacred is an never-ending ever-changing revelation.

Let's get this party started.

There is no god but man.

Later Man,

The WWWiz

Michael said...

Hi Mark, thanks for the comments, always appreciated.

Even though I may seem a tad unorthodox, I really am a Christian at heart - though I'm trying to be one without cutting off my head or my cock.

All the best,


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