Sep 17, 2007

The Holy Grail

Note: This article combines Holy Grail I, II (and now III) into one abridged article. Sometimes less really is more.

It was 2004 when I finally read The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown. The fact that I DID read it was highly unlikely. At the time, I couldn't have been less interested in pulp fiction, royalty, the Catholic Church (or institutional religion in ANY of its forms). All my friends had already read and raved about it, and still I avoided it like the plague.

However, the book finally came to me in an odd sort of way. My sister sent it to me... from jail. In 2004 she was doing time for yet another DWI, and somehow, someway, she decided to send me The Da Vinci Code, which arrived in my mailbox as if wrapped by a six year old with ADD. By 2004, I was beginning to suspect that the universe sends messages as He will, so even though I had no real interest, I sat down to read. When I was finished, it was as if I'd had a weird sort of vision - I realized that this book was no mere fiction. It was an 'Initiation' into the mysteries - 'Masonry For Dummies'.

If what this book said was true, then a literal 'sacred seed' was present in European royalty, and by connecting a few dots, I understood that the elitist racism of royalty has a certain logic behind it. A few more dots, and the grail quest leads straight to England and, eventually, to Diana - the Queen of Hearts.

And this is exactly the moment when my soul rebelled. I can't explain it, but at that moment I knew that this 'bloodline' was my enemy. The book was somehow all a lie - a most elegant, beautiful, refined and logical... lie.

According to Dan Brown (a Neo-Templar of high degree?), the Holy Grail is no gilded cup, but a bloodline. We're all pretty well up to speed with it, thanks to the efforts of the Hollywood myth-makers. From Luke Skywalker to Lord Aragorn II, Hollywood endlessly presents the heroic bloodline. A man who, thanks to "the Force being strong within him", becomes the Savior of the world/Middle Earth/galaxy.

The Right Stuff?

In 'The Incredibles', budding, teen-age super-hero Violet has a moment of doubt - how would she really know the right thing to do? Her "super mom" replied that she'd know what do do - "It's in your blood". As if doing the right thing was somehow easy for those of "noble DNA", and conversely, nearly impossible for we mere mortals.

Eve was beguiled by the serpent in the garden - eating the apple being allegorical to a sexual act. The seed is central to the biblical narrative - the sons of Samael vs. the sons of Adam, Cain vs. Shem. Two bloodlines and two grails. I wonder, which grail is which? Has there maybe been a switch?

What's kinda weird about all this talk of seeds and grails, is that the bloodlines aren't bloodlines of the flesh. We're talking about DNA of the spirit - and this DNA seems to follow different rules of transmission. The bible is always talking about people being "grafted in" or "cut off", Jesus is likened to a vine, God to a gardener, etc. Spirit DNA seems able to be transfered from one person/family/nation to another, as easily as a gardener grafts a stem from one plant to another.

It's an old bodybuilding joke that the first advice given to a newbie at the gym is to "choose the right parents", because genetics play such a huge role in any bodybuilding success. How bizarre that this is exactly the opportunity we're being given - to choose our Father. How many space-time paradoxes might that generate?

And do not call anyone on earth 'father,' for you have one Father, and he is in heaven. --Matthew 23:9

There's an idea. What if the Father literally replaces our mortal human father’s DNA with His own? Maybe the true Holy Grail is the whole human race.

Fill me up with Premium, Sir.


The Jews track their lineage by the mother, not the father. I wonder, is that because in the end, there really IS only one Father?


FilmNoir23 said...

That's quite a story...thanks for sharing.

I am VERY curious about Dan Brown's Deception Point at the moment.

jb said...

JB from WWWizard comments section here.

You more than probably already know this, but in ancient times (and possibly still today within certain secret societies) instead of using holy water or some kind of special oil, priests used their own SEMEN to baptize someone into a cult.

Without being homophobic, the idea of a priest wanking off in someone's face as a perfectly normal part of a ritual is quite disturbing to me. Good thing they later switched to water, because I don't think John the Baptist could have done it 3,000 times a day! lol

Michael said...

Todd - Dan Brown is almost Disney like - every book has occulted meaning and motivation.

JB - Yea, that's wild. I know someone who postulates that the "soma" used by ancient Egyptian priests was made from... semen.

aferrismoon said...

Also Crowley's Blood of a child is likely to be semen, and his cakes of light are made using a child's blood as well as other fluids
U think J the B would have had a 'hard time', what about the total immersion cults.
Get the guys from the village down here , start filling.

aferrismoon said...

Also i doubt rituals are ever intended to have normal parts. any that do = routines

Newspaceman said...

Hiya Michael,

Have a wee look at that, I will come back to you about the gardening aspect, need to check something first.


Michael said...

FM - plenty of homoerotic fantasy imagines just that - total immersion. Pretty awful (awe full) when ya think about it. Men are pigs - oink.

NSM - OK, checked out the RNA!

Dr Do Little said...

I had Exactly the same experience with the books my bro ’forced on me’ (turned out to be a centrepiece of my Blog) & have been pondering all week the fact that I really need to Pay Attention to the ’gifts’ people give me. I just this weekend had a friend virtually corner me & cajole me into Season One of Battlestar Galactica. (She has the rest waiting for me). I’d caught a few early eps with its debut but it didn’t hook me. Now I’m committed to seeing it through & quite looking forward to it.

I love the bit about your soul rebelling…they’re up to something. I’ve read quite a bit of theory about the code & it sure looks like they are consolidating their throne in the tried & true ancient way - divine right to rule…They made up those genealogical charts for that reason to begin with….

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