Sep 30, 2007

Uncovering the Cherub - II

A beached cherub - helpless as a whale?

The second in a series examining cherubim.

The very first mission of the new Star Trek: The Next Generation crew was Encounter at Farpoint - the rescue of a 'fallen' cherub. The cherub had somehow been deprived of most of its power, and was 'chained' to a planet where it had become the unwilling power supply (demiurge?) of the Bandi. The cherub didn't have enough power to manifest itself as it truly was, and functioned in a degraded state - an energy/matter converter that resembled a small city. You could say that the cherub was trapped in a planetary gravity well - an abyss (Tartarus?).

Eventually Picard guesses that the Bandi power station is an immense alien being, and he uses the Enterprise to feed it enough energy to escape its condition. The cherub assumes its true form (an 'angel' of light), and is reunited with its mate. The Enterprise D starship resonates Egyptian Masonic geometry with its twin warp drive nacelles (pillars) and the third warp core. It is itself a classic star gate - symbolically equivalent to the Tower of Babel.

Father(s) and Son

Beneath Farpoint are mysterious tunnels and catacombs which resonate both alien subterranean bases and the Vatican. Jake Kotze has already noted the octagonal shape of Farpoint and its central pillar. Beneath New York City we also find a labyrinthine series of sub way tunnels, and a new octagonal tower is to be finished on 2012 - the Freedom Tower. I wonder, is this the reason for the unprecedented building boom ongoing around the planet? Are cherubs erecting their star gates? Is a window of opportunity soon to open, or perhaps, to close?

Starship Atlantis


The movie 'Independence Day' visualizes an alien invasion of immense flying saucers (Ezekiel describes cherubim as "wheels") which hover over the great cities of the world. Cherub vs. cherub. The war in heaven brought to earth? See also 'Transformers'.

Author Iain M. Bank's fictional universe called the 'Culture' visualize massive, self-aware star ships called 'Minds'. These are virtually immortal (divine) beings of immense intellect, personality and power. In other words... cherubim. 'Excession' is highly recommended.


aferrismoon said...

snkI have often thought this about corporations which exist despite its individual employees dieing, leaving etc. Though it would 'die' without the human interaction corporations [ bodies] seem to keep themselves going by entering into the physical world of humans in the form of laws and record, accounts, products , assets etc.And then of course existing far past their sell-by date e.g. Oil companies, car manufactureres, Crap-house construction Companies, and many other non-wealth producing dross.
In Hebrew the root = KRVB , pronounced Keruv , and = 228. What interests is the enumeration of the letters - 20:200:6:2. The 2s indicate containers at different levels of existence
20 = existential and appears as physical structures, 2= archetypal, the container of Alef
200 - Cosmic - Universal container
6 = the male copulatory element
These Ideas come from Carlo Suares. It seems via his ideas that KRVB has a great deal to do with containment on many levels, it's just that we're only aware of the one level, that of physical structures, the city , K-20

FilmNoir23 said...

check out the Atlantis Towers in might find it VERY interesting.

Michael said...

Thanks for the comments. So many "entities" in our lives only live by living through us - corporations, states - money being perhaps the best example. They're really just ideas (myths), and would totally evaporate if we stopped believing in them. When enough people no longer believe that little pieces of paper with a squiggly snake thing on them have value, then the whole myth of the "almighty" dollar will vanish - victim of a crisis of faith.

Are Gods the same kind of deal? Do they "live" only through us, or are they "self-actualized"?

I'll look up Carlo Suares - thanks for the tip.


JB said...

Does anyone know what happened to Mark Leclair, the Wrong Way Wizard?

His blogspot can no longer be accessed.

I'm worried.

Michael said...

JB - I can't access it either.

hoi polloi said...

I'm thinking of a Renaissance painting where the cherubim circle above the holy family much like a UFO... I've been trying my damndest to find the picture [which was all over the net only a few months ago]. Now all I can find is this ONE guy's site debunking all such Renaissance UFO paintings! Gee whiz, they move fast! :(

Joshua said...

Kinda like principalities; I've often wondered if there are such entities under cities, especially very large population cities. If there are such entities, Jerusalem would have one crazy ass or pissy cherub.
Peace, Joshua

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