Jul 10, 2011

Cleared for Take-off

I attended the Arlington Fly-In this weekend, which was fun because I love everything about airplanes but also not so fun because like everything else, it's become just one more military recruitment venue. But what really hits my buttons are the planes from the 30’s, the barnstorming era. Those planes are just beautiful.

The Skagit Aero Education Museum had built a “barn” in order to display some small parts and such, and included was their pet project: "Help Bring Back the Bulldog - Missing Since 1932". Which was sort of strange, because I just “brought back the bulldog” last week, by rescuing Slippers, an off-leash bulldog we found wandering around the neighborhood. “Slippers” resonates the Ruby Slippers and also Cinderella, so heap big sync there.

Anyhoo, visiting an air show always reminds me of the Rocketeer. He was the guy who found the rocket pack (Graal) in the “Jenny”, strapped it on and tamed it, and saved the day. I did a crazy post about that film and how much it resonated for me here. The film even features a giant Bulldog in the form of the airport restaurant?

So yesterday I find this on my front page on Youtube:

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Devin said...

Michael -

I had at first wanted to stop by and say a quick hi to you and Var this needlessly large comment that i just thought should remain at least partly private so i deleted the damn thing after working on it a long time

there is nothing major in any of this and if you dont mind i will email you next week about it-definitely not doing the 'keep in suspenders' thing haha--

part of what happened was after not seeing him for two months (and wondering if i ever would again) i mentioned how he probably wouldnt be in Ariz much more to my mom who knows of him but has never even met him --of course what would happen but four hours later that he would call me up and ask me to move out of state with him haha - (not as lovers unfortunately for me or fortunately however that may be for me --i am very very attracted to him in any 'case' -i was gonna be stupid as always and put 'upper or lower' but i just dont seem to be ever able to do the upper 'top' role :-)

well i immediately did try to use what i thought was 'common' sense reasoning about how i unfortunatly couldnt pick up and move as much as i might like to if even just to try it out --

and this became a huge dust-up about life philosophies altho we never lost our tempers but i was close to tears -as he was doing the 'positive' thinking 'go for it' stuff with me and i said that i felt positive thinking was becoming a modern day cult just as everything is truly going to hell and worse even on our little planet and i mentioned the '2012' 'uplift' stuff to him and said (snottily haha ) were the 27,000 Japanese who just died in March not good enough for this supposed event??!! (which i feel anyway - that i have never seen so many very intelligent people use such slight 'evidence' anecdotal-sacerdotal haha- whatever the fuck-

to more or less say this 2012 thing is a done deal)(not that i dont hope and wish like hell all the time that something very much like the good ole uplift does indeed happen and none too soon either!!)

sometimes i wonder if the way things are going is making people become unglued 50 times faster than normal and desperation for good news -even if invented- is perhaps leading to people leaving their common sense by the side of the road -
but as i am going on yet again i will leave this for now as is with the question to you and the bloggers that you are in touch with quite often-if you -or anyone feels strongly one way or the other about this stuff?? and early next week hopefully i will try to compose (haha i typed compost at first) a coherent email to you about the other synchs and stuff

great job as always on your wonderful blog!!
and am also reading (finally completely as i have had the book for years) "Palimpsest" Gore Vidal's autobio and stuff about society-gay -not gay- man/woman rich poor all of this duality stype stuff has been just screaming at me since i have been reading it and would suggest it to anyone for fascinating reading and such!!
there are many times when i have felt GV is a conceited little bitch face -but i also at times feel that more than half the men in my life are like this-sometimes including myself- the bitch part anyway haha - but i also like many things this fellow has done or said in some way or another -and havent known most of it until now as he was born 40 years before me -will close with a quote from page 255
'After the crash of 1929, our ruling class vanished from the public scene-no more tiaras at the opening of the opera. Celebrities now fill in for them, and the shadowy Mellons will be chuckling softly as Capote's jet-setters, filling in for the last time, are driven off in tumbrils, especially constructed for the revolution by the Ford Foundation.'

wishing you and Var the best in the world!!

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