Jun 27, 2010

The Second Chapter of Acts

I had the rare pleasure today of meeting a fellow synchronaut - Eunus Noe: From the Belly of the Whale, An Experience of Being Alive, The Synch Whole. We shared a coffee and world views at the Next Chapter bookstore/coffeehouse. Well named, because I’ve been spending a lot of time lately, pondering the Next Chapter of my life... how to integrate synchromisticism and my queer sexuality into a wider practice. Eunus reminded me that the synch whole is all about integration: it isn’t “either this OR that” but “both this AND that”. In other words, combining my fractured inner archetypes into a whole, and in a nutshell I think that’s what Gosporn was: the first chapter of my Actions.

I’m not sure how the next chapter will manifest, but I do know what it will be about: The ongoing integration of the preacher and the porn star.

Kurt Rogers - Preaching to the Choir


Devin said...

Michael - I think "both this and that" is the key. For too long -way too long I was either/or.
I am so glad you got to meet fellow synchronauts "in the flesh" so to speak. I loved the porn star and the preacher pic-haha Jimmy Swaggart eat your heart out -LOL "Oral" Roberts too!!!!!!!!!!
I hope you and Varen are doing beautifully !!!!!!!! wv=rheen

Michael said...

Hi Devin, thanks for commenting. It was really fun to meet up, I totally lost track of time and I think we chatted for about 2 hours and it felt like 30 minutes. Isn't that a great pic? I saw that a few days ago and I knew I'd be posting him soon!

Devin said...

I would love to meet friends from those years Michael- funny- the eighties and seventies seem almost "innocent" now- LOL
that is a wondeful picture - thanks so much for sharing this part of your life !! Some members of my family think i post way too much about my "real" self and what i think - but that is one of the major reasons i wanted to blog-
I hope you and Varen are doing great!!!!

Kelley said...

It's so funny to find you again after all these years (reintegrating a small part of my fractured past/self) and, to find out you are struggling with very similar issues is very cool! Enjoying the photo of Kurt Rogers preaching to the choir!

Michael said...

Dev - I wonder sometimes if the 80's seemed more innocent because we didn't have the internet?

Kelley - Yea, kinda synchy! BTW, could you give me the name of the author who is releasing a book about gay sex and spirituality? I'd like to check out his book.

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