Jun 3, 2010

A Proper Renaming Ceremony

Oliver left, Ginger right

I’ve lately been reading about the grave consequences of renaming a boat without seeking the proper blessings of the deities involved. The ancient mariners believed that sailing vessels actually contained souls, and were thusly treated with similar rituals and respect. And we all know that the “Christening” is a ritual that goes way back. Your name is important. It just is.

Which made me think.... (uh-oh) It occurred to me that Var and I may have committed a similar sin with Ginger, our little rescue terrier. You see, we renamed her. And in blind ignorance of the fates, we may have committed a serious error in the eyes of the Gods who look after little terriers. We never “denamed” her. So now Ginger has two names, one reflecting her prior, unhappy state of affairs, and her new one. She does seem to have a split personality, and Ginger sent Varen to the hospital a few years ago with a vicious bite on the hand. Was this perhaps the result of an Akashic bookkeeping error? Perhaps the Gods need to be kept in the loop.

So I’d like to set the record straight, and conduct a proper renaming ritual for the terrier now known as Ginger. According to John Vigor, such a ceremony should consist of five parts: an invocation, an expression of gratitude, a supplication, a rededication and a libation.

1. Invocation - for sailing vessels, the Gods involved are obviously Neptune and Aeolus, but for dogs... I’m not sure. Canis Minor is commonly represented as one of the dogs following the constellation of Orion, the hunter. Ging is definitely a hunter, and also small. So perhaps Orion? She is also a terrier, which means “going to ground”, or “earth”, so perhaps Gaia needs to be CC’d on this? I’d love to hear opinions on this.

2. Expression of Gratitude - Mostly thanks for keeping Ging safe, and also for Varen, since the hand wound was able to be cured.

3. Supplication - according to Vigor, we should have asked for the previous name to be struck and removed from the records before we renamed her. Oops! Well, maybe better late than never. We unfortunately don’t know her previous name, so that will require the Akashic record librarians to conduct a card catalogue search. How long should we allow for that?

4. Rededication - present the vessel for blessing with another name.

5. Seal the pact with a libation. With boats, this is champagne (the finest you can afford) poured over the bow. All of it, don’t take a sip. And this is where I hit on a bit of a conundrum. Because if this is an offering to Orion, then he’s going to want red meat... and we’re vegetarian.

At first, this was a bit of a problem, but I realized that I already purchase meat dog food for the dogs. And I recall the story of Cain offering a displeasing sacrifice... So I think that maybe this time, Orion will be getting red meat. After all, I don’t need to eat it. And in a funny way, I’m sacrificing something too... my vegetarian principles.

So here’s a question of etiquette: Should Ging eat the red meat, or should it be offered only to the Gods? I see that in religious tradition, the first offering is to the Divine, and then the people can chow down. So maybe the first meat goes to Orion, but then Ginger gets hers? I think she’d bite me if I didn’t give her a taste.

What? Me a practicing Witch Doctor? I got my license online.


DarkStar888 said...

Hi Michael. Haven't been here in awhile. Good to see you writing.

You have out done yourself with this post. Too funny in a nice way. LOL

I love dogs, cats, pets and animals in general. No we should not be KILLING ANY ANIMAL. We do fine as vegatarian but our dogs and cats need a meat based diet, since these creature came from wild breeds that killed their food by hunting for millions of years.

Their digestive system is the same for 100s of thousands of years, they need raw MEAT & BONE...it's much healthier for them on raw food rather than packaged & canned stuff, that will kill them. I know, have had many pets for over 50 years and lost many to cancer mostly. But not anymore. I saw the way. My cat and dogs are very healthly.

Our Female Vetinarian (stupid bitch) wanted to put down our then almost 10 year old 130 lb King Sheppard & Sheep Dog mix, name Jethro...yes he is a gorgous gentle brute of a dog.

His white blood count was too high and she said he was failing badly. (no shit, we could tell he was sick, thats why we were there, tell me somthing I don't know) Also his arthris was bad then to.

Now you now most big dogs don't live much past 8-11 years old, and the vets thinks this of course, and the vet said there was nothing they or we could do, it was just a matter of time...months maybe she said. OK fuck you my dog not yours.... So we simply feed the dog a home cooked rice and bean and spinach mix with daily raw meat and bone. Guess what, within 6 months his blood count normalized and no sign of sickness. It's now almost 4 years later and he will soon be 14. His arthris still sucks but he is ok for now...we don't go to that vet anymore either...the moron.

Why, our food supply for our pets is bad for them. Good news, feed them a proper dietand guess what...no diseases or sickness, rarely away...do you see wolves & lions making a fire & and BBQ?

I agree that RITUALS are just made up superstition. We don't need this.

To stay connected to wisdom through awareness, we need simply to stay in the moment. This involves doing NOTHING. This involves NO PRAYERS, NO MEDITATION, NO MANTRAS, NO RITUALS, NO JOINING, NO THING. All practices, be they MEDITATIVE or PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, are exercises in remaining OUT OF THE ONE ETERNAL MOMENT. This is not to say that meditating is bad or wrong, just as physical activity is not bad or wrong. There is no such thing as good or bad, or right or wrong. However, these exercises avail no benefit in reconnecting to the wisdom state. Only emotional detachment, which is to place NO REAL WORTH or REAL VALUE in anything 3 dimensional, is true reconnection to reality.

DarkStar888 said...


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Take care my friend.


Green Man said...

Awww cute doggies. I love Yorkies!! And that name Ginger is perfect. I'm a vegetarian and a big animal lover. I'd much rather spend time with animals than most people.

Michael said...

DarkStar: I've long felt that a proper diet is good for the body and soul of all creatures. Almost impossible to come by these days, I'm afraid. Thanks for the tips on raw meat for Ging.

Green Man: yea, me too! Ginger and Oliver are actually Australian Terriers - which are basically giant Yorkies!

Anonymous said...

Great post (and cute pups!). I kept laughing to myself because I go through some of the same silly thoughts in my "witch doctor" work.

My failsafe is always: intention is what matters, not execution. And yes, Ginger should definitely get the meat!

GreggerMan said...

This renaming ritual or re-christening has, no doubt, already passed. But, since Pan is the God of Hunting and Dog Packs (fertility, too), you might consider offering tribute to him. You might also read up on Artemis and Apollo's twin, Diana, who were both goddesses of wild animals and hunting. Artemis was known to protect all animals from harm.

I don't have any animals I watch over these days. My budgie companion passed on 1 week after I moved in March. Instead, on my morning constitutional, I interact with an ever changing constellation of furry friends--horses, dogs, rabbits, deer, cats, etc.--they are a source of constant joy for me.

Symbolically, I believe it would be an appropriate gesture to include some fresh ginger root or oil in a very small amount in Ginger's food at least once. That way she can taste the spice that is associated with her name and get a real feel for it.

I think rituals and traditions are valuable for the influence they have on our attitudes and how they make things more "real" for us. Participating in a ritual actually effects the energy of its participants and positive rituals bring about heightened positive energy.

Blood letting and sacrifice aren't my idea of appropriate rituals for vegetarians and vegans, but small dogs are carnivores and demanding they share our diets is both foolish and harmful. Still, I would recommend that your dogs get some wholesome home cooked and raw real food on a daily basis.

My friend cured her cat's illnesses completely by making a mix of raw pork or lamb, finely chopped greens, and cooked grains like brown rice, quinoa, or amaranth, with one TBS of salmon oil. I don't know how the dogs would respond to the salmon oil, but they would gobble up a mixture like this readily, I am sure. And once they became accustomed to it they wouldn't have any desire to eat packaged kibble or canned crap.

You might also consider having them tested for Vitamin D levels. Dogs these day are getting as many cases of cancer as humans and it can be linked to poor diet and lack of exercise as well as depleted Vitamin D levels. If you are taking Vitamin D3 supplements, chances are your dogs need to, too. Especially here in the Pacific Northwest.

Love your blog. It's as "out there" as mine is.


Michael said...

Riverwolf - I hoped you would enjoy this post. Making your own ritual, understanding the symbols, it takes it away from those awful Priests and makes it fun!

Greggerman - thanks for stopping by, and for the ritual/practical advice. Vitamin D - Ginger loves lying in the sun, though I think that she (unlike humans) can't absorb and transform photons into D directly through her skin. So D supplements, great idea! Man, it just occurred to me, if humans can absorb sunlight and turn it into D, doesn't that make us like Superman? :-)

Love your blog too. Out there, and trying to remain grounded in a reality we can only dimly ascertain.

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