May 30, 2010

From A to Zombie

One of the odder symptoms of looming Kosmic Konsciousness is the Zombie Apocalypse. This little meme seems to have really struck a nerve, I find little references to the ZA all over the interwebs, in places I would never expect. I suspect that zombies are just another colorful egoic expression of ego-death - they are the “un-dead” aren’t they? Can’t kill what’s already dead, the ego-dead are born again!

I like this shirt: Titanz. with a Z and a Superman diamond AND a thunderbolt! Bodybuilder is Trey Brewer. As in beer. Dionysus.

Here’s a shot of the Zombie Squad on the front lines, defending the ego. Considering that their logo can be read as “ZeuS”, I figure the Id thunderbolt has already struck?

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