May 14, 2010

Too Erotic?!

Man Sweat

This 2006 oil on canvas was submitted by Minneapolis artist Marc Debauch to the Twin Cities 2010 Pride Art Show and it was rejected because the jury found it “too erotic”. From Marc’s letter to the jury:
Does this jury realize that attempting to make this art show “safe to the general public” it is actually being offensive to gays and lesbians? Especially gay and lesbian artists. You actually had the balls to ask me to submit work that would be “more acceptable for this show and venue.” Why don’t you just ask me to crawl back into the closet? If the art that gay and lesbians enjoy, is not welcome by the Art Institutes International of Minnesota, then it clearly it is NOT the right venue for our community’s Pride Art Show. Instead of being about PRIDE this exhibition is about shame.

You can tell Rob Anderson, the Grand Marshal’s Reception & Pride Art Show Coordinator what you think about a gay pride festival censoring an image of a shirtless man here: rfanderson "at"


Riverwolf, said...

Seriously. Too erotic? I've seen much worse in plain ol' mainstream hetero magazines. It's a sad day when the Pride festival turns dull. yes, there's a line you cross and become tacky, but I certainly don't think this painting does that. I think these people doing the judging are sell-outs. Eventually, no one will care about their festival.

Anadæ Effro said...

What dah? I echo RiverWolf's sentiment ahead of me, 'tis a sad day indeed when a Pride fest censors one of its own. Mayhap they meant that there was too much fetish-y stuff that Monsieur Marc's œuvre held that would bemsirch the new assimilationist strategies inherent within the gay rights agenda. Edit in Bronx cheer sound byte here. Thank you for this reportage, Michael. They will feel the brunt of elfshot now. And how ~ (•8-D

Anadæ Effro said...

……. ooof! That is so embarrassing. Yeah, I had meant besmirch. Out the window goes my impeccable spelling reputation. LOL!

furniture minimalis said...

too erotic... how about the vulgar other sex porn... it1s just natural.

furniture minimalis said...

wide a go coy

Michael said...

I know. It's as if Stonewall has been subverted by... tactfulness. I gotta think that a bunch of screaming drag queens rebelling agains the cops in NYC must have been very tacky. Back in the 80's, the Seattle gay travel agency called themselves the "tacky tourists", and they organized an outrageous "sea cruise" that was the epitome of tack and/or camp, including blasting "It's Raining Men" at the Coast Guard through the speakers as we passed, pelvic thrusting all the way. Very tacky.

Furniture minimalis - thanks, I think this is the first Asian sex comment spam I've gotten. Perfect!

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