May 3, 2010

It's a Gusher!

Q: How are a volcanic eruption, a busted water main and an uncapped oil well all the same?


Has God’s condom finally been torn asunder? The Birth of Horus AKA the Second “Coming” continues. Labor pains really suck. I hope the child is worth it.


The Gulf Oil Spill is being called the "American Chernobyl". Chernobyl is Ukrainian for wormwood. A quick refresher from the Revelator:
The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky on a third of the rivers and on the springs of water — the name of the star is Wormwood. Revelations 8:10
CNN has a story about scientists in Livermore, CA building a giant laser in order to create a star on earth...

Dancing with the Stars...

P.S. I've enabled the adult content warning. I think Gosporn will be swinging more to the porn side of things for a while.


Esperanto Grrl said...

Don't forget that Wormwood was the name of the demon from C.S. Lewis's "The Screwtape Letters."

Alas, the analogy doesn't work...after all, don't most people think of MOTHER Earth? In Hawaiian culture, volcanoes were believed to be the vagina of the goddess Pele.

Esperanto Grrl said...

As for the science behind the star-formation laser...yes x-ray lasers can simulate high-pressure environments of up to 10 million pounds (there's actually one here at the university that a friend is using to write a disserotation on nanodiamond formation from collisions), but they're still woefully short of the pressure (among other things) needed to duplicate stellar environments. It is a great guide for research on things like conditions in gas giant worlds, however.

What's more, x-ray lasers aren't cheap to run, either: producing power from them is like attaching a hummer on a treadmill.

You know, back in the old days, if you wanted to run a scam like this you'd call it a "perpetual motion machine." But since most people have gotten wise to it (like the term "pyramid scheme") they can't call it that anymore. So they had to change the name. Call it "cold fusion."

As Heinlein said, TANSTAAFL - there ain't no such thing as a free lunch.

Michael said...

Ah yes, thanks for the C.S. Lewis synch. Also am reminded of "Wormtongue" from TLOTR. Weren't Lewis and Tolkien well acquainted? Makes ya wonder.

The analogy works rather nicely because Mother Earth, AKA Gaia/Isis/Europa/Mary are all impregnated by a masculine God, and they all give birth to a Son (and/or a daughter, if you'd rather).

Props to the Islanders who manage to see the masculine and feminine in all things. I note that the Pacific Islands were "paradise" to the benighted Europeans because of their open acceptance and enjoyment of human sexuality.

Devin said...

Wonderful artwork there!! I hope the "child" is worth it too!
wrt something on the way this year -I can't stop thinking about that line from "2010" "something wonderful" -LOL
all the best to you and Var as always Michael- hope you are having a "wonderful" summer!!

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