May 28, 2010

If I Were Gay

An old video, but a goodie. I’ve finally realized that Batman (the collective awakening subconscious) spends most of his time dealing with his own erotic nature. That’s why he always gets the Joker, because he’s always dealing. Lay down your cards, bud.


Alan Abbadessa said...

Wow, Batman is all over my sync-radar this week. I was writing this post which I had thought about for a few days:
...when Batman snuck in unexpectedly and became an entire sub-plot if you will. Now, as I'm working on the final segment of the series, he comes up again and again.

I really like your idea that Batman is the collective awakening subconscious (though isn't everything?). Bats, which are blind in one sense, but have this whole other way of seeing things that most life-forms are themselves blind to. Are we switching from left-brain to right-brain eyesight and sympathizing with the bat in the process?

Michael said...

Hi Alan, bat sonar is a great analogy. Superversity has been doing a big Daredevil fest lately, and he also has another way of seeing, since he's technically "blind as a bat". Daredevil is a nice double D, which synchs into cup size, batteries and Dionysus.

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