May 1, 2010


Var and I have decided that there are some “preppers” in the neighborhood. We surmise one of them is a Microsofty, and that’s why they haven’t joined the preppers in Montana - because the pay is too good. So they purchased a homestead/bunker located conveniently close to work! After all, a Zombie Apocalypse outbreak could happen anywhere.

They work hard on their suburban garden - it is MASSIVE! You could easily feed the family (or an entire Vietnamese village) on the produce! But you’d never know unless you peeked over the fence, because Kirkland has a 6’ fence zoning law, and since I’m 6’-1”, I only need to stand on my tippy-toes in order to peak over. The interesting thing is that they never cut off the 8’ tall fence posts, like most people do. Leaving room for the razor wire...

They reminded me that I’m a prepper too - we’re just prepping on different sides of the fence.

Beltane Notes:
For some reason today is an important day. I’ve experienced a lot of anxiety about the future over the last week, from the personal to the macro, I have spent a bit too much time in the egoic side.

But at the same time I’ve experienced strong synchronicity with other bloggers: we will echo similar themes or word usage, even though we are writing on completely different subjects. Var mentioned how he has been seeing multiples of certain numbers building over the last several days, and I’ve been experiencing the same thing.

Boston (Boston TEA PARTY) gets hit with no water to make tea. This could develop into a bad situation, and my prayers are with Boston tonight.

“Since Beltane is opposite Samhain (Halloween), many say this time of year is also when the veil between the worlds is thin.” --Riverwolf
The Morning After Addendum

Had a crazy dream last night. A ginormous mushroom-shaped spaceship landed in Seattle and started beaming everyone up, including trees and houses! I was beamed up and then we (I and a couple of friends) were let back down onto Seattle, except it was Seattle as it had been a long time ago - sometime in the early '80's. I think were supposed to do something, and it had something to do with Reagan. I had the feeling that nobody knew the real story about Reagan, and it was a very weird, Outer Limits kind of story.

Gad, I need to lay off the absinth right before bed!


Anadæ Effro said...

Duuuuude! A captcha on fb earlier today for a friend's private message wuzz your surname. I kid you not. Today's for me here is swilin. Yeah, Baby, willin' & swillin' … I mean, yo, I'm married to a wonderful man so, like, why waste a drop? I dunno why Beltain, or Bealltainn in Scots-Gaelic, is so imp-portent for Pagans & Born-Again Wiccans the world over, something to do with the Wheel of the Year of past agrarian cultures I'd reckon. You are, however, completely & absolutely right on over the military alert, May Day, rhyming also with an emergency call, seeing how many people are spent with skull-hammering hangovers from the previous day, Walpurgisnacht's festivities. Forty-four years ago, recall, the Reverend Doctor Anton Szandor LaVey & High Priest of Satan had established the Church of Satan on 30 April 1966. Why? It's a long established Catholic holiday, a tribute page clearly lamenting its modern day significance to celebratory ex-Christians being perusable at Fisheaters. I guess the Good Rev. Dr. just had to be sacrilegious.

Now, as for parties thissaway, iffen you & Var & some others were closer than you are, Sequoia & I'd've sentcha Litha invites for June, that's Midsummer's, when we's havin' a blowout potluck picnic. Phil Fear, gracefully aged Punk Rawk deejay & do-it-yourselfer, has had this to say about prepping. Also this as well. So much for Punx having abysmal health habits. Yeah! And there's a wonderful DIY fanzine, Slug & Lettuce, that has produced many an issue featuring the splendiferous Eco-Punk & Apocalyptically themed pen-&-inks of the artist Jeremy Hush of PA. But, before you get the wrong impression, not all DIYers are Str8 Edge (sober), seeing that Mr. Fear himself does have a home made recipe for your preferred night cap.

And what about veganism? I found James Tiberius Kirk endorsing the lifestyle, here! I mean, dude! Where's he at anymore? Remember that 31-years-old punk classic by the indefatiguable group, Spizzenergi, kinda, almost, sorta, nearly, but not quite done as a parody, Where's Captain Kirk? Great stopping by & reading this one, my blogging bro, I gotsta get tonight's basmati prepped. Namasté ~ (•8-D

Anonymous said...

Spending too much time on the egoic side? Hmmm, reminds me of my recent post on the Akashic Records--which was Beltane Eve! Sounds like there's something to it.

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